Best Leather Jackets from China | $20 Leather Jackets That Will Make You Look Fab?

by Tim Blue

If there’s one thing that a man needs in his wardrobe that will make him look good in any situation, no matter what he’s wearing. It’s a leather jacket. One of the most stylish pieces of clothing a man can wear. If you’re going out on a night out and just have a t-shirt and jeans, then the best way to take it the next level is to wear a leather jacket. It protects against the cold, the hot sun and also protects your clothes from any dust or dirt. 

So what are the best leather jackets for men? 

Best Leather Jackets from China

#1 – Jack and Jones Leather Jacket 

One of the most classic styles of leather jacket is the black leather jacket. If you are unsure of what to get, you should go for the tried and tested. The Jack and Jones classic leather jacket are all you want in a leather jacket. It has a moisture-proof layer. There is a detachable hood that you can fix when there is too much rain or sunshine. It has a zipper, two zips in the cuff and also two 3D patch pockets. The patchwork on the sleeve is super stylish and gives the jacket a bit of character. This is one of the most popular jackets out there.

Price – $26

#2 – Mountain Skin Leather Jacket 

The Mountain Skin Leather jacket is perfect for people who want to look stylish and insulated at the same time. This leather jacket come in three different colours, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. The insides are made of fur, which is super comfortable, soft and keeps on warm during the cold. In terms of colour options, if you are bored with the traditional black, then the brown shades will look great. It has a full zipper with buttons on the cuffs and the collar to close out the jacket. If you are looking for a leather jacket with style and substance, then the Mountain Skin leather jacket is a perfect fit. 

Price – $35.25

#3 – Green Bomber Jacket 

One of the most stylish types of jackets out there is a bomber jacket. So what is a bomber jacket? A bomber jacket is a type of jacket that was worn by the air force pilots during the world war. It’s a short jacket that has tight sleeves and a small collar as well. It’s a super stylish version of the normal jacket. There are many numerous styles of the bomber jacket. This particular style has a beautiful green colour and comes in other colours too. If you want a super stylish jacket that you could wear every day of your life, then you need to try this green bomber jacket.

Price – $17.59

#4 – PU Jacket from Mountain Skin 

There are normal leather jackets and there are leather jackets for a difference. Leather jackets don’t come with a lot of patterns and styles. But this PU leather jacket from Mountain Skin has one of the most stylish patterns available. It comes in blue leather pattern, brown leather pattern and other colours too. It has two zips, cushioning on the collar, and buttons and a buckle to close the collar portion. It’s rough and tough and looks great with any jeans that you might wear! 

Price – $31.37

#5 – Stylish Collar Zipper Jacket 

Leather jackets mostly suit the casual type of clothing. But if you want something more regal and classy, then you should go for the Caranfier classy leather jacket. On the collar, it has a bit of cushioning with fur. It has two pockets on the flaps and nice and warm fabric as the sleeve cuffs. This looks super regal and stylish and will look great even during a formal event. It comes in two simple colours – Brown and Black. Both do justice. Want to wear something awesome for a formal event? Try this jacket!

Price – $29.44

#6 – Leather Vest Jacket 

If you want to look like a bonafide badass, then you can’t go wrong with the next leather jacket in our list! The Leather vest is one of the most classic styles of leather jackets we have seen. If you want to look good without feeling too hot, then try this leather vest. What can you wear a leather vest with? A leather vest can be worn over t-shirts while riding. It gives you a bit of protection and also it lets you keep important things in your jacket pocket. If you are worried about the heat, then the leather vest jacket is your perfect companion. 

Price – $114.53

#7 – Motorcycle Jacket 

If you have ever wanted a classic motorcycle jacket, then you can’t get anything better than this. The most classic of styles, this has the perfect style which is similar to the one worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. It has the silver buttons on the collar and pockets. It has pockets on either side of the flap. It has a frayed collar look and subtle patterns on the sleeves and the back. If you are looking for a classic motorcycle jacket, then this should be in your cart today!

Price – $31.70

#8 – Thin Leather Jacket 

Most leather jackets in the market are thick. They are difficult to wear and can be difficult to pack as well. But there are think jackets in the market which are easy to wear, super light and easy to pack. A perfect example of this is Caranfier’s men’s thin leather jacket. It comes in four colours. Coffee, Blue, Black and Khaki. 

Price – $24.44

#9 – White Leather Jacket 

Most leather jackets are black in colour as per tradition. But did you know leather jackets come in white colour too? So if you are looking for a different type of leather jacket that looks stylish and fits great, then check out this beautiful white leather jacket! It has holes to let in air and to make you feel airier. One of the most stylish leather jackets out there!

Price – $26.44

#10 – Rugged Leather Jacket 

This last leather jacket is for the traditionalists. Some men love to have a leather jacket that is big and packs a lot of  insulation. The Mountainskin Winter Jacket is a thing of beauty and a thing of protection. It is made of a thick layer of leather that looks beautiful. It comes in three colours, black, coffee and yellow! 

It is a zipper jacket with buttons for cuffs. 

Price – $37.34

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on leather jackets that are super expensive, then take a list above and check out the best leather jackets for men!

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