8 Best Chinese Smartphones 2020 | New Chinese Smartphone Brands Added!

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Best Chinese Smartphones

Store Name: Umidigi Store

Store Description: Umidigi is one of the Best Chinese Smartphone companies that is up and coming. They make amazing budget Chinese smartphones that are feature rich and easy on the wallet as well!

Price range: 80 - $300

  • Blackview Smartphones
  • Leagoo
  • Xiaomi


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There has been a surge in the market of Chinese Smartphones. The min reason is that these phones are very high functioning android phones. They even come for much cheaper price in comparison to other smart phones. The features from facial recognition to awesome cameras, these phones have it all but for a much reasonable price. As we go into 2020, let us look at some of the Best Chinese Smartphones in 2020.

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top chinese smartphone

Top Chinese Smartphones 2020

There are so many Chinese smartphone brands. A lot of them are popular, whereas the others, not so much. So here is an exhaustive list of all the Chinese smartphone brands that you can get your hands on today! 

Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers 

Latest Chinese Smartphones 2020 

Umidigi Smartphone

Umidigi is one of the best cheap Chinese smarptone manufacturers and they have been gaining in prominence in the past few years. Some of their popular models that has hit the Chinese market in 2020 are the F2, Power 3, A3S, A3X, F5 Pro and more. 

The Umidigi F2 is probably the best Chinese camera phone out there. 

Umidigi Smart Phones 2020
Umidigi F2
Umidigi A3S
Umidigi A3X
Umidigi A5 Pro

Chinese Phones on Amazon

Xiaomi smartphones on Amazon

xiaomi smartphones on amazon

Check out the Xiaomi store on Amazon

Ulefone smartphones on Amazon

ulefone chinese smartphones on amazon

Check out the Ulefone Store on Amazon

Umidigi phones on Amazon

Umidigi F2 on Amazon

Check out Umidigi phones on Amazon

Blackview Smartphones

Blackview is a company that was founded in 2013 by a veteran entrepreneur. They got covered by Forbes Magazine in 2017 for making a super rugged smartphone. In these years, Blackview has made a name for themselves and in 2020, they have some pretty amazing offerings. It’s one of the best Chinese phone brands if you are looking for a homegrown Chinese smartphone brand. 

Blackview Smartphones 2020 
Blackview BV9500 Plus 
Blackview A80 
Blackview BV6800

Leagoo Smartphones

Leagoo was started in 2009 and they are official partners of the English football club, Tottenham Hotspur. They make smartphones, smart home appliances, smart lighting equipment and so on. They are one of the top Chinese smartphone brands and arguably make the Best phone in China, the M13. 

Leagoo Smartphones 2020 
Leagoo M13 
Leagoo S11 
Leagoo Z15 

Best Chinese Smartphones 2020

#1 – OnePlus 7T and One Plus 6

A great phone with amazing battery life. The sleek design is very impressive. Both the front and rear cameras are very good. Though the rear camera could have been better. An impressive feature is the pace with which the fingerprint scanner works. The face lock also works just as good. The camera works excellently even in low light. It has smooth OS, great audio quality. It has an in-built call recorder. It also comes with Google lens. Some negatives would be that it does not come with a headphone, there is no notification LED. It also lacks microSD card slot.

one plus phones

In short it captures amazing quality photos, the battery life is mind-blowing. One of the best feature would be the great sound-quality and the sensitivity of the touch screen. The back glass is also very strong giving it a great finish.

Price for One Plus 6 : $349

Price for One Plus 7T – $555

#2 – Huawei Nova 3i

A very beautifully designed phone that has very long-lasting battery life. The 6.30in touchscreen has a great feel to it. The exact measurement would be 157.60 x 75.20 x 7.60 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 169.00 grams. It has octa-core processor that comes with 4GB of RAM. It also comes with some unique features such as Fingerprint sensor, Compass/ Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and Gyroscope.

The camera in the front does not perform as good as expected but the rear camera works fine in daylight. Both camera’s performance not very satisfactory when it comes to artificial lighting or indoor. Most impressively the battery charges really fast and survives extensive use even on 4G.

Price: $289

#3 – Xiaomi Pocophone F1

The phone has aa great finishing though the plastic bag does make it look cheaper. The finger sensor works fast. The touch screen is very sensitive. The auto-focus could have been better. The 20MP camera delivers high resolution imagery. It is certainly better than the image quality of MiA2. It also has notification light support. The facial recognition works in darkness as well.

The looking angles on screen is as best as it can be for this price range. The internet support depends on connectivity or service provider chosen. Though it does not offer much choices with data speed. It does not come with a headphone.

