AliExpress Dropshipping Center 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

by Tim Blue

I recently became a merchant to try my luck in fulfilling orders to my known clients and AliExpress has been my go-to online source for all my products that I dropship. Recently AliExpress launched its new platform the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, which has helped me run the business better. So I’ve put together this article which will help you understand how it can help you find new products for your dropshipping store. How it can help you analyze the products you have before selling them so you make set the perfect price. How it can help you find new Aliexpress suppliers who can help provide better service and prices. 

Even if you’re not dropshipping with Aliexpress, this wonderful tool is free to use and will potentially help grow your business. Here you can find a list of Dropship suppliers from Aliexpress 

Is Aliexpress Still good for Dropshipping?

Considering there are hundreds and thousands of tools out there and platforms out there to dropship from, its become way harder for Aliexpress to become the go to solution for dropshippers, primarily because the shipping has become way more expensive. But having said that in, March 2023, there’s been a drastic improvement in Aliexpress’ shipping. So I would say a few Aliexpress suppliers are still good for Dropshipping, but the majority they just go straight to the manufacturer directly.

Guide to the AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Aliexpress dropshipping center or AliExpress booster program is a tool that has been made by AliExpress to ease the process of dropshipping with AliExpress. The tool helps you search for specific products, analyze these products to set the right margins, and helps you reached out to new dropshipping suppliers who can help grow your business.

One of the best features of this tool is that it’s free so you can use it even if you are not dropshipping with AliExpress. 

The tool is well updated by AliExpress, providing accurate and helpful information and discounts. 

Tools Provided by AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

Aliexpress dropshipping Centre provides two useful tools

  1. Product Research Tool – Under this tool, there are three helpful tools for product research. That can help you analyze the best trending products and connect you with the right suppliers to get the job done. 
  1. AliExpress Supplier Sales Tool – That helps you see how many sales an Aliexpress supplier has.

Product Research Tools

#1 Find Products to Sell

This is a very helpful tool to do project research that provides three different options to help you find dropshipping products on Aliexpress.

  1. Hot Selling Products categoryThis option provides you with all the latest trending products that have a demand in the market in a specific category. This can help you explore new products so you can choose the products that suit your dropping shipping store best. 
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You can even sort the products by delivery time and price

Using these options you can get the best delivery time so you can fulfill orders without a problem. 

  1. Searching By Image on Aliexpress

This product search option is definitely for those window shoppers who take pictures of what they like and come back when a discount is available. With this option you can upload the image of the product you want, the tool will do a clean search of Aliexpress to try and find your product if not something closest to it. 

For Example, I’ve uploaded an image of the new design of earbuds I like, within seconds I received a wide range of earbuds similar to the one I had in mind.   

This without a doubt is one of the amazing and helpful features of the tool.

  1. Sponsored Products

This search category next to the image search category shows you the list of sponsored products by suppliers that move quickly and help provide you with ideas to add these products to your dropshipping store. Also, this tool helps you find new verified suppliers.

AliExpress Product Analysis Tool

Definitely one of my favorite tools that I use often to analyze new products that I have little information about. Just paste the AliExpress Product URL in the search section that you want to be analyzed, then click on search. You will get a page with a graph explaining sales volume and all the data on the product. This is an excellent tool that can help you check how many products the AliExpress supplier is selling per day and if their business is expanding or not.  

How to switch on and add the drop shipping center tab to your AliExpress Account 

There are 3 options available when trying to add the dropshipping center tab to your Aliexpress account. You can choose the one that suits them best. Personally, the second one is the easiest where you’d just have to click on the link and you’re done. 

  1.  Installing the Dropshipping App support by Aliexpress – Shopmaster is the first official dropshipping partner that is supported by Aliexpress. You can link your Aliexpress account to Shopmaster where you can import as many products as you require with monitoring, discounts, and tracking. You can complete your entire order from Shopmaster and check out the unpaid orders at one go on the AliExpress website.

b) Sign up for Dropshipping with AliexpressThis is without doubt the simplest way of getting the shipping tab on your Aliexpress console. Just click here, you will be taken to the login portal for Aliexpress dropshipping. Enter your Aliexpress account credentials in the required fields, after which you will be promoted with the terms and conditions. Once accepted you are all set to go.

