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by Tim Blue

It’s never a good feeling when you cannot find something you need. It’s even worse when it is something or someone very important to you, something or someone you care about. One way to make sure you always keep an eye on the thing or person is by using a GPS tracker.

Chinese products are great as they use excellent quality material to build them and they don’t cost as much as you would pay for a similar product elsewhere. Of course, like anything else, there are some products that are not very good and it can be very difficult to figure out which ones are truly durable and have no monthly fee.

That is why we have done the hard part for you. Having tried and tested a lot of GPS trackers, we have lined up only the best.

Here are some of the best GPS trackers from China collated just for you

Types of GPS Trackers from ChinaGPS Tracker Brand
Pets GPS TrackerPet Smart GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker from ChinaMini GPS
Waterproof GPS TrackerSinotrack Waterproof GPS
Car GPS TrackerTKStar GPS Tracker
Bike GPS TrackerBike GPS

Are Chinese GPS Trackers Safe?

Recently there have been quite a few news pieces on the vulnerabilities of Chinese GPS Trackers. There is truth in the statement that some of them are unsafe. The problem is, cheap Chinese products are always unsafe. If you are going to get a GPS tracker, then get a legitimate one from Sinotrack or Tristar.

Cheap Chinese gps trackers use Open Source and unsafe software. So if you are unsure about your GPS tracker, get a big Chinese GPS tracker brand.

Best GPS Tracker China 2022

Pets Smart Mini GPS Tracker

It’s always a panic when your furry child runs away. With the large number of dangers hovering outdoors in the form of other animals, petnappers, and simply the pet getting lost and not being able to find itself back home, it can cause a lot of distress.

While it is not always possible to keep your home secure with locks and gates, it is definitely possible to be able to track your pet.

pets gps tracker china

Check out the Pet Smart Mini GPS Tracker from China that is specifically designed to be used on your pet.

  • The size (as small as around 3.6 cm) and shape make it perfect to put it on a collar around your dog or cat’s neck
  • The perfect size and design keep it from being too annoying for the pet that they want to pull it off or chew it off
  • The keyhole is just the right size to slip into a key chain or the collar
  • You can sync the GPS tracker into either an IOS or an android phone, making it super easy for you
  • It uses the Bluetooth version 4.0 with a working distance of 75 feet
  • It comes in several pretty and catchy colours like red, black, white and green
  • It uses a CR2032 lithium coin battery to function
  • It is priced quite cheap and lasts a really long time.

Mini GPS Tracker

mini gps tracker china

If you live in a dicey neighbourhood or drive down there often and you are worried about car theft, a good option would be to fit in a GPS tracker in your car. GPS trackers for cars can be quite expensive in general, but not if you choose to go with this one.

  • The tracker measures hardly 4 cm, perfect to be hidden in any part of your car
  • It comes with 2 pieces of internally built magnet that make it very convenient to mount this on a metal plate
  • This requires a sim card for you to be able to track it
  • You have the option of buying a tracker with either 8G or 16G or 32G TF card
  • This has an active working time of a maximum of 180 minutes, for about 4 to 6 days, and a standby time of 12 minutes
  • It uses a 400 Ma lithium ion battery
  • It supports GPS and LBS double tracking system and improves the accuracy of the position
  • This system has been proven to be durable, efficient and long lasting, truly a good option to go for, to keep your vehicle safe. 
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This mini GPS tracker is very affordable and tiny, plus it is easy to set up. All you need to do is find the right place in your car to mount it and let it do its work. There is a small space for you to pass a rope through if you wish to hang it.

Mini Waterproof Builtin Battery GSM GPS tracker ST-901

waterproof gps tracker

Bicycles and motorcycles are more complex than cars when it comes to fitting a GPS tracker. The biggest problem we face with those vehicles is the weather conditions like rain since they are open vehicles. The best way to fix this is by using a waterproof GPS tracker and we have just the one for you.

Try out the Sinotrak ST 901 GPS tracker with a built in battery.

  • It measures about 10 cm in length, which is slightly bigger than most other trackers, but that shouldn’t really be a deal breaker as this is still small enough to fit in your vehicle and not look too obvious
  • This GPS tracker uses a sim card to function and gets an accurate position
  • The operation is quite flexible as you can choose to use this with or without the internet
  • If you don’t have access to the internet, you can still send an SMS and get the exact position through a text
  • It uses a 12 V lithium battery that holds the charge for a couple of days at least when on standby
  • It lasts for about 4-5 hours when active
  • This GPS tracker comes in three colours, so pick your favourite!
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The system is waterproof and can handle the harshest of weather.Installation of the product is simple and easy and it is quite convenient to mount it in your vehicle too

GPS Tracker Car TKSTAR TK905

The TKSTAR TK905 is an excellent GPS tracker, probably one of the best you can find. It comes packaged nicely along with a cable, a couple of sim card holders (one for a nano sim card and one for a micro sim card), the tracker itself, an instruction manual plus a small soft drawstring pouch to hold all this in so you don’t lose them.

car gps tracker from china
  • This is a waterproof tracker that works using a sim card
  • Assembly and installation is quite simple. All you need to do is fit your sim card in the slot given and insert it
  • It has a built in powerful magnet. This makes it easy to mount in your car or bike
  • It uses a 5000 mAH lithium battery that is built in. This holds charge on both active and standby modes for a long time
  • You do have a sleep mode that helps save power, something that is very essential
  • You also get a history of the route saved and you can access it later when you need
  • It has a remote voice monitoring feature
  • Apart from this it has a speed alarm which can certainly come in very handy
  • The shock alarm feature is also good to have
  • It also has a geo fence

The colour and shape blends in with the surroundings. This GPS tracker is certainly a lot more expensive than most others in the market and that’s justified by the number of functions it offers as well as the power of the battery

Pets / Travel Smart Mini GPS Tracker

tiny gps tracker china

Here is another mini GPS tracker which is a perfect choice for your pets. The size is just right to be hung around your little cat or dog’s neck on their collar.

  • This is also a great tracker to be put on your bags or suitcases when you are travelling
  • In several brilliant colours and measuring hardly 4 cm, this will not ruin the aesthetics of your bags
  • Since it is really small and can be attached to a key chain, most people will not even know that this is a GPS tracker on your pet or your bag
  • This device works using Bluetooth 4.0 and sounds an alarm that can be heard to up to around 20 to 25 feet
  • The device can be accessed using either an Android or an IOS phone which is super convenient.
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It uses very little power but is very effective. This is again one of those GPS trackers that are priced in the lower range, so you can buy a few and use them for plenty of different objects and pets.

Personal Auto Car GPS Tracker TK102

powerful gps tracker china

Another fantastic GPS tracker from China is the TK 102. This tracker also works using a sim card and accesses the GPRS to give you the accurate position of the object it is mounted on.

Choose a GPS tracker from the list we have put together for you and buy yourself some peace of mind and happiness.

  • This is a great option for vehicles like cars, trucks or other outdoor equipment
  • It features location memorisation and automatic location report
  • It alerts you when the object breaches a particular area, when there is movement, when the device is being turned off and when the vehicle moves at a speed over the predefined one
  • It functions on a 1000 mAH battery that can go into sleep mode when not in use and can stay on stand by for about 15 days

This device is priced cheaper than other advanced GPS trackers from China. 

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