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by Tim Blue

When you have a baby, you realize you go through the products in no time. Diapers get used up quickly, clothes need to keep changing as the baby grows. But a baby stroller on the other hand can be used for years and that’s why you’ll need to invest in a solid baby stroller.

There are numerous baby stroller brands out there that cost quite a bit and that is where Aliexpress comes to the rescue. 

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Babalo Stroller

Baby Fond 3 in 1 Stroller

Hope Baby Stroller

Aliexpress has baby strollers with the same features as the big stroller brands but at a much cheaper cost and price. 

Here are the best baby strollers on Aliexpress to keep your baby safe. 

Top Baby Strollers on Aliexpress

Baby products on Aliexpress have been really popular on Aliexpress like baby clothes, but the most value for money products are the strollers!

Babalo Yoya Baby Stroller 5.8kg

baby stroller aliexpress

The Baby Fond Stroller from the Joy Baby store is one of the most popular baby strollers on Aliexpress. It’s also the best selling. 

Firstly, talking about the BabyFond stroller, the design is impeccable. It looks classy and comes in 10 amazing shades. It has the brown handles that look beautiful and gorgeous. 

This product ships from China, Europe and Russia. One of the cool aspects of this baby stroller is the ancillary gifts that are shipped for free along with the stroller. That includes a cotton pad, summer mat, mosquito net, cup holder, wrist strap, storage bag, rain cover and an arm rest.

Coming to the product itself. The stroller has a light aluminum frame that can be easily folded with a single hand. It can also be dragged easily with a single hand like a carry on suitcase. 

It weighs around 5.8 kgs and is pretty portable and can be easily carried inside flights. The push handle and handle bar are made of PU leather for ultimate comfort. It can be removed and cleaned as and when required. 

The foldable canopy covers the cradle completely hence protecting the baby to the full. The backrest can be adjusted based on your requirement. From a seated position, all the way to a sleeping position. 

The wheels have brakes to control the stroller. The base of the stroller has a mesh storage area where a lot of baby products can be placed and can be opened easily for the best convenience. 

With a 4.8 rating and 260+ reviews, this is the best baby stroller on Aliexpress. 

Check out the product here

BabyFond 3 in 1 Baby Stroller 

best baby stroller aliexpress

Another Baby Fond product, but this time from the Bao Baby Stroller Store. It’s a top rated store with a 94.3% rating and 3200+ followers.

The strollers come in three gorgeous colours – Brown PU, Baby Pink and White PU. These are super stylish looking baby strollers that can be easily carried in high end and posh restaurants.

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The products ship from China, Europe and Russia. Most locations have tax-free shipment. 

This baby stroller is perfect for babies between the age of 6 months and 36 months. You can effectively use this stroller for 3 years with ease. 

The product also includes a sleeping portable cradle, a baby car seat and comes with accessories such as leg cover, mosquito net, summer mat among others.

Although it’s 3 in 1, the baby cradle and the baby car seat can only be used for up to 1 year. The material of the baby stroller is PU which is tough strong leather protects during falls and also stops the harsh sun from penetrating through. PU leather is also waterproof. The frame of the stroller is an aluminium alloy that is strong and sturdy. 

The 360-degree wheels can be moved in any direction without any stoppage. The basket can extend to a 180-degree angle or a sitting position. 

The storage section below is at a good height from the basket which means you can keep tall objects in there. 

You can replace the stroller basket to a car seat, if your baby is much smaller. The design of the baby car seat is ergonomic and protects the baby’s vital organs in case of impact.

The one downside is, it is not a compact stroller and is pretty big. 

Check out the product here

Hope Baby Stroller from Jieshan 

top baby stroller on aliexpress

The Jieshan store has been a super popular baby products seller on Aliexpress for quite some time. They have a 99.8% positive rating and are a Top Brand.

One of the unique strollers we’ve seen in this store is the Hope stroller. It’s a super stylish stroller that comes in monotone colors – Pink, Grey, Blue, Fuchsia. It looks classy and perfect to carry anywhere.

There is a 90 day buyer protection guarantee which means you can receive a full refund within 90 days if you are unhappy with the product. 

The first thing is, this stroller has solid shock absorbers that protect the baby from bumpy surfaces. The wheels rotate about 360 degrees as well. This is the main highlight of this stroller.

