Chinese Men’s Fashion Styles for 2023 | Asian Men’s Fashion Styles

by Tim Blue

Looking for the best men’s summer fashion? We’ve covered a whole gamut of men’s summer fashion trends from summer shoes to summer shorts to summer tees and more. Want to know what men wear for a casual summer party? 

We answer it all in the guides below. Even if you aren’t looking for fashion ideas and just want a guys summer clothes idea, then this article is for you too!

Check out the best men’s summer fashion outfits and styles. 

Asian and Chinese Mens fashion are super inspired by K-pop, K-Drama and C-pop and C-Drama. These styles are generally western adopted styles with a bit of asian influence. If you see the biggest Asian sensations in the planet. It’s Kpop. This is how BTS guys dress.

It’s super casual, flowy and comfortable fashion. The tight fitting clothing of the 90s are done. Although the clothes that they wear during the performances are over the top. The BTS do wear super loose and casual clothing when they aren’t working.

How do I Dress Like BTS?

BTS wear a lot of hoodies, jumpers, sweatshirts, sweaters, loose pants, harem pants and so on.

Quick links to dress like BTS

BTS Hoodie


BTS fashion style

So what’s the most popular fashion trends for men this year?

  • White Sneakers
  • Chino styled Shorts
  • Crew neck tees
  • Ankle Length Athleisure pants

Korean Men’s Fashion Essentials

There are a few things you definitely need during the summer. Here is a list of must haves and we’ve covered all of them individually below. This is the men’s summer fashion collection :

  • Loose and light coloured shirts
  • A nice pair of shorts 
  • Tank tops for a day out in the sun 
  • Summer hats / caps
  • Flip Flops 
  • Loafer shoes 
  • Sunglasses

Men’s Chinese Tees 

T-shirts are the most popular articles of clothing in summers. Whether you’re hitting the gym, spending a day at the beach or even going out for a movie, a t-shirt is a perfect choice for anybody. Some of the in-trend tees are the super comfortable breathable tees that are made by sports companies.

Good summer tees are also generally light in colours such as white, yellow, light blue, light brown among others. If you want your summer to be sweat-proof, then you sure need to get your hands on a pair of good tees. 

You could pair a plain white tee with skinny jeans and some sneakers and a cap. This is a classic and awesome look for the summers.

mens white tee for summer

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The old school white tee and blue jeans never goes old. Add some torn jeans to the mix!

mens casual tees

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Men’s Shirts – Short Sleeve 

The best item of clothing for summers that is still kind of formal and that can be comfortable is the shirt. During the summer, you can’t wear those thick flannel type shirts that are made of wool. There’s only one type of fabric that is good for summers and that is cotton. The best men’s summer shirts are all about comfort, style, elegance and heat reduction. So plain colours and light colours such as white, blue are perfect choices. Even though long sleeves may be in trend during the other seasons, during the summers it’s all about the half sleeves.

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A nice printed button down shirt with nice white chino pants and sneakers could be a great summer party look for men!

printed shirts for men summer

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You can’t go wrong with a nice half sleeve white shirt, that could be paired with shorts, a hat and sunglasses!

white shirt for men summer

Price – $10.88

A nice and light beige shirt with light cotton pants are a great look for the summer as well!

thin shirt for summer


Men’s Chinese Pants 

Pants are something I personally try to avoid during the summers whenever I can. But every now and then when I have a meeting, I have to wear pants and it’s difficult to wear those thick formal pants. The best men’s summer pants are those cotton or khaki pants that are super light, airy and the fabric is breathable and great.

If you are looking for some top summer pants that will look stylish and be comfortable, then look at the options below. Again, the best colours are light colours such as grey, khaki and blue that goes really well with a shirt.