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c) Place Large Orders So Aliexpress assigns you as a merchant doing dropshipping –  Aliexpress has updated and adapted its website to support the merchants and provide them with the perfect tools to support their business. Once you start using the dropping shipping option and have place your bulk order. Aliexpress recognizes it and starts giving you notifications and suggestions that can help grow your business.

Accessing the Aliexpress DSC

Once you have successfully added dropshipping and activated it, you can access it by clicking on any tab under the category of your profile like “My orders”. After which you will find a button on the top right-hand corner saying “Dropshipping” like the image below. Once you click on that tab it will bring you to the Aliexpress Dropshipping Center. 

How can AliExpress Dropshipping Center help your business?

I’m sure you have a small idea already of how things work with the Aliexpress Dropshipping center.  Here are some points that will help you understand it better to get better results for your dropshipping store. 

DSC provides you with extra product research tools that can really help you if you’ve just started your dropshipping business and you’re on a low budget. You can use the hot-selling search tool to find new and interesting products trending to add to your list. You can do image searches of a product you’ve seen to find something similar or the same. Or a custom search as per your requirement. DSC can connect you to new sellers, who can provide you with special rates to gain a higher profit margin. 

How to use Aliexpress DSC

If you’re still a little unsure of how to go about the DSC options, here is an example beneath to help you get a better idea of how it works.

Go to the hot-selling tab and type the product name that you are interested in researching, In this case, I’m searching for running shoes. Once you’ve entered the product name, you will get all the results from DSC. Click on Analyze the last option on your product which should be on the right side of the list. 

Once you’ve clicked on the option, it will show you how many sales the product has been doing per day that is represented with a graph to give you the perfect idea if the product will suit your business.

After you’ve finalized a product, click on the address bar and copy the product URL of different suppliers, and analysis them with your tool. Now you will be able to understand which supplier is best to purchase the product by seeing the number of sales he is doing per week so you can provide the same quality and commitment to your dropping shipping customer. 

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Does AliExpress still have a drop shipping center?

AliExpress still has a drop shipping center, it’s easy to use, and all you need is an account to start searching for suppliers.

Is AliExpress drop shipping illegal?

No it is not, it can be done by any e commerce store or seller with ease. Although tax laws will differ from country to country. 

How do I access AliExpress drop shipping center?

With your AliExpress account, Sign up to the drop center, once signed up go to your AliExpress profile and click the drop shipping center tab on the top right corner of the screen, you will be redirected immediately to the drop shipping center dashboard.

What are the best selling products on AliExpress for drop shipping?

Some of the bestselling drop ship products on AliExpress right now are fast fashion jewelry, Hair growth products, pet accessories, women’s and men’s watches, kids toys, tools, car accessories, baby products and some consumer electronics.

These are some of the hottest selling categories to get into business with right now.

Is drop shipping from AliExpress profitable?

Drop shipping from AliExpress is definitely profitable, it’s a good option for people who are looking at getting into the e commerce business that’s actually thriving.


  1. Is Aliexpress DSC Free to any user?

Yes, Aliexpress DSC is free to all user beginner, or merchant, just register here. After which you will have a DSC tab on your Aliexpress console where all the research tools are at your disposal.

  1. Can you use it if you don’t use AliExpress DSC for your dropshipping?

Yes, if you have an Aliexpress account set up that’s all you need. You can use the DSC search tools as many times as you like, even if you don’t use AliExpress as the medium to fulfill the order. 

  1.  What do you do if the Aliexpress DSC doesn’t appear on the tabs?

If you’ve followed the above steps to add DSC and you still don’t see it on the dashboard, try a partnering app like Topdser, ShopMaster, DSers where you can get the same results or there might be a chance your browser’s cache memory is causing the issue, so you would have to clear it up and try can again to see if it works. 


I hope this overview of the AliExpress DSC will help your dropshipping business expand with better sellers and products. Using the free research tools provided by AliExpress correctly can without doubt bring light to your business like how it did you mine. Happy Dropshipping!

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