It’s also one of the best portable baby strollers as it folds into a suitcases styled shape. It’s the best folded baby stroller that is super portable and very easy to carry. The baby stroller is so portable, it can be easily stored in the cabin space of an aircraft. 

The sitting and sleeping angle varies from 105-degrees to 170-degrees. The front handrail that protects the baby can be detached completely. 

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The shade can be adjusted to about three levels depending on the weather. There is a storage space at the bottom which is perfect for keeping a few products. 

It’s got a complete 5 star rating with 300+ orders. 

Check out the product here

Multi-function baby stroller 

baby stroller with car seat on aliexpress

One of my personal favourite baby strollers that I prefer is the multifunction baby stroller. It has a lot of features and benefits that I expect in a baby stroller. 

The stroller is a two in one which is basically a stroller with a basket that doubles up as a separate carrying basket. 

The whole stroller weighs about 5.8kgs and the carrying basket weighs about 2.9kgs which is pretty lightweight. 

The other benefit of this stroller is the direction of the basket. You can make it face you and always have an eye on your young baby. 

The holder for the portable basket can be moved. The best part is, the carrying basket has a shade cover for itself along with the shade cover on the stroller.

The only downside is there’s only one sitting/sleeping position for the baby and the angles cannot be adjusted.

At $165, it’s one of the best value strollers on Aliexpress. 

Check out the product here

Sun Angel Store Baby Stroller – 3 in 1 

light baby stroller aliexpress

If you like big baby strollers with a lot of features, then this is a perfect fit. This is a baby stroller available on the Sun Angel store which is a baby product seller on Aliexpress. They have 1,900+ followers and a 94.1% positive feedback.

This stroller is very similar to the 3 in 1 stroller mentioned above with slight changes. They have a US warehouse and a Europe warehouse that ensures the product gets delivered within 7 days. 

Firstly the stroller comes in 8 different colours with the same colour combination for the car seat and the basket. 

The stroller has big wheels at the back which gives a much better base compared to smaller wheels. This is a big differentiator. 

The wheels and the frame of the stroller are spring loaded which means they are shock absorbing and can protect the baby. 

They also have add-on free gifts that ship with the product that includes a sleeping mat, summer mat, mosquito net, cup holder and a wrist band that attaches to the handle. 

There is a slip switch at the base that can enable the wheels or disable the wheels and you can ensure the pram will not move on its own even in a sloping position.

The 3 in 1 aspect is the type of baby carriage that has a push mode, sleep mode and a removable basket. 

The alloy frame is strong, but can be closed with a single hand without any hassles. 

Check out the product here

Twins Baby Stroller 

The other top selling baby stroller is built for twins. It comes in Pink, Blue and Purple colours. This product has a 90 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

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The stroller has a wide base with bigger wheels at the back. The design of the stroller makes it long and not wide, which makes it easier to maneuver in crowded places, which is much better than the side by side basket stroller which does not fit into many places easily.

Each basket has a separate, adjustable shade. It can be easily folded. Both the strollers have a foot rest which makes it perfect for slightly older kids as well. 

So you can easily use this stroller for many years. The one downside is, the angles cannot be adjusted which means the baby or children cannot lie down. This is more of a stroller that is perfect for outings when the kids are awake.

Check out the product here

How to choose a baby stroller

  • Safety: Safety is the foremost concern when buying a baby stroller. The stroller should be made with quality materials that don’t shatter and stay sturdy. Make sure the strollers have straps to secure the baby while they’re on the stroller. 
  • Durable: Choose strollers that are durable at least for about 3-4 years. There are various brands and sellers that provide a warranty period that you can look for when buying a stroller. 
  • Storage: Storage is always a good idea to keep important items of your baby like food, bottle, toys etc. 
  • Canopy: Canopy is important to provide a shed to your baby. It helps keep the baby away from the sun and also unsolicited weather change. Look for a canopy above 30+ SPF. The canopy should be well ventilated and breathable. 
  • Washable cloth of the stroller: Stoller cloth might get dirty because it’s mostly used outdoors. Hence, get a stroller with fabrics that are washable and can be easily removed and put back. 

How much should a good baby stroller cost on Aliexpress?

A good baby stroller cost around $100- $300 on Aliexpress. High end strollers usually go above $300 dollars but might not be as worth it. 

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