Wholesale Basketball Jerseys 2023 | The Top Sellers & How to Source!

by Tim Blue

Basketball Jerseys especially the branded ones can cost upwards of $100  per piece and are not always cost effective if you’re buying in bulk. So if you’re planning on starting a community basketball team or one at school and are on a budget then why not opt for a wholesale deal from some of the best Chinese manufacturers? 

Cheap Basketball Jerseys from China

Wholesale Basketball JerseysSeller InfoBest for
New_Jersey_Store98.7% Positive rating;36,457 transactionsPrinted Basketball Jerseys
Topmensjersey201899.3% Positive rating;77,718 transactionsNBA Team Jerseys
Flyingjersey8899.2% Positive rating;76,226 transactionsBest for Wholesale and Retail
Starjersey2021100% Positive rating;297 transactionsClassic Basketball Jerseys
Rain_bow99.1% Positive rating;99,999 transactionsBest for Customizations
Fuzhou Gelan Garment Co. Ltd99.8% Response rate;87 transactionsBest for Custom Designs
Guangzhou JFC Sportswear94% Response rate;25 transactionsBest Affordable Wholesale Basketball Jerseys
Guangzhou Lidong95.8% Response rate;199 transactionsBest Quality Basketball Jerseys
Smileboy82.5% Response rate;263 transactionsBest for Sweat Resistance
Kawasaki Bulls Sports Gear98.2% Response rate;235 transactionsBest Wholesale Basketball Jerseys for Large Adults

Sites like Alibaba and DHgate have a wide collection of wholesale basketball jerseys that are generally priced at under $20 a set which is a steal in my opinion. Some sellers here even allow customizations, so you can have the names and numbers of your team members printed on the back or add a team logo at the front.

We reached out to a bunch of sellers and ordered a range of products to check whether they’re worth it or simply a sham. Based on our experience, we found a total of 10 sellers who are genuine and who provide good quality wholesale basketball jerseys at affordable prices.

NBA Wholesale Basketball Jerseys – Buyers Guide

While searching for the best wholesale basketball jerseys, we took a number of factors into consideration such as delivery time, price, material, size and customizability to determine which are the best. This guide will help you learn how to pick the best deal on the internet and what factors to look for when buying wholesale basketball jerseys.

  • Quality of the material – When buying products in wholesale you won’t know the quality of the product unless you buy one and try it on yourself. When buying wholesale, it’s best to ask the seller for a sample of the material or jersey first before proceeding with a bulk transaction. This way you will be able to gauge the quality of the finished products before they arrive.
  • Minimum order quantity – When you’re buying in bulk from Alibaba or DHgate make sure you check the MOQ that the seller has quoted. The minimum order quantity is the minimum number of jerseys you can buy in a single order. Some sellers have 10 as the minimum quantity whereas some have a minimum quantity of 50. 
  • Delivery time – Another important thing to consider is the estimated delivery time for your order. While buying in bulk ask the seller if the order will be delivered on time or if there is going to be a delay. The sellers we spoke to delivered their finished products well within the estimated time frame.
  • Customizability – Finally, depending on the reason behind your purchase, choose a seller that offers customizations because if you’re starting a school team you will definitely want each player to have their own jersey. However, if you’re not keen on customizing the jerseys because of any additional costs you can resort to picking up player jerseys instead for the team.


basketball jersey seller china

The New_Jersey_Store is probably one of the best places for you to buy all kinds of wholesale sports jerseys for cheap. They have a wide collection of player jerseys and blank jerseys that can be customized to your liking. 

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We loved the quality of their printed and stitched jerseys. They were lightweight and did not retain much sweat. One of the best reasons to consider buying from this seller is that they carry a satisfaction rating of 98.7% and have delivered over 36K orders in the last four years.

Top rated product – Mitchell & Ness Basketball Jerseys


basketball jerseys from china

Topmensjersey2018 is another fine wholesale basketball jersey seller on DHgate with a well priced collection of player jerseys. They specialize in branded player jerseys such as Heats, Lakers, Bulls and more from the NBA. 

The jersey we picked up was made from high quality polyester and had a breathable finish, making it ideal for personal and professional use. We found all sizes and colors of jerseys available here, but the one thing Topmensjersey2018 lacks are blank jerseys that can be customized.

Top rated product – Miami Heats Basketball Jerseys with Patches


Basketball team jerseys custom china

Here’s another wholesale basketball jersey supplier on DHgate that comes with a high 99.2% positive rating with a little over 3 years in the game. They have sold thousands of jerseys and unlike New_Jersey_Store, they don’t offer customizations on your jerseys. 

This seller has loads to choose from and even some of the latest 2021/2022 collection. Currently they have a 75% off deal running across all the basketball jerseys in their store. Their wholesale basketball jerseys are made from a breathable material that’s designed to keep the player cool and they have sizes up to XXL in stock along with no minimum order quantity so you can buy one or even 11 for a full team if you’d like.

