How to Become a Temu Influencer? | Find Out How to Become a Temu Campus Ambassador

by Dwain

Do you love creating engaging content and sharing your finds with others? If so, you might be a perfect fit for Temu’s influencer or campus ambassador program!

So, how to become a Temu influencer or campus ambassador?

This article is your one-stop guide to navigate both opportunities. We’ll break down the application process, eligibility requirements, and the exciting perks that come with being a Temu influencer or campus ambassador.

In short, to Become a Temu influencer or campus ambassador;

You’ll need to make sure that you meet the requirements, which include having a social media presence with at least 300 followers.

Next, you must the QR code on Temu’s website and choose the social media platform with the most followers.

Then, pick a campaign, add your shipping address, and confirm the order. After receiving the product, post about it on your social media account and include your exclusive code and link.

Finally, submit your social media post link on Temu’s website for additional benefits and rewards.

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8 Steps How to Become a Temu Influencer

How to earn up to $5,000 a month with the Temu Affiliate Program

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Before applying to become a Temu influencer, there are a few requirements you need to meet. 

You must have a social media presence with at least 300 followers and actively engage with your fans on a regular basis. 

If you have an Instagram, Tiktok, or YouTube account that meets these requirements, you can go ahead and apply to become a Temu influencer or a Collaborator and earn cash rewards as well as freebies every season.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

To sign up and become a Temu influencer, you need to scan the QR code on their website

Scanning the QR code will direct you to their Temu Influencer page where you can start the application process.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

Step 3: Choose Your Social Media Account

On the Temu Influencer page, you will be presented with options to choose a particular social media account like Tiktok or Instagram. 

Pick the platform that has the most followers, as Temu will award you with a larger cash balance to buy stuff from their platform.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

Step 4: Pick a Campaign

Once you have picked your social media account and your application has been approved, you will be provided with the option to pick a certain campaign that you’d like to showcase on your profile. 

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Choose the product/s you would like to purchase with your Temu balance.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

Step 5: Add Your Shipping Address and Confirm the Order

After choosing the products you want from the campaign, add the address you would like to have them shipped to. 

Once done, confirm the order and then click on Submit to have the order processed and delivered.

Step 6: Post About the Product on Your Social Media Account

To carry on your relationship with Temu as a collaborator/influencer, you have to post about the product on your social media account and include your exclusive code and link in your post. 

Temu will provide you with a reference of what needs to be included in your post based on the platform you’ve been approved to post on.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

Step 7: Submit Your Social Media Post Link

After posting about the product, copy the URL to that post and upload it in the Influencers section on the Temu website. 

When you submit the link to Temu, they will provide you with additional benefits, and the more links you upload, the more Temu will reward you.

Additional Step: Submit Reviews for the Products

After posting about the product and uploading the URL in the Influencers section of the website, leave a review on the product page, and Temu will provide you with a reward of $100, which will be added to your main Temu balance.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Temu Influencer?

Becoming a Temu influencer can bring a range of benefits that are both tangible and intangible. 

For starters, as a Temu influencer, you get access to their growth system, which is a great opportunity to grow your social media presence and influence.

One of the most significant benefits of becoming a Temu influencer is that you get to enjoy free products for every successful review and social media post. 

This means you get to try out new products and services, and share your honest opinion with your followers. Not only is this a great way to build trust with your audience, but it can also lead to more collaborations with Temu in the future.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

In addition to free products, Temu influencers also receive exclusive coupons that they can share with their followers online. This is a great way to add value to your content and incentivize your followers to engage with your posts. 

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The coupons can also help you build a stronger relationship with your audience and keep them engaged with your content.

Another benefit of becoming a Temu influencer is that you get access to the latest events and contests. This can include product launches, giveaways, and other exciting opportunities. 

By participating in these events and contests, you can increase your exposure and potentially gain new followers.

Finally, Temu influencers also receive cash rewards for every post and review. The amount you receive will depend on how frequently you post and how much content you create.

If you are able to post regularly and reach a large audience, Temu provides larger cash rewards and discounts. This is a great way to earn some extra income and incentivize you to create more high-quality content.

Who is a Temu Campus Ambassador and How Do I Apply for the Post?

How to Become a Temu Influencer

A Temu campus ambassador is an influencer who is currently studying in a college or university in the U.S. and is over the age of 18. 

By becoming a campus ambassador, you will have the opportunity to earn Temu credit by simply referring your friends to use Temu or by buying products via your unique Ambassador referral link.

As a campus ambassador, you will be provided with rewards for every successful purchase made through your referral link. These rewards can range from cash all the way to commissions and even giveaways. This can be a great way to earn extra money while studying.

To apply for the Campus Ambassador Program, you will need to fill out an application on the Temu website. The application will ask for your name, college/university details, social media platform usernames, and age verification.

How to Become a Temu Influencer

The application will also ask why you want to become a campus ambassador for Temu. This is your chance to show your passion and interest in the brand, and how you plan to promote it to your fellow students.

Once you have completed the application, you will need to accept the Acknowledgement at the bottom followed by the Submit button. Your application will then be reviewed, and you will be notified via email and text if it has been approved.

Becoming a Temu campus ambassador can be a great way to earn some extra money while also promoting a brand that you are passionate about. With the rewards for successful referrals and purchases, you can earn cash, commissions, and even giveaways. 

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So, if you are over 18 and currently studying in a college or university in the U.S., consider applying for the Temu Campus Ambassador Program and start reaping the benefits!

Are there any Benefits of Becoming a Temu Campus Ambassador?

Becoming a Temu Campus Ambassador comes with its own set of benefits and limitations. As a Campus Ambassador, you will be entitled to certain perks such as a 3% commission for every purchase made by your linked friends.

This commission is calculated on the cost of the order, excluding shipping charges, and is applicable for orders placed within 90 days of your friend using the referral link you shared.

Campus Ambassadors also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events that are not available to the general public. 

How to Become a Temu Influencer

Additionally, giveaways are hosted regularly for Campus Ambassadors, and they can receive free gifts if they are active on Temu and are qualified members. Some time-limited activities can also fetch you up to $20, which will then be credited to your Temu balance.

However, there are some drawbacks and limitations that you should be aware of as well. For instance, if your linked friend returns the product back to Temu, the commission amount you received will be withdrawn from your account. 

It is also important to note that becoming a Campus Ambassador does not mean that you are employed by Temu or that there is a partnership going on.

Lastly, those with a balance of less than $20 in their Temu account will not be able to withdraw their funds, and commissions take a maximum of 30 days to get processed, so there’s always a delay in receiving your commissions.

Should you Apply for the Post of Temu Influencer?

To conclude, joining the Temu influencer program offers an exciting and profitable career opportunity. 

To succeed as a Temu influencer, one must be innovative, consistent, and capable of engaging with their audience. The benefits of becoming a Temu influencer range from financial rewards to increased brand exposure.

It’s important to note that being a Temu influencer requires dedication and effort. To thrive, one must have a unique voice, a solid strategy, and a large following. 

Authenticity is key on the platform and influencers who stay true to themselves and create enjoyable content for their followers are likely to succeed.


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