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by Tim Blue

In the long history of writing instruments, the fountain pen holds a special place. Most people see them as high maintenance and primitive, but nothing is as classy as bragging about your sophisticated fountain pens collection. In today’s time of gel pens or ballpoint pens, filling a cell from a bottle might seem a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth the joy of holding a beautiful fountain pen in your hand and feeling it glide over the paper. Online sites may provide you with many options to choose from the ink pens you want to buy.

This blog focuses on the fountain pens found on AliExpress. The following offers you a quick look at the best AliExpress fountain pens in 2021. 

Chinese Fountain Pen Reviewed

New Classic Luxury 

Having a black matte polished fountain pen in your collection is always a big yes. The pen comes with an all-metal body with a grooved refill chamber. The sleek design and the sober black metal body with rubberized matte finish grip are sure to turn eyeballs, and you might want to keep this pen on your person at all times.

The pen also comes in a shiny white variant with a new rubber grip for those who are not much keen on the matte black. The pen comes with a simple yet sturdy metal casing and would make an ideal gift for any age group.

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The Picasso 82 Napoli 

If stripes are your type, then this pen might be the one you’re waiting to add to your collection. It has a 10k gold nib that makes writing with it a pleasurable experience. It comes with a metal body with an engraved ring just above the grip area to enhance its smooth yet elegant look. The body made of blue and silver strips gets your imagination running as it gives off a relaxed, breezy vibe.

The pen has a modern push-type cap like stylish ballpoint pens. Speaking of flexibility, it is compatible with both bottled ink and cartridges, making it hassle-free to use. It also comes with an exquisite and attractive gift packing making it the ideal to be the next worthy addition to your collection.

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Jinhao Wooden Fountain Pen 

A simple polished wooden ink pen is one of the most loved among the best AliExpress fountain pens. In the mainstream mass of commercial plastic fountain pens, a wooden fountain pen is what you need to turn heads and call it your valued possession.

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This product is cased in high-quality wood with four different textures and colors to choose from. It has a cartridge filling mechanism for easy refilling. It has a polished and coated body to prevent scratches due to casual use. It has a grooved rolled type cap with a metal casing to add to its simple look.

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Chinese Dragon Gold

If simplicity isn’t your thing and going in all glazy is what you are looking for, this Chinese dragon golden fountain pen might be your go-to solution. It has a full metal body with a design language inspired by the traditional Chinese golden dragon from Chinese mythology.

This fountain pen is the cumulative of extreme sophistication, opulent designing, and peak minute artistry. It boasts of a 12k gold embossed cap and a full engraved body with patterns that leave the eye dazed. It also has a gold 0.5 mm nib that ensures smooth writing.

The pen is available in two variants- gold and silver, as per your likings. Irrespective of which variant we get our hands-on, this little beauty never fails to impress. A beautifully crafted box accompanies this box, making it an ideal choice to gift a loved one or as a precious personal keepsake.

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Luxury Fountain Pen 

chinese luxury fountain pen

Speaking of exquisite designs and sophistication, this pen is what comes to mind next. It comprises a unique granulated design, and a rotating design cap shaped like a leopard is very catchy. To add to its beauty, it was a brilliant green stone sitting flush at its head.

The pen has a body made of lead and tin alloy material, making it anti-corrosion and wear-proof. This fountain pen has been hand polished and contains a multi-layered coating to make it durable.

It is one of the most pocket-friendly among the best AliExpress fountain pens, owing to its little pocket pinch to the alloyed body. The product comes in two color options of golden and ancient silver.

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 Fuliwen Vintage  

The classic vintage fountain pens with exquisite prints never go out of fashion, and this product is sure to bring out the same nostalgia. The fountain pen comes with minutely detailed

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Images from Chinese mythology and are sure to give out surreal Chinese vibes. The straight solid outer casing continues the aesthetic design language of the product and adds to its charm. It comes with a 10k gold cap with a 0.5 mm nib that would urge your hands never to stop once it touches paper.

The fountain pen is bottled ink and cartridge compatible. She comes in a shiny polished wooden box that contrasts over its detailed design making the entire package an ideal gifting solution for a pen connoisseur any day.

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Duke 500 Vintage  

luxury fountain pen set

Speaking of vintage fountain pens, any list would be incomplete without this gem of a collectible. It has a slightly roundish appearance with a metal body that is polished to a matte finish. It has detailed prints inspired by the oriental aesthetic.

A shiny red gem adorns the top of its screw-type cap and adds to its classy charm. You can use this pen with bottled ink as well as cartridges as per your convenience. The fountain pen has a smooth 0.5 mm gold nib for a blissful writing experience.

The metal body has a dual-colored design language of black and gold that imparts minimalism that might attract an older age group of fountain pen enthusiasts. Overall, this is a durable and charming piece of writing instrument meant to be treasured. 

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KAKO Master Fountain Pen 

For the enthusiast who prefers a chic tone-down look of his fountain pen, the KAKO Master would be a perfect choice. But this in no way states that this is a low-end slouch. The glossy black metal body with a contrasting golden clip is an ode to the classic design of metal ink pens.

The pen has a soft granulated grip tape with a 14k gold nib that adds up to a pleasurable writing experience. The cap is a twist type and has sturdy grooves to hold the body. Dual compatibility with bottled ink and cartridge ink makes for ease of use.

The metal body and the cap have an anti-scratch coating and a replaceable nib that add to its features as a worthy buy.  

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If a modern feature-packed fountain pen that deals with a light pocket pinch is the talk, this pen is the result. The TWSBI Eco combines simplicity with economical design to bring a student-friendly product that might be the daily driver for any fountain pen lover.

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This product is the most economical amongst the best AliExpress fountain pens for daily usage, thanks to its cheap yet durable body casing. This nowhere indicates that you would be using a low flimsy product – the TWSBI Eco is made of high-quality hardened fiber with an anti-scratch coating to make it durable and chip-free. Its refilling mechanism is quite revolutionary, with a piston-type design that helps you fill ink without cartridges or converters.

This elegant yet economical fountain pen is the end of the search for a student who wants a reliable ink pen that doesn’t burn a hole into his pocket.

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Hero 100

This product brings you the nostalgia of the classic 1970s mini nibbed fountain pens but has modern features packed. A Rotary ink converter has replaced the original squeeze ink filling method. It has a polished matte body in a brilliant silver color that imparts a royal look to it.

The sleek body sits flush between your fingers and is ideal for long writing sessions. The Hero 100 comes with a standard 0.5 mm nib that is coated with 14k gold. The minimal yet straightforward design added to a classic design’s nostalgia is sure to deliver mystical charm.

This fountain pen ships in a classy metal box that makes it a great gifting option for any age group of fountain pen connoisseurs.

These were the best AliExpress fountain pens based on their quality and popularity. Hope this article helps you in your journey of collecting exquisite fountain pens. A good fountain pen is always a precious collection to one’s collection of writing instruments.

The joy of holding a good-quality fountain pen between your fingers and feeling it glide has to be one of the best experiences for an ink pen enthusiast.

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Now that you know about all the classic options available, what are you waiting for? Click on the links and grab the one that you think will add sophistication to your study. Also, best wishes from a fellow fountain pen admirer. Happy Collecting! 

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