i13 TWS Review | i10 & i12 are DONE FOR? (Jan 2020 Update : Price reduced!)

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i13TWS vs i14TWS

If you are looking for the best TWS Airpod clones in the market, some of the best options are the i13 TWS and the i14 TWS. These are one the cheapest TWS Airpod replicas in the market. They have some amazing features and are highly sought after TWS earbuds. 

The i12 TWS is one of the oldest TWS Replicas out there, but it still is a contender in the TWS Airpods clone market. In terms of features, the i12, i13 and i14 have

– Touch Sensor
– Biaunural Sound
– Charging Box
– USB-C charging
– Bluetooth 5.0

If you are looking for one the cheapest Airpod clones in the market then the i13 tws, i14 tws and the i12 tws are the top contenders.

This i13 TWS is an awesome piece of work coming from China. They’re replicas of the air pods it has even more features than the actual Apple Airpods 2 itself. Well, some claim that the Airpods 2 are just version Airpods 1.5. There is nothing fancy to shout about the upgrades by Apple this round. I would stick to airpods clones instead. In this i12 TWS earbuds review, you can find out why this airpod knockoff is one of the best in the market.

i13 TWS Review

Bluetooth Range10 metres
Airpods CopyYes
Battery Life3 hours
Battery Charging Time30 minutes
Wireless ChargingYes

It’s designed size mic and high audio quality are made to challenge the actual Apple earpods and it has combine looks from the previous series of i11 and i12. So these are the i13 series are one of the highlight for this year, 2020.

Here’s the box guys it looks just like the Apple airpods except it’s missing a dot there. As for the case, its applies to most box design. It resembles the actual Airpod box itself.

i13 tws review - airpod clone

Let’s see what else is in the case these do have wireless charging as you guys can see there which is always a great feature and then it comes with a cord that is micro USB not USB type-c. Previous i12 TWS is the lighting cable charging. It is still good and then you have a user’s manual that have both English and Chinese words.

i13 tws charging case

Here is what the case looks like it it looks a little bit more close to the Apple earpods case this is the eye attends by the way the it’s more of an oval instead of a kind of more straight like the Apple earpods are.

You have the button on the front of the case right here as you guys could see there um instead of on the back and you also don’t have any writing on the back and no button but it is magnetic has a nice snap there. This magnetic snap is the coolest feature ever!

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The bottom of the case looks like with that micro USB and then this button all this button does is charge it so as you guys can see once you press that button a nice blue LED turns and then the red LEDs in there but you can also turn that off it has auto power on in an auto power off.

When you take it out it will power on and then right when you put it back it will power off that’s what the inside of the case looks like. This happens only until you pair to your phone the first time then it will not blink anymore which is obviously good so there will be no blinking lights.

You have a nice the two the dot here and then the little piece there but you do not have the sensor there you do have a sensor on this side though so they just didn’t put it there if they put it there I’d love these so much more on the bottom there you have your charging and then you also have your L right there and then our on the other one so it is just 1 dot away from looking exactly like the Apple earpods size that everything is the same they feel like really good quality.

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fake airpod i13 tws

Price: $11.99

Obviously you have that magnet which is beautiful so they have auto power on auto power off so right when you take them out they’ll turn on and right when you put them in they’ll turn off auto pairing so they will pair to your phone right away right when you take them out they have touch controls.

Wireless Touch

Let’s see headset key functions you can call Siri power on power off which obvious and then you have volume up volume down so volume up is two taps on the right volume downs two on the left long press is to call Siri or whatever your person is on your phone it works for both Samsung and iPhone and then previous is just a click click three times for your preview song which is on the right and click three times on the left and that will get you to the next song so a little reverse .

There’s just a bunch more stuff so it does have touch controls if you guys want you can use one ear piece at a time so if you only want to hear on the right you just take it out and then it will pair and you can only use that or you can just take out the left in either one but another great thing about the I 13s it has AI px6 waterproof rating so there’s no need to worry about the you know sweat getting in and ruining it so it’s kind of like the i-10 where it was water-resistant.

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Wireless Charging

The Bluetooth distance I got around just under 33 feet away from my phone indoors and then the playtime’s about 2 to 3 hours per just taking it out but you can charge it back in the case up to four different times your charging time takes about one hour and they do give you the case it uses bluetooth and like I said both earpieces can use both at once or just individually.

Price: $11.99

Buying i13 TWS or go for i14 TWS LK-TE9/10?

There will be no flashing lights once you pair them so that’s pretty much what’s included you get the beautiful airpod clone. This is one of the best earpod around in 2020.

Even though i14 TWS is out, we are still waiting for our orders to be delivered to do a great review about it. Here is an image. It comes with W1 Chip apparently.

Price: $10

For $20-30, you can land yourself a great airpod with better features than the Aipod 2 (besides the sound quality). Airpod 2 is retailing at $199. That is only one sixth of the price!

What are you waiting for? Oh stocks are limited from the links we put up. So please hurry up. Prices will jack up anytime soon.

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i12 Pro

Update : The i12 Pro has been replaced by the i50000 TWS. Which is the same as the i12 Pro.

Before we decide that the i13 has beaten everybody. The i12 has made a comeback with the i120 Pro.

You have seen the i12. But have you heard of the i12 Pro? The i120 Pro is an advanced version of the i12 that has two distinct features. They are, the i12’s Bluetooth chip is a Blueturn chip, whereas the Bluetooth chip for the i12 Pro is Realtek. This has a significant advantage because, when you are moving away from your phone, the Realtek chip lasts for a more distance and you don’t get lags in Bluetooth connectivity as compared to the Blueturn chip. 

Another advantage the i12 Pro has over the i12 is the charging box’ battery capacity. The battery capacity for the i12 is 300 mAh, whereas the battery capacity for the i12 Pro is 380 mAh. This might seem like a subtle difference, but you will get 45 minutes of extra battery life with the i12 Pro. 

i12 Pro Price – $16.99

i13 TWS Bluetooth Earphones

Do the i12 TWS light up?

Yes the i12 TWS do light up only during the time of connection. Post which, there are no lights. These lights are helpful to ascertain if the connection made is successful or not. So in case, your i12 is still blinking, then it means it hasn’t connected to your phone yet.

How do I connect two i12 TWS?

You get two independent Bluetooth names in your phone with the i12 name. Once you connect the first one, you can connect the second one. This is advantageous because you can keep one running, while the other inside the box.

How long do fake AirPods last?

Replica AirPods last for a very long time. These are not your everyday cheap product from China that breaks in half after the first use. These devices go through various testing to ensure that they have a long life.

What is the best Airpod clone?

There isn’t a single winner. It depends on your budget. But some of the top contenders are i11, i12, i13, i100, i60, i80, i200 and i1000.

What is the i12 TWS battery life like?

The battery life for the i12 TWS has improved considerably and is better than the i11. It has a battery life of about 3 hours and it takes about 30 minutes to charge fully.

Is the i12 TWS Airpod clone the best in the market?

I wouldn’t say it’s the best in the market. But for the price range, it’s pretty good and is definitely one of the value for money Airpod clones in the market.

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