Top Chinese Mobile Brands 2020

by Tim Blue

It’s not a secret that Chinese and American smartphones rule the roost. It’s either a Xiaomi or a One Plus or a Realme phone that is always the talk of the town. 

Chinese mobile brands have the lion’s market share in the world. The only other brands that are in the top are Korea’s Samsung and USA’ Apple. Chinese mobile brands are there in every country and they are available from as cheap as $50 to all the way to $2000. 

Chinese mobile brands have been riding the Android wave and they make Android the largest mobile operating system in the world. 

So let’s find out the Top Chinese mobile brands and see if you know them all! 

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Top Chinese Mobile Brands


Huawei chinese mobile brand

Huawei is the leading Chinese mobile brand with a 20% market global market share on-par with Samsung. They are the joint biggest mobile brand in the world, sharing the accolades with Samsung. 

The ban on Huawei by the U.S. government has affected them slightly with a drop of 2% in market share compared to the year 2018. 

Huawei is known for their premium smartphones with mind blowing cameras. Apart from Apple, they arguably make the best camera smartphones in the world. 

Huawei’s most popular mobile series include Huawei Mate series, Huawei P series, Huawei Y series, Huawei Nova series, Huawei T Series and Huawei U series.

The most popular being the P series, Mate Series and Y series. The Y series is the mid-ranger costing around $300. 

Huawei is a big consumer brand, focusing on not only smartphones, but other consumer electronics as well. 


Xiaomi chinese mobile phone brand

Xiaomi needs no introductions. They are a behemoth with a 10% market share in the mobile phone market. They are the fourth biggest mobile brand in the world only after Huawei, Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi over the past few years have become more than just a smartphone brand. Like Samsung and Huawei, they have gone on to manufacture consumer electronics with strategic partnerships and have their own sub brands such as Roidmi, Deerma, Viomi, Huami and many more. 

They in fact, make non-electronics products as well. Coming to the Xiaomi mobile brand. They have made a name for themselves as the go to budget smartphone brand in the world.

In fact, in the top 4 mobile brands list with the most market share, they are the only brand known for their budget mobiles. 

The most popular Xiaomi mobile smartphone series include the Redmi series, Redmi Note series, Mi series, K series, Mi Note 10 series. They also make the super popular Blackshark series of gaming smartphones. 

They introduced the Poco series of phones which has become it’s own brand. 


Oppo chinese mobile brand

Although gained in prominence in the past decade, Oppo has been selling mobile phones since 2001. They are part of the iconic BKK group that has owned other phone brands such as Vivo, Realme and Oneplus. 

Oppo is on the top 5 smartphone maker list in the world with a market share of 9%. Just 1% shy of Xiaomi’s 10%. 

Oppo not only makes smartphones, but also makes headphones, amplifiers, earbuds and even smartwatches. 

Oppo makes many types of smartphones that range in prices from the A series, which is a budget series to the Oppo Reno series which is a premium flagship smartphone. 

Oppo’s strategy in the smartphone market is to bombard the market with numerous models at similar price points with different features, ensuring that the buyer ends up with an Oppo phone. 

The Oppo Reno series is one of the first smartphones to come up with the pop-up camera. 

Oppo’s most popular series are the A series, F series, X series, Reno series and the Reno2 series. 


Vivo and Oppo belong to the same parent company, which is BKK. Vivo by itself has a global market share of 8%. Vivo’s market share combined with Oppo’s market share make them the third largest smartphone maker in the world. 

Vivo’s phones are extremely popular in Asia and they have a sizable market share in most of the countries and in some countries, they are the number one smartphone brand. 

Vivo makes a lot of phones and they have different ranges of smartphones. Like most Chinese smartphone brands, they are popular for their budget and mid-range phones.

The popular Vivo mobile series are Y series, S series, Z series, the very popular V series and U series. They easily have 10 to 15 models under each particular series. 

Vivo’s phones are the standard Android phone that come with higher specs than the amount you pay for it. 

Vivo also makes headphones and earbuds. The up and coming iQoo brand is a sub brand of Vivo, which will be spun off as a standalone brand. 


Lenovo Chinese mobile brand

A lot of people aren’t aware that Lenovo is a Chinese brand and not an American brand. 