Price: $345

For latest Xiaomi phones you can check this article HERE.


#4 – Vivo V11

An inexpensive smart phone Vivo V11 comes at a very affordable price. The phone looks impressive. The 6GB RAM is a great feature along with Android OS. It is extremely light weight, weighing about 163gm only. Battery though lasts for up to 7 hours, it depends on usage. Charging time taken is also quite long.

It comes with a Google lens which is quite awesome. Image quality is excellent and detailed look of picture taken is possible due to good focus capacity. It comes with an earphone and a protective case. It supports all major connectivity like GSM, WCDMA, 4G LTE, FDD and TDD. The fingerprint scanner could have been better. Some of the other sensors that it has are Ambient light and proximity sensor.

Not for sale on Amazon.

#5 – Oppo R17 and R17 Pro

The phone comes in soothing colors. The finishing and the look of the phone is quite attractive. Being ultra slim makes it look even better. It is not exactly light weight. It offers dual sim capacity. Though the touch screen is quite good, more responsive and sensitive can be expected at this price. Having a large screen of 6.4in makes it suitable for viewing movies as well as for reading.

The camera allows awesome clarity and the pictures are crisp. It supports expandable memory. Though being hybrid, you cannot use dual sim and memory card at the same time. It also has great variety of connectivity support. It does not come with radio service and the batteries are not removable.

Price: $578

#6 – Realme 2 / Realme 5

A great phone that comes with awesome features. It offers the option of using dual sim all at the same time, it is almost like having two phones inside one device. The screen is big enough. You can easily enjoy your e-books as well as watch movies on the 6.2in screen. On the hindsight the size of the screen makes the phone a bit on the heavier side.

But the sleek design does make up for it. It has facial unlock as well as finger sensor making your phone extremely personalized. Good connectivity options and supports mobile hotspots. The best thing about the 3.5mm headphone jack available on this device is that you can not only connect your headphone but also connect speakers if required. The battery is non-removable. A good phone at affordable price.

Realme 1 available at $325

Realme 5 Pro – $209

#7 – Huawei Mate 20

This is what you call a slim yet heavy weight, high functioning phone. It has both facial and finger unlock. The touchscreen works with super awesome precision. The audio quality is impressive and so is the video recording along with the picture quality. Both rear and front camera delivers great pictures.

Though supports memory card it can not be used with dual sim in place. The phone can be connected to not just earphones but also to speakers. The accelerometer should have been more accurate. However, the gyroscope works simply awesome. The 6GB RAM does not make you choose between your favorite apps as the phone runs well and fast enough. Good phone could have been lighter.

Mate 20 Lite: $319

Mate 20: $649

Mate 20 Pro: $1,024

#8 – Honor 8x

It has a glass body and the in-hand feel is very convenient. Even though it has a large display screen of about 6.5in. The touch screen is super responsive. The back of the phone has a layered texture which makes it more attractive. It has dual camera. The rear camera takes super fine pictures but the front camera is not very good for a phone of this price. However, the phone earns brownie points for letting video recording in HD mode.

The dual sim and expandable memory options also come in handy. Other features like gyroscope and accelerometer also have enough room for improvement. The Octacore CPU makes the phone fast enough to run several applications simultaneously. Good budget phone but leaves you craving for more.

Price: $280

Why are Chinese phones cheaper? 

Chinese phones are cheaper because of Chinese manufacturing capabilities. They have the power of economies of scale, which means they are able to produce a lot more phones for much cheaper. From technical know how to supply chain to distribution, China knows the most efficient way to make and distribute phones. 

What is the best cheap Chinese smartphone? 

I’ll go with Umidigi. Umidigi as a brand is becoming quite popular in China and they have capabilities to manufacture smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches and more. As they are still not at the level of Xiaomi or Huawei, their pricing is quite reasonable, but their smartphones are pretty amazing! 

Are Chinese smartphones reliable?

Brands like Xiaomi and Huawei are Chinese as well. They are reliable right? In fact, these phones are super popular worldwide. Chinese smartphones are reliable, but when it comes to very new brands in the market that has no name, you need to be a bit careful, as their smartphones might not be up to a certain standard. 

Getting the Best Chinese Smartphones

Now you have a list of phones to consider before investing in your new smartphone. Only be sure to check the network compatibility and you can there compare and contrast the features of these smartphones with any other flagship which comes at much expensive price. The Chinese Smartphones work incredibly well and also are well within the budget they are already giving brands like Apple serious competition. It is always wiser to choose a phone depending on features and price over a certain brand name.

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