Top rated product – Derek Rose & Dennis Rodman Jerseys


bulls jersey wholesale

Starjersey2021 is a relatively new store on DHgate that has been running for a little over a year. They have a vast range of basketball jerseys you can buy with up to 80% off across all their products. This store is based out of China and is home to basketball jerseys, basketball shorts and even baseball jerseys.

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Some of their best selling products are priced under $15 per piece and if you buy in bulk, then chances are you will end up paying not more than $150 for a set of high quality basketball jerseys. One thing to note is that Starjersey2021 takes up to 60 days to ship out an order.

Top rated product – Dwayne Wade & Tyler Herro Jerseys 


cheap chinese jerseys basketball

Rain_bow is another store on DHgate that deals with sports apparel and all kinds of sports and college jerseys. They have branded and unlicensed jerseys on sale for under $20 and they offer a record breaking 3-4 days to ship out their products. 

This store is also one of the few on DHgate that offer customizations. You can add team logos, player names and numbers on the jerseys before they are shipped. All you’d have to do is contact the seller prior to your purchase and place a special request. 

Top rated product Space Jam 2 Basketball Jerseys

Fuzhou Gelan Garment Co. Ltd

golden state warrior jersey wholesale

If you’re looking for custom basketball jerseys for under $10 a set then there’s no better place to check out other than Fuzhou Gelan Garments.  They don’t have a vast collection of basketball jerseys on sale at the moment, but some of their best selling products are custom basketball uniforms and basketball shorts for men.

Their products feel great and are ready to ship, so go ahead and place an order with them,  you won’t regret it. Moreover, the Fuzhou Gelan Garment company offers a MOQ of 2-10 sets depending on the type of basketball jersey you want to buy.

Top rated product – Custom Dye Sublimated Basketball Jersey

Guangzhou JFC Sportswear

lakers jersey china

Another wholesale supplier of high quality basketball jerseys on Alibaba is the JFC Sportswear. Based out of China, this company has been making sports jerseys and basketball uniforms for over 5 years and have achieved a satisfaction rating of 95%.

There’s no minimum order count and eac set (jersey top and shorts) would come up to approximately $5-6 USD which is truly a bargain deal considering that the quality of the material and finished product is top notch.

Top rated product – Customizable Embroidered Basketball Jersey with Logo

Guangzhou Lidong

wholesale basketball jersey sellers

Lidong is probably one of the most famous sporting goods stores on Alibaba with over 200+ transactions and products that are listed on other sellers as well. They are a new store to open over the last 3 years and have a wide variety of custom basketball jerseys that can be bought in bulk.

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Their minimum order quantity of 2 sets however, some high quality professional-grade jerseys will carry an MOQ of 10 sets. Quality wise, their goods are comfortable and lightweight with breathable polyester being used as the primary material. Lidong also offers you the opportunity to add player names, numbers and even a team logo on the jerseys at no extra charge.

Top rated product – Quick Dry Sublimated Basketball Jerseys


wholesale basketball jersey

One of the best old-school basketball jersey sellers on Alibaba is Smileboy. This store specializes only in basketball jerseys and has some of the leading NBA team jerseys on sale with no MOQ. Smileboy has been around for over 5 years and has gained quite the following on Alibaba and other online wholesale stores in China.

The wholesale basketball jerseys that you can find on Smileboy are made from a high quality moisture wicking polyester that will keep your body dry and sweat-free. They have all sizes available and a bunch of options to choose from such as NBA teams like the Heats, Raptors, Cavaliers and so on.

Top rated product – Wholesale Custom Basketball Jerseys

Kawasaki Bulls Sports Gear

If it’s high quality basketball jerseys you’re looking for then you have to check out the Kawasaki Bulls Sports Gear store on Alibaba. They have some of the best designed basketball jerseys around and they can be bought in bulk. However, bulk orders would require a minimum order of 50 units to be considered by them and would be a good option only if you’re a business owner opening a sporting goods store soon.

Their basketball jerseys are made  from high quality polyester and Kawasaki Bulls also offers customizations to the jerseys by adding your personal number or name on the finished product. What’s more is that this seller is probably one of the few that manufactures and sells basketball jerseys in every size possible including 2XL, 3XL and at times 5XL. Before placing an order with them you can request for a sample of their material to check if it’s something you would go for.

Top rated product – Custom Cheap Basketball Uniform


What is the best place to buy wholesale basketball jerseys for cheap?

There are many places you can buy wholesale jerseys for cheap like Alibaba, DHgate and sometimes AliExpress. However, the one place with the largest collection of wholesale jerseys, both branded team jerseys and custom basketball jerseys is Alibaba.

Is it safe to buy wholesale basketball jerseys from DHgate?

DHgate is one of the best places to buy replicas and at times original products in bulk at discounted prices. You can count on them for high quality jerseys, but you will need to search through the sellers to find the best one of the lot. New_Jersey_Store and Starjersey2021 are two of the best sellers on DHgate for wholesale basketball jerseys.

Is it safe to buy basketball jerseys from China?

Yes, it’s entirely safe to purchase knock-off jerseys and replica basketball jerseys from China as long as you’ve paid import taxes and duties on the products. Also, the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a basketball jersey is pretty good even though they are priced in the range of $5-$30 per set.

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