Best Huawei Products in 2020

by Tim Blue
Huawei Products

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Huawei is a through and through Chinese brand. They also represent one of the best of China’s manufacturing capabilities. When they began their journey in the smartphone segment, they were not even in the top ten. Now, after many years, they’ve conquered the smartphone segment and are one of the top in the world, displacing Apple in China.

But Huawei is not only about smartphones, but they also make smartwatches, wi-fi routers among other things. This article is to celebrate the best Huawei Products in 2020.

Let’s see what they are.

Huawei Company

Huawei Products you won’t know they exist!

best huawei products

#1 –Huawei Watch GT

The Huawei Watch GT is not your everyday smartwatch. It is one of the best looking smart watches out there. It comes in different strap colours, black and leather. With the leather version looking especially beautiful.

The specs of this smartwatch are as follows.

  • 128MB RAM
  • 300 to 450 mAh battery
  • Lasts 22 hours on constant use, 30 days of simple use
  • Most accurate GPS
  • Sports tracking – Jogging, Swimming, Walking, Running, Tennis and more
huawei watch GT

Best Price – $152

#2 – Huawei Honor Band 4

The Band series is one of the most popular smart bands in the world. And this is why Huawei has made the 4th generation of the band, aptly naming it Huawei Band 4. The specs of the smart band are as follows

  • 0.95 – inch AMOLED screen
  • Displays app notifications and messages
  • Smart vibrating alarm
  • Measures calories, distance, pace and more
  • Tracks your sleep and gives you a notification, if you have slept or not
  • It has a USB charging facility
  • Comes with a long strap that fits a wrist of any size
huawei band 4

Best Price – $30.09

#3 – Huawei WiFi Cube

Huawei first gained prominence as a wi-fi router manufacturers. They’ve moved on to other products, but they still manufacture some of the best wi-fi routers in the world. Most wi-fi routers are rectangular shaped and look in a specific way. The Huawei Wifi Cube as the name suggests is a cube-shaped router. That easily fits in the palm of your hands. It also can draw power and has a cable USB option for desktop computers apart from the Wifi option.

If you are looking for a unique wifi router, the Wifi cube can work its magic.

huawei wifi cube

Best Price – $74.08

#4 – Huawei Earphone

Huawei isn’t synonymous with earphones, but the Huawei Honor xSport AM61 will make you reconsider your other earphones. These are in-ear, earphones with a Bluetooth connection. The cables are made on non-tangle material. It’s powered by the Bluetooth 4.1

There are volume control buttons within the cable itself. It also ships with a box to store your earphone when not in use. It comes in some amazing colours such as Red, Blue and Black.

The in-ear hook design ensures this is the right earphone for all types of use, including physical activity.

You can charge the earphone with a USB cable that is shipped with the product.

huawei earphone

Best Price – $23.91

#5 – Huawei Power Bank

Power banks are a lifeline for our phones, which in turn are a lifeline for us. Huawei doesn’t make a lot of power banks, but they make a very popular 10,000 mah power bank. The Li-polymer battery weighs around 255g which is pretty light as power banks go.

The design is black and has a beautiful 10 on the top signifying the 10,000 mAh. It uses the Type-C data cable to dole out power. It also has the fast charging capability, which can charge the whole power bank in about 30 minutes.

The P10 can be charged to around 70% in under just 30 minutes. It’s strong and sturdy as its made with aluminium, unlike other power banks that are made of plastic.

There are light indicators shown on the side to show you how much the product has charged.

huawei powerbank

Best Price – $49.79

#6 – Huawei Bluetooth Speaker  – Swan

The next product is the Huawei Swan, the interesting name isn’t random. The design of the product is stylish and looks exactly like a swan. This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there and the design is catchy and works really well.

Priced attractively, this is a portable Bluetooth speaker as well. These hands-free speakers are made out of plastic and work on Bluetooth 4.0

The swan is one of a kind Bluetooth speaker.

huawei bluetooth speaker swan

Best Price – $20.09

#7 – Huawei Portable Printer

If you love photos, then you will love this product. The Huawei Portable printer is one of a kind product for photo lovers. Want to take your photo shooting to the next level? With the Huawei Portable Printer, you can get real-time physical photos right after you take them. It works like a Polaroid camera, but without the bulky unit and without the humongous cost.

This is great for making physical copies of your digital photos before you forget them and delete them. Take the pictures immediately and make a collage in a matter of hours with this portable printer.

huawei portable printer

Best Price – $8.98

#8 – Huawei Pen

When tablets came out, Apple rejected the idea of a smart pen or a stylus, saying we have ten of them(fingers). But soon, companies such as Samsung decided to buck the trend and started shipping stylus pens with their products. Now the stylus pen is a must need for a lot of designers and such.

The Huawei Stylus pen is primarily, very affordable compared to the other pens out there and it lets you draw, doodle, write, take notes.

One issue with stylus pens that are encountered by many users is the weight of the pen itself. The Huawei Stylus weighs a mere 14 grams. This is as light as your normal pencil. If you are worried about losing the nib of the pen, there’s no need to worry as an extra nib is provided along with the Huawei Pen.

huawei pen

Best Price – $27.19

#9 – Huawei Nova 3i

Huawei’s smartphones became popular due to the feature list at a budget rate. They have continued this trend to make some amazing phones and the Nova 3i is a perfect example of that approach.

First of all the design. The Huawei Nova 3i comes in two beautiful colours. They are Black and Iris Purple. The second has a gradient finish which looks super premium. Here are the specs for the Nova 3i.

  • The display is a massive 6.3-inches.
  • Runs on the Huawei Kirin 710 SoC
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB internal storage
  • Dual-sim
  • 3340 mAh battery
  • Front camera – 24MP + 2MP
  • Rear Camera – 16MP + 2MP
Huawei nova 3i

Best Price – $241.56

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