i30 TWS Airpods Review 2023 | Are TWS Worth it?

by Tim Blue

One of the most popular and in-demand products from Apple are the Airpods. Airpods are the wireless earphones from Apple that have taken the world by storm. But even though many people want it, the truth of the matter is, it’s too expensive.

For this reason, there are umpteen Airpod alternatives that have flooded the market. This has in fact, confused most users and they have no idea which one to go for. If you are like me you want a good mix of features and price. If it’s too cheap, you know it won’t have the quality. If it’s too expensive, then might as well go for the Airpods.

Today we review one in-between. The i30 TWS. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. This means it’s a Bluetooth technology that lets you pair the left and right channels of Bluetooth separately.

Update : The i130 TWS comes under alternative names such as the i12 TWS, i14 TWS, i20 TWS.

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This is the latest tech in wireless earphone technology. And this is what the i30 is about. This is what makes i30 TWS Airpods the best cheap Fake Airpod.

The i30 TWS Earbuds are $15 TWS Fake Airpods that have 5 hours of battery life, touch sensor control, voice activation for Google Assistant and Siri. The left and right earbuds can be used independently. It has the pop-up interface, which is see in the original Airpods

Are Fake Airpods like the i30 Worth it?

Fake Airpods like the i30 are worth it if you are not an audiophile. That is, if you want a cheap earbud just to listen to music and watch some content without the quality, then they are perfect. I’ve used these when travelling, while on the subway and they are amazing! And the best part is I’m never in fear of losing them. One of my friends has a Bose Earbuds which is a $300 beast and he’s always afraid of losing it. But, if you are an audiophile and love your sounds and music and stuff, then it’s not worth it. There are many more earbuds in the $100 ear range that are amazing.

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i80 TWS Unboxing Features and Sneak Peek | No difference between the i80 and the Airpods

i30 TWS Airpods Review

i30 TWS Featuresi30 TWS Specifications
Battery Life 5 hours
Touch SensorYes
True ReplicaYes
Pop up window with real battery indicatorYes
Bianural UseYes

i30 TWS Design

The packaging is similar to Apple’s style and that gives you an idea of how good a replica it’s going to be. Inside are a beautiful pair of i30’s which look incredibly similar to the Airpods. There is also the charging box which has a neat click when you close it and seems super sturdy when you open it. A lot of the cheaper versions have poor quality hinges and become loose after some time.

The only difference between the i20 and the Airpods in terms of packaging is the rounded edges of the box design.

The i30 also ships with these incredible lighting cables which are the real deal, the connect with the i30 beautifully and looks exactly similar to the actual ones.

The i30 TWS has a ‘Connect’ button on the back and a notification light when you open the charging box that tells you if you have charge or not.

i30 TWS earbuds

i30 TWS First Look

The first important aspect to talk about the i30 is the fact that it has a W1 chip. So what is a W1 chip? For the uninitiated, it’s the chip that controls the pop-up screen that you see in the Airpods. You need to pop open your i30 connector and you can automatically sync it with your phone which is a pretty cool feature that you can get for a less price.

This has a playback time of 4 hours, which is an hour lesser to the Airpods, but 4 hours is still pretty decent and it’s worth the price.

i30 TWS review

Syncing the i30

All you have to do to sync the i30’s to your phone is to open the i30 charging case lid and then immediately you see the interface on your iPhone change and you need to click on the Connect button. Now that they have been synced, you just have to take your earphones out each time you want to use it and it will be automatically paired with your phone. It works like magic and it’s incredible.

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The truth of the matter is, the i30’s can actually be placed inside an actual Airpod charging case and it will charge. So this is as real as real can get.

i30 tws true copy

The actual Airpods also charge inside the i30’s charging box. So if you don’t want to spend $80 for a new charging box from Apple, you can actually buy the i30 and you will get a box and the i30’s for much lesser.

i30 TWS Functions

The functions of the i30 are exactly the same as the Airpods. It has touch control on both the earphones. If you touch it once, it gets paused and you touch it again, it plays.

The positioning of the mic in the i30 is slightly different from the of the Apple Airpods. While the Airpods is slightly below in the middle of the piece, for the i30 it’s on the top.

There are other important factors that affect the quality of Wireless Earphone, and we’ll list down what they are and how the i30 fares.

i30 TWS airpods alternative

i30 TWS Sound Quality

When it comes to earphones, music is the primary reason people use them for. Now a lot of earphones in the past have had, supremely poor quality of bass. For the uninitiated, the bass is the “boom” effect that one can feel when they listen to instruments like the drums. This is an important part of the experience. I’ve personally hated songs just because the bass wasn’t good in the earphone.

With the i30, this is no worry at all. This is Bass Synchronized and has some of the best bass in the business. It’s not as good as the Apple Airpods, but it’s right up there.

Mic Quality

One of the biggest advantages of using a wireless earpiece like this is to pick up the call directly from the earphones, without having to touch the phone and also have clear and precise communication with the other person. The i30 is a big winner in terms of the mic quality. It’s super clear and has no issues with the quality of the conversation.

Stability in the ear

Considering it’s made of the same design and shape of the Airpods, there aren’t any many issues with the stability. Once it sticks in your ear, it doesn’t come out, unless you pull it off. For a device that is 1/3rd that of the Apple Airpods, this is a pretty major achievement for the i30.

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i30 TWS Vs Airpods

The i30 TWS are supposed to be clones of the Airpods 1st Generation. These are the old-school Airpods that are still by far the most popular. The i30 TWS is alternately called the i14 TWS, i500 TWS and a few others.

The issue with some replicas in the past were, they were quite different from Airpods in the slightest way. For example, when connecting the lights would blink Red & Blue and that would give away to the world that these weren’t Airpods.

Now the i30 TWS Airpods does have small differences when compared to the real Airpods, but they are morel likely towards the performance of the Airpods and not in terms of design.

In terms of design, the i30 TWS is a true copy replica, with the exact same markings and wordings of the original. The difference arises in terms of battery life, where the battery life of the Airpods is an hour longer than the i30 TWS.

The i30 TWS also her slightly inferior sound when compared to the original Airpods.

What the i30 does beautiful well is, it ensures that you get a seamless experience that you with the Airpods.

  • The good battery life
  • The brilliant quality sound including the bass
  • A good quality mic that gives you seamless calls
  • At 1/3rd the price

i30 TWS vs i12 TWS

The i30 TWS is slightly lesser popular compared to the i12 TWS. When compared to the i12 TWS, which we have reviewed here, the i30 TWS is slightly below par, because the i12 TWS has a pro update where there is wireless charging among other features. The only redeeming feature in the i30 TWS is the battery life.

i30 TWS vs i60 TWS

Compared to the i60 TWS, the i30 TWS is practically the same, but at a much lesser price point. The i60 TWS has not been upgraded in a while by the manufacturers and the i30 TWS is the better choice.

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