Men Summer Hats Fashion

by Timothy Blue

What do Indiana Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow and Heisenberg from Breaking Bad have in common? They were all hat wearers. They wore some amazing hats and their characters reached cult status. Fancy wearing a hat? Or never tried one? 

We’ll give you a sneak peek on the world of hats that you can sport in the summer. The different styles and what style will suit whom and so on. 

Without further ado, here’s men summer hats fashion! 

Best Summer Hats for Guys

#1 – Classic Fedora

The most classic of men’s hats is the Fedora. It’s uber-stylish, it’s classy and it can be worn outside. The truth of the matter is, you need to be able to pull it off. A fedora isn’t for everybody and isn’t for any clothing style. If you have a lot of suits in your wardrobe, then a Fedora might fit the bill. Funnily a fedora can be worn with a shirt and shorts as well. This classic Fedora is super cheap and comes in numerous colours such as brown, black, blue, maroon and the classic grey. If you are looking at hats, then you need to consider the fedora.

Price – $1.71

#2 – Gatsby Cap 

Have you watched the show peaky blinders? Or any British drama that was set in the ’80s? If yes, then you surely would have seen the next hat. Also called the Gatsby Cap. The Gatsby Cap is stylish everyday wear that is perfect for blocking out the sun. it’s a rugged hat that will suit a lot of clothing styles and it is pretty fancy. A lot of the french styles also have a similar style hat called the Beret, which we will cover next. Want an everyday stylish hat? Then the Gatsby cap will be a great fit.

Price – $10.19

#3 – Men’s Beret

The beret which is the French word for hat is similar to the Gatsby cap, except with a slight difference. The extension of the cap is a lot shorter. It’s uber stylish and will make you look super cultured and artistic. There are many styles of the beret. The one here is the classic beret which will go well with a lot of clothes. Generally, a beret does not go well with your simple t-shirt and jeans look and you might need an overcoat or a jacket to pull this look off. Holidaying in the summers? This is the perfect fashion statement!

Price – $9.96

#4 – Cowboy Hat

When we are talking hats, then we can’t ignore the king of hats. The cowboy hat. The cowboy hat is an old school classic that has been around since the 1800s. In the olden days, the cowboys used to wear it to protect from the searing sun while tending to cattle. In this day and age, the cowboy hat is more of a fashion statement. It comes in various colours and has a distinct style, which is the curved rims which give it a pretty good look. It’s difficult to pull off a cowboy hat unless you dress like a cowboy!

Price – $5.17

#5 – Summer / Beach Wear 

If you are looking for the perfect summer hat that can make you look like a fashion icon, then look no further than the summer/beachwear hat. This is a classic style hat which is probably the most common style of hats seen worldwide. It’s made of straw, it’s super airy, has thin rims and sits lightly on your head. The small holes in the hat let wind pass through to keep your head cool, while the straw blocks the sun from penetrating and heating your head. If you are looking for a classic men’s summer hat, then look no further than this!

Price – $4.30

#6 – Travel Hat 

A travel hat is one that you wear when on vacation. It’s stylish, it protects from the heat and is also super easy to carry. A lot of normal fedoras, cannot be folded and placed in your suitcase. A travel hat, on the other hand, can be folded and wrapped up. This is a must need accessory when you are travelling to hot climates during the summers!

Price – $2.19

#7 – Panama Straw Hat 

There are subtle straw hats and then there are the super obvious ones. This is the latter. Getting out on a hot summer’s day out? You need a Panama straw hat. This is made fully of straw and is super light and airy. It looks great for a lot of informal events and looks good even to the beach. A Panama straw hat is a cheap addition to your hat collection that you will use more often than your expensive ones because of its utility. You can use it during the summers to protect from the heat.

Price – $5.32

#8 – Waterproof Sun Hat 

Are you an adventure nerd? Love travelling? Then you need a waterproof sun hat. This waterproof sun hat is better than any sunscreen in the world. It’s UPF 50+ and it’s perfect for hot days in the sun when you are out for long periods of time. A lot of times we soil our hats by dropping it in a puddle of water. This waterproof hat will ensure that none of your plans will be spoilt because of your hat! It comes with a nice fastener which can be tied to your satisfaction.

Price – $8.72

#9 – Hiking Hat 

Hiking is one of the best natural workouts that you can do out in the wild. It’s also a deadly endeavour if you don’t protect yourself. Camoland’s Hiking Hat is all about protecting your head and neck from excess heat and reducing water loss. It also protects from insect and mosquito bites.

Price – $9.79

#10 – Army Men’s Hat

If you are in the mood for some rough and tough outing and want to have a hat that looks tough and also protects you, then consider this Army man’s hat. It protects you from the heat of the harsh sun and also covers your eyes from the glare of the sun!

Price – $7.98

#11 – Wide Hat 

The wide hat is a perfect companion for a sunny day. If you are out and about and the sun is beating down, the wide hat is what you need to keep your head cool and your face from being burnt off by the sun!

Price – $12.59

#12 – Safari Hat 

Finally, an old classic! Love the jungles and the forest? This is the hat you need. The safari hat is hard that that protects you from branches falling or animals falling on your head. Do you want the classic look in the jungle? Then the safari hat should be on your cart today!

Price – $17.41

Men’s Summer Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are a perfect summer hat. It’s stylish, it’s comfortable and it isn’t bulky or heavy! But there are numerous other men’s summer hats fashion. Take a look at the list above and choose the one that suits you!

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