Best Vapes on Aliexpress 2023 | Does Aliexpress Sell Vapes?

by Tim Blue

The e-cigarette market has blown up with new variations being added daily. You might have heard of ‘Juul’, which is one of the top-selling e-cigarettes in the world. There are so many options for electronic cigarettes in the world, but you don’t have to end up paying a big amount for vapes or e-cigarettes online. 

A lot of people are worried that, if they buy e-cigarettes online, they will get a third rate product that will probably burn on their faces. There can be nothing further than the truth. Why? 

All e-cigarettes and vapour are made in China. Even if you buy the biggest brand in the world, it’s highly likely that the product would be made in China. E cigs on Aliexpress have blown up over the years and its the best destination to buy e cigs.

Update 2022 : Aliexpress does not sell vapes or e-cigarettes anymore. DHGATE sells vape pens, refill pods and so on.

Dhgate does and they do have a good collection.

Check out the best selling Vapes on Dhgate – They ship all over the world!

Vapes on Aliexpress Review

The cost of e-cigarettes on Aliexpress vary based on the type. The e-cigarettes on Aliexpress range from $14 to $60.

The Electronic cigarettes on Aliexpress have the similar mechanisms of the other vape and e cig systems. The liquid solution which is the essence goes into the device and that is heated and turned into vapour. The cartridge that holds the solution and the coil and other things are replaceable.

The liquid solution consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It also contains nicotine in small doses.

The best Aliexpress stores and brands for electronic cigarettes are mentioned below.

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PlusCig – Known for their super thing electronic cigarettes and vapes

SZSM Store – Known for their affordable mod kits and accessories

Vaptio – The best electronic cigarette store on Aliexpress. Wide collection. Amazing prices. Best bet!

#1 – Vaptio Wall Crawler 

Price – $36

The Vaptio Wall Crawler has a 5ML tank capacity. It has an 80W max output. This is a beautiful looking vape with a fabulous design. It comes in Red, Blue and Silver colours. It ships with a Frogman coil. The battery has an 8650 mAh battery. 

It has a 1.3-inch colour screen that gives you details on battery life. It looks really great and has some of the best smoke and flavours. 

Click HERE to Purchase

#2 – Vape E-cigarette with 80W power

Price – $29.75

This Vape from Vaptio has a tank size of 23.5mm*54mm. It has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and 5ml. Mod Size is 73mm * 50mm * 28.5mm. The screen has a 1.3-inch colour screen. The wattage rank has 80 watts. The battery form factor has about 18,650 mAh. 

It’s super easy to reload. Open the top of the cap and add the liquid within the tank on both sides. Once you are done, press the top cap down. 

It comes in Red, Black, Blue and Red. 

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#3 – Vaptio 50W electronic cigarette

Price – $18

If you are looking for a super-compact device, then I suggest the Vaptio 50W electronic cigarette. This is a cylindrical design that can be easily placed in your pocket. It has a built-in 2200 mAh battery with a 50 Watt output. It showcases the battery levels with different coloured LED’s. It has a magnetic, hygienic drip tip cover with airflow slots. 

It has a Frogman universal base coil that produces massives amounts of vape. The top can be easily refilled that has a 2ml capacity. 

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In the pack, you will find an F2 kit, Frogman, Glass Tube, USB cable, User manual. 

Click HERE to purchase

#4 – AirisTech 

The AirisTech e-cigarette comes in various colours such as Black, Blue, Silver, Gold and Rainbow. It has a 400 mAh capacity. The design of Airis Tech looks exactly like Juul. it has a long rectangular finish with a power button in the centre. This is a dib and dab pen. 

So what do you mean my dip and dab? Dip and dab means 

You can dip the pen into the nectar and absorb the liquid in an easy fashion. You can choose the power of the vape by pressing the power button numerous times. 

The Airis 8 has a built-in isolated air pathway that helps keep your vape clean and it will remain fresh. 

Check it out here

#5 – Ego CE4 E-cig 

If you are looking for an e cigarette starter kit, then the one from Ego is available for just around $4. It has a 1100 mAh battery.

It’s charged via USB and it’s easy to open and add the liquid. You get about 900 puffs for a 650 mAh battery capacity. 

The atomizer’s capacity is about 1.6ml. There is a 7 day money back guarantee on the product. 

Check it out here

HB 80W Mod Kit

One of the most popular e cigarettes on Aliexpress is the HB 80W mod kit. Even for the 4500 mAh capacity, it costs only $23. It’s available in some amazing designs and decals that are really cool. 

There is a 90 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. Turning on and setting up the product is a breeze. You can press the buttons to regulate the levels and use the e cigarette at a particular wattage.

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It’s USB charged and the coil can be replaced very easily. It’s super easy to add oil and to replace the coil as well. 

Its easy to carry and looks stylish as well. 

Check it out here

Pluscig V10

The Pluscig V10 is a 900 mAh capacity, thin electronic cigarette that’s easy to carry and works brilliantly. 

It’s available in four cool colors that is suitable for men and women. It takes 3 minutes to completely heat and to emit smoke. 

It looks like a stylus and fits in the pocket very easily. It just has a turn on and off function, which is simple. 

One of the best starter e cigarettes. The downside is that the smoking time lasts only for 3.5 to 5 minutes. The charging time takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. 

For people who want to smoke less, this is the perfect device. 

Check it out here

80W SZSM Vape / E cigarette

At $20, you get the complete set-up with this vape. It has all the mechanics of a good e cigarette and has a power control button and a display that clearly mentions the battery indicator. 

It’s available in four different colours and it comes with extra coils that are easy to attach and use. 

Check it out here

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