Best Aliexpress Backpacks 2023 | Aliexpress Backpacks Review!

by Tim Blue

One of the coolest things on Aliexpress to buy is backpacks. They are elegant, sturdy, have amazing features and they are CHEAP!

I’ve stopped buying backpacks from local stores because I get better backpacks on Aliexpress catering to my specific need. From Travel Backpacks to Laptop backpacks, it starts from around $15. Chinese backpack brands like Tiggernu and Bopai come up with some super affordable backpacks.

Now I’ve been reviewing and buying these backpacks for a long time and there has been one brand that has stood out time and time again in terms of quality when it comes to backpacks.

Mark Ryden makes the best backpacks and are sold on Aliexpress. They have a great collection of laptop backpacks and travel backpacks that look good are are truly functional. The most popular Mark Ryden backpack is the 15.6-inch laptop backpack that costs $34.

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#1 – Mark Ryden (17.3-inch)

Mark Ryden is one of the most popular backpacks on Aliexpress. It’s taken the backpack world by storm with its super affordable pricing and feature rich backpacks. The new Mark Ryden 2021 Anti-theft Backpack has a is a square shaped Chinese backpack with slightly rounded edges. It has a futuristic look and can fit in a 15.60-inch laptop and also a 17.3-inch laptop. It has 4 space compartments for various purposes. The main compartment holds your laptop and other main accessories such as headphones, books, and other things. There is a front compartment on top where you can keep your tablet and phone. This is an anti-theft bag, as a person needs to remove the bag to take the things out and one cannot remove an item while you are wearing it.

It has a capacity of 25 to 30 litres, which is pretty robust for an everyday backpack. The backpack is made of oxford cloth which makes its waterproof.

This can also be used as an outdoor backpack as it has a compass and an adjustable chest strap to take the load off your back.

Price – $35.14

#2 – Mark Ryden (15.6-inch)

The Mark Ryden 15.6-inch is a 180 degree opening backpack. What does this mean? This backpack opens up almost like a suitcase and you can open it completely to pack your belongings. Coming to the design of the backpack, it looks like a typical backpack with a grey finish on top and a black leather finish on the bottom. This is a very good looking backpack with a chest strap and a USB charging feature.

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The measurements of this backpack are 42cms in height, 32cms in width and 10cms in breadth. There are provisions in the laptop backpack for a 15.6-inch laptop, iPad and a phone.

The Nylon breathable mesh makes it comfortable and also waterproof. The polyester material ensures its water repellant and keeps your items protected.

Price – $34.40

#3 – Tiggernu – Anti-theft Backpack

If you are looking for a minimal, petite anti-theft backpack, then look no further than the Tiggernu, Anti-theft backpack. This is a backpack with a lock without any keys. You can use the in-built lock to ensure that nobody goes through your bag. It has some pretty nifty features such as a glasses hanger, a cardholder and a hidden safety pocket. There is a foam at the back that ensures there’s comfort and it’s breathable.

It’s a perfect for a 15.6-inch laptop. It has an external USB charging port, which means you can charge your device while using it without holding any power bank or anything of that sort.

The Oxford Fabric with PVC gives it a brilliant look while also protecting it from water. The shoulder straps run through your entire shoulders and ensures that the weight is distributed, so you don’t feel the weight of the bag, even though you have a lot of products.

It comes in various colours such as pink, red, black and grey. These are by far one of the better looking Chinese backpacks out there.

There is also a luggage strap on the back that ensures you can carry it with your luggage with ease.

Price – $24.94

#4 – BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

I personally despise large backpacks. It looks bad and doesn’t make you look good. This is why I love slim laptop backpacks. They are petite, they are easy to carry. The Bopai Slim Laptop Backpack is only 7cm in breadth. Which makes it one of the thinnest laptop backpacks out there. This petite frame also makes it one of the lightest backpacks in the world. It weighs only 700 grams and it’s super easy to carry.

