Are Fake Airpods Worth it? i9000, TWS Pro 4, TWS Pro 3 Tested!

by Tim Blue

It’s a new wave of TWS earbuds devices in the market. The older models have taken a back seat because of their lack of feature upgrade. The one issue when it comes to earpods devices is, they all look the same and the features aren’t apparent compared to the newer devices. So what is the difference? How is it better? 

In this i9000 TWS Fake Airpod Review, you’ll find out if it’s still worth it.

i90000 Max Price: $23.99 (Rename + GPS)

The latest TWS earbuds in the market is not i9000 TWS and now the i9000 TWS is defunct. So what are the options? There are Airpods Pro replicas which are the most popular.

There are many other TWS earbuds that are still available such as the i13 TWS which is probably one of the best selling Airpod replicas.

Check out our latest review of the fake airpods series.

Fake TWS Earphones Review

If you are in the market for the latest Chinese IEMs and Chinese earphones you might have also come across the i9000.

So when you see the i9000 TWS, there is nothing much to it, except that it’s the most upgraded product in the market in terms of battery, in terms of the chip, in terms of the sound and more.

i9000, i90000 tws review

So let’s see how the i9000 TWS fares. 

Inside the Box

i9000 tws inside the box

Inside the box you get the charging box, two earphones, USB-C cable and if you choose to pay $3 more, you get the kit as well that includes the wire, the harbinger, the earpod holder and it comes in Black too, which looks pretty great! 


i9000 tws

I will not spend too much time on the design because if you have heard of the TWS Airpods replica, then you know they all look similar. The i9000 TWS is a Supercopy 1:1 replica that looks exactly the same as the Airpods. It has a charging box, that’s almost the same size as the Apple Airpods. It looks the same, the form factor is the same, the material is the same.

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If you want an exact replica of the Apple Airpods, then make sure to get the i9000 TWS. 

Function, Features and Use 

i9000 tws aliexpress

Smart Sensor Chip 

The biggest upgrade and improvement on the i9000 TWS wireless earphones is the upgraded 1536 chip. This chip is responsible for the functioning of the i9000 TWS and it’s a much better than chip than its predecessors. Think of it as a software upgrade that works well with the hardware. So the most advanced chip is with the i9000! 

Smart Sense 

The above chip has a host of advantages, one of which are the smart sense feature. So what is the smart sense feature? When you remove the earbuds from your ear, the music automatically stops and the music will automatically start playing when the ears are put back in your ear. This is a feature that is there on the Airpods and that is not present in a lot of the other TWS earbud devices. This is exclusive to the i9000 TWS. 

Pop-up Window with Battery

Most of the earlier iTWS devices were able to add this pop-up feature when you opened the charging box in front of your phone. This was a cool trick, but the major problem was the battery level was always a fake number that was always the same. 

For the i9000 TWS, the pop-up window shows the exact battery details that lets you know how much charge the box has and how much charge the earphones have too. 

Touch Control

In terms of touch control, the i9000 TWS has the same features as the Airpods. A single touch for pause and playing the music. Double touch for Siri or Google Assistant activation and then triple touch on the right ear for the next song and triple touch on the left ear for the previous song. This touch sensor works brilliantly and almost without delay and pretty real time. 

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Better Sound 

The bass has always been a concern for TWS Bluetooth earbuds users. It doesn’t matter if you buy a Xiaomi product or a Huawei product. But manufacturers have improved the quality of the sound. The bass has dramatically improved and the quality of the output is much better than before. If you aren’t too happy with the sound of your older TWS Bluetooth earbuds, then it’s time for an upgrade! 

Auto Power On and Off 

This is something that has been added to conserve the battery life of the product. When you stop using the i9000 TWS and leave it around, then it will automatically turn off after a while. When you open it, it automatically turns on. This is the norm for most devices. But when it comes to turning off, it’s a new addition that makes the i9000 TWS more durable. 

Binaural Calls 

Bianural is the standard norm when it comes to devices. It’s the most natural way of listening to sound from the real world. Binaural is beter experienced with headphones, but the i9000 TWS lets you listen and also talk through the mic that is there at the base of the earbuds. 

Wireless Charging

One of the most requested features for wireless bluetooth devices is the wireless charging. You can easily charge the i9000 TWS with a Qi-enabled wireless charger by just place the charging box on top. This is a big boon because you don’t have to deal with extra cables and wires. If most of your products can be charged without a wire, then you will be making your digital life much more clutter free.

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Battery Life 

One of the main aspects of a wireless Bluetooth TWS device is the battery life. On average, most of the TWS devices have had a battery life of 3 to 4 hours. The i9000 TWS doesn’t have a significant leap on that, but it averages about 4.5 hours, which is pretty good considering it has a better chip, more advanced features and improved sound.


Now coming to the most important aspect. The price. I can say with absolute confidence that the i9000 TWS is an absolute steal. Although the features have improved, the quality of the sound is way better, the price has in fact reduced by a considerable amount. 

If you are on the fence about the i9000 TWS, I can say with confidence that this is the best cost to value TWS earbuds available on the market! 

i9000 Price – $30.38 (In ear detection)

i90000 Price: $31.38 (Sliding Volume Control)

i90000 Max Price: $33.99 (Rename + GPS)

i9000 TWS vs i9000 TWS Pro

The difference between the i9000 TWS and i9000 TWS Pro is that the latter is a replica of the Airpods Pro and has a different design and the i9000 TWS is a replica of the Airpods Original second generation. There is also a bit of a price difference between the two.

i9000 TWS vs i9000 TWS Max

The i9000 TWS Max has features like rename and GPS which is not available in all models of the i9000 TWS. There is just a slight price difference between the i9000 TWS and i9000 TWS Max.

Are i9000 TWS available in Black?

i9000 TWS is NOT available in Black. There is only a black case that you can get.

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