Nobody would have expected Lenovo to make this list, because Lenovo is mostly known for their laptops and desktop computers. In fact, Lenovo actually has a 3% market share in the mobile phone category.

Lenovo actually makes super budget phones that are under $100. Their budget phones are really popular and some of them are cheaper than the Redmi Note series. They have captured a sizable market share in the ultra-budget, sub-$100 smartphone category.

The popular Lenovo phone series are the  A series, K series, Legion gaming series, Z series, S series, Q series (Blackberry lookalikes). And they also make feature phones like the E series.

Lenovo is a top Chinese mobile brand that nobody thinks is on top. 

One Plus 

One plus chinese mobile brand

One Plus needs no introduction. It’s another sub-brand under the BKK group. Unlike it’s sister brands such as Vivo and Oppo, One Plus stands apart. 

In the global premium segment smartphone category, One Plus has a 2% market share. The uniqueness of One Plus is that they are similar to Apple. They don’t release multiple smartphones, but they release incremental versions of the same phones. 

One Plus moved away from it’s premium tag by coming up with the One Plus Nord in 2020, which is a $400 phone which is unlike the $600 phones they generally make. 

One Plus is known for their superior features and elegant style and amazing cameras. One Plus devices are hands down one of the most sought after mid-range Android smartphones in the market. 


ZTE chinese mobile brand

ZTE is a fairly unknown brand to most people and many people don’t realize it was founded in 1985. They were predominantly in the field of manufacturing of carrier networks, telecommunication software.

ZTE is the 5th largest phone maker in China and they are massive in the home market. The share in the world market is nothing much to write about. 

In 2011, they made the first smartphone with the dual GPS/GLONASS navigation system. The name ZTE by itself may not ring a bell, but their branded smartphones are quite popular.

The Nubia series of phones are from ZTE. Apart from that there’s the Axon series, Blade series, Maven series and the Grand series. 


Realme Chinese mobile brands

The new kid on the block, Realme has taken the world by storm. They’ve been a super strong competitor to Xiaomi’s budget phones and they are also part of the BKK group, which owns Vivo, Oppo, One Plus and Realme as well.

Realme is a budget, mid-range smartphone company. They are known for their amazing camera phones for cheap. They have double digit market share in countries like India and globally they are the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world. 

Although they’ve been around for only a less time, Realme has already made a lot of phones. Apart from the flagship phones which are numbered such as Realme 5, Realme 6, Realme 7 and so on.

They also have the X series, C series and the U series which focus on different feature sets. It’s only a matter of time before Realme gets in the top 10 list of smartphone makers in the world.


TCL or ‘The Creative Life’ is a Chinese mobile brand that was founded in 1981. They are mostly known for their smart TV’s, but they started manufacturing smartphones as well. 

TCL has massive market share in the Smart TV category and doesn’t have much of a share in the smartphone space. But their approach to the smartphone business has been interesting. 

They have taken the One Plus route by manufacturing very few phones. The only smartphone series from TCL is the 10 series that has a few variations that are 10 SE, 10 Plus, 10 5G, 10 Pro, 10L. 

Most of TCL’s phones are flagship material competing with the high-end phones of the other manufacturers. 


Meizu chinese mobile phone brand

Meizu might not be a household name like the other brands mentioned here. It was started in 2003 as a MP3 player manufacturer and they moved to making smartphones.

But most importantly, Meizu is very popular because of their version of the Android OS, Flyme. The Flyme has been used in numerous smartphones in the past that includes the One Plus, HTC, ZTE to name a few. 

In terms of their smartphone offerings, Meizu makes some pretty amazing phones at great prices. Their popular phone series includes the X series, M series, E series, U series and the numbered series such as the Meizu 17 Pro, Meizu 16T and so on. 

Which mobile companies are Chinese?

The mobile phone companies that are Chinese include One Plus, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, TCL, Realme, ZTE and Meizu to name a few. These are the most popular Chinese smartphone brands. 

Which Chinese mobile brand is best?

The best selling Chinese mobile brand is hands down Huawei, which is the second largest selling mobile phone brand after Samsung with a 20% global market share. The second best Chinese mobile brand is Xiaomi which has a 10% market share. 


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