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Keeping all that in mind? How much can it carry?

A lot!

This laptop can easily carry a 15.6-inch laptop, a tablet, a camera, a notebook, headphones, laptop chargers and more. It can pack quite a bit.

The measurements for this laptop are 43cms in height, 28cms in width and 7cms in breadth. It has numerous other features like Anti-Theft, Card Holder, Luggage Strap.

The material is Nylon that makes it waterproof. There are numerous provisions that lets you store small slim items such as paper and tablets. The bag also has a keychain holder.

Price – $46.05

#5 – Tiggernu 20 Litre

If you are looking for a super sturdy backpack that is strong and can carry quite a bit, then the Tiggernu 20 litre is the right partner for you. The Tiggernu 20 Litre is not only a daily backpack, but is a perfect backpack for a 4 to 6 day trip.

This is an anti-theft backpack with zippers in the back. So when you are wearing the bag, nobody can steal anything from your back.

It has a 15.6-inch laptop and weighs about 950 grams. Inside the bag, there are provisions for placing a lot of things.

There is a laptop compartment, a tablet compartment, USB Cable provision and Earphone provision, zipper Pockets and small pockets.

The bag opens about 45 degrees and there is enough space to keep some clothing as well as accessories that makes it perfect for a short trip.

There is a hidden zipper pocket, sunglasses holder, card holder. This is also a waterproof backpack.

There is also a hidden compartment to keep waterbottles and an umbrella.

Price – $30.90

#6 – Moyyi Backpack

The Moyyi Backpack for men is a bit more of a traditional backpack. It has all the features that people love. This is an affordable backpack that is 50cms in height, 34cms in width and 17cms in breadth.

It has a tremendous storage capacity where you could keep your laptop, iPad, cameras, books and even clothes.

The shoulder straps were designed in a way to reduce the strain on your back. It has provisions for a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm cable to go through. This way you can charge your phone and listen to music seamlessly.

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This is a super affordable backpack that is a bit more old-school.

Price – $23.98

#7 – Xiaomi 90 Fun

Who would have thought Xiaomi makes backpacks? Xiaomi manufactures almost anything under the sun. And they make some pretty amazing backpacks. The Xiaomi 90 Fun is an affordable backpack that looks stylish and can fit a 15.6-inch laptop. The Exterior is made of polyester which protects against water seepage. The dimensions of this Chinese backpack are 16.93-inches in height, 12.60-inches in width and 3.94-inches in breadth.

There is a pocket in the back that is a secret provision and that is anti-theft.

Price – $29.69

#8 – Vormor

The Vormor is a different looking backpack that looks uber stylish. It’s designed in such a way that it looks like leather, but it is PU leather. It weighs 760 grams and it’s a very light backpack. The black leather finish gives it a super rugged look.

The bag’s internal structure is pretty straight forward. There is a provision for a laptop and the main section, a tablet section and a few small pockets to keep things.

Price – $19.99

#9 – Waterproof Travel Backpack

travel backpack on aliexpress

The rucksacks on Aliexpress are some of the cheapest and best you’ll find. At $20, it’s absolutely the cheapest and best travel backpack on Aliexpress.

The 40 Litre capacity weighs about 720 grams and is made of Nylon. It’s available in 8 striking colors.

It has a provision outlet for a water bag that is perfect while trekking. It has loops at the bottom that make it perfect while climbing to harness it into your body.

The strenum strap with the adjust buckle & whistle makes it the ideal travel backpack that you can carry around for hours.

It’s waterproof and can carry a lot.

Price – $19.77

#10 Military Tactical Rucksack

best aliexpress rucksack

One of the best selling backpacks on Aliexpress are for the rugged folks. If you love hiking, trekking and hunting, this is the perfect backpack.

It comes in camo colours such as brown, green and black. it’s got a 30 litre capacity with 1000D. It’s got two big compartments and two provisional compartments in the front.

Price – $12

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