How to track a lost Android phone using IMEI number | Lost phone tracker with IMEI

by Tim Blue

Lost your Android phone? We got you covered. 

There are a few ways through which you can track your lost Android phone. One of the ways is Find My Device with Google.  But if you aren’t able to find you lost device with that technique, then you can track your lost Android phone using the IMEI number. 

Here’s the best way to track a lost Android phone.

Tracking a lost android phone using an IMEI number does not work. There are other techniques like keeping a track of your phone’s location with third party applications like ‘Find my Android’.

Track a lost Android phone with IMEI number

It doesn’t work! 

Don’t waste your time. 

This whole IMEI technique is used by the police, detectives and law enforcement. It’s illegal to access IMEI details. 

A random mobile app will not be able to help you find your lost cell phone using an IMEI number. Only the law enforcement can. 

So how can you track your lost Android device? 

You need to use the apps provided by Google or Apple. There are 3rd party apps that help you from the phone from getting stolen. We’ll cover them all.

Find your Android Device 

Google itself offers the Find My Android service.

  1. You don’t need to download the app. You just need to search for “Find my Device” on Google.
  2. Google shows you the last place where the device’ GPS location was tracked and shows it to you on your maps
  3. This does not work, if this phone is turned off and the location is off. 
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Is this feasible? 

No. Even though you know your location of the phone. Going there and try to find it will be really hard. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Prevention is the best cure! 

If you are paranoid about losing your phone. Then it’s better to download a theft prevention app. 

Today we cover the Find Lost Phone app. 

This app has the highest ratings among all apps with a 4.2 rating and over 5 million downloads. 

One word of advice though, it has a TON of ads and it can be quite irritating. 

So here are the features 

Secure your phone online

If you want to protect your phone for the future, you’ll need to connect your phone’s app to another phone that is logged into the same app with the same email address. That’s the only way to track it. 

It’s called setting up a remote device. 

#1 — Ring Silent Phone 

In this option, you can ring a lost  phone through your phone that you have in your hands that is connected to the same email address. 

#2 — Get Lost Phone 

One of the ways to track another lost phone logged to the same email address is using the ‘Get Lost phone’ feature that’ll help you locate the device. 

#3 — Last Hope 

The last hope option as the name suggests is a last resort. You can send a custom message to your lost phone’s app and hope that there’s a decent person on the other side, who will get in touch with you! 

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Lost phone security offline

But one of the best features of this app is the anti-theft features. Here they are. 

#4 — Don’t touch my phone 

If you are in a place where your phone is kept on a table and you don’t want anybody to touch it, you can set this don’t touch my phone feature. If somebody tries to take your device, it starts ringing unless you stop it. 

You can press the volume control button, thrice before you pick up your phone to stop the alarm from ringing. 

#5 — Don’t unplug charger 

If you are charging your device somewhere , in an airport or anywhere else and if somebody tries to unplug it, an alarm starts ringing. 

#6 — Anti-Pocket Snatching 

One of my favourite features is the pickpocket feature. This is when somebody tries to take your phone from your pocket. If you are in a tourist, or in a crowded place and want to keep your phone safe, this is probably your best bet! 

GPS Phone Tracking 

These two features track the location of your current phone in which you use the Find my Phone app. 

#7 — GPS Phone tracker 

The GPS phone tracker tracks your location and also your history. This way you’ll know where all your phone has been. 

#8 — My Location 

This is a test to see if your GPS is working on your phone or not. 

Can a IMEI be traced?

An IMEI number can be traced, but only by law enforcement and the carrier you are using. The carrier will also be able to trace your phone with an IMEI. 

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How does IMEI Tracker work?

An IMEI tracker is simple. Basically beeps are sent to the phone through the IMEI and the approximate cell phone tower it’s close to basically sends a response. This way you’ll know where the phone is. But not the exact location. Law enforcement, basically go to the location near the tower and check sources to find the lost device. 

Can a switched off phone be tracked using IMEI number?

When a phone is off the network, you won’t be able to track your phone with an IMEI. But when a SIM card is put in the phone and it’s turned on, it can be traced and tracked again. 

Can police track iPhone IMEI number?

Yeah, the police can. But they will not be able to get the EXACT location, but only an approximation. 

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