A nice pair of chino pants can be both casual and formal depending on the shoes you wear. This is a must have in the summer fashion arsenal! Pick your color!

chino pants men summer

Price – $14

The ankle length style is in. This almost harem pant kind of style, but a lot more subtle is a great summer look for men.

harem pants men summer

Price – $13.79

The classic khaki chinos! Enough said!

khaki pants men summer

Price – $14

Cotton pants are so underrated because they are light, they are airy and perfect for the summer. They also look great and have a distinct style. Green cotton pants? They look so good with a nice pair of shoes!

cotton pants men summer

Price – $10.99

Men’s Shorts

My go-to wear during the summers is shorts. I can literally go everywhere in shorts. They are my favourite article of clothing. There are numerous advantages to shorts such as, they are super comfortable, they let in the air and cargo shorts have a lot of pockets for keeping your belongings like a wallet or a phone.

Shorts don’t have to be casual, there are also formal shorts that you can pair with a shirt and belt and looks professional. Shorts come in various types and it’s an absolute summer requirement that will help you weather the heat.

A good pair of summer shorts are super comfortable. It can be worn during beach parties or as casual wear. It’s comfortable and affordable!

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summer shorts for men

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If you want something more formal, you can go for the chino shorts. Perfect for a slightly formal event.

chino shorts for men summer

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Chinese Men’s Shoes

When you think of the summer you probably don’t think of shoes, but there are occasions where you have to wear shoes to look good and professional. Some of the best summer shoes for men are not those rugged boots you encounter, but more like slip on shoes that are light and are made of nice material that keeps the heat away. Here are some of the best summer shoes that you could wear to beat the sweltering heat and also look stylish. 

The classic white sneakers is an awesome summer look!

white sneakers for men

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Simple loafers like this are perfect for that formal occassion. It can be worn with shorts or chinos.

formal shoes men summers

Price – $19.99

The Athleisure look is clean and minimal and so should your shoes. These cork sneakers are easy to wear, super stylish and cheap!

athleisure shoes for men

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mens loafers for the summer

Price – $8.55

Men’s Chinese Flip Flops 

I’m personally a big flip flops fan. They are cheap, super easy to wear, airy and can be removed easily anywhere. Sometimes our shoes keep our feet super warm and it makes you uncomfortable.

Flip Flops are the perfect summer wear that can also be paired with a shirt and shorts to give that awesome beachy look. If you are looking for the best summer fashion trend, then you surely can’t look past the flip flops. 

beach slippers for men

Price – $12.34

casual flip flops

Price – $4.49

summer flip flops

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Men’s Chinese Jackets

summer jackets for men

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light summer jacket for men

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Men’s Chinese Hats 

Looking for the best sun hats? What you need is a summer hat with a wide brim. 

Mens Summer Fedora hats

mens summer fedora

The most classic of mens hats is the Fedora. It’s uber stylish, it’s classy and it can protect you from the rampaging sun. 

The truth of the matter is, you need to be able to pull it off. A fedora isn’t for everybody and isn’t for any clothing style. If you have a lot of suits in your wardrobe, then a Fedora might fit the bill. Funnily a fedora can be worn with a shirt and shorts as well.

This classic Fedora is super cheap and comes in numerous colors such as brown, black, blue, maroon and the classic grey. If you are looking at hats, then you need to consider the fedora. 

Have you watched the show peaky blinders? Or any British drama that was set in the 80’s? If yes, then you surely would have seen the next hat. Also called the Gatsby Cap. The Gatsby Cap is a stylish everyday wear that is perfect for blocking out the sun. It’s a rugged hat that will suit a lot of clothing styles and it is pretty fancy.

gatsby cap for men

A lot of the french styles also have a similar styled hat called the Beret, which we will cover next. Want an everyday summer hat? Then the Gatsby cap will be a great fit. 

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Men’s Straw Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat for summer

When we are talking about hats, then we can’t ignore the king of hats,  The cowboy straw hat. The cowboy hat is an old school classic that has been around since the 1800’s.

In the olden days, the cowboys used to wear it to protect from the searing sun while tending to cattle. It comes in various colours and has a distinct style, which is the curved rims which give it a pretty good look.

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Mens Sun Hats for Big Heads

mens sun hats for big heads

If you are looking for the perfect summer hat that can make you look like a fashion icon, then look no further than the summer/beach wear hat. This is a classic styled hat which is probably the most common style of hats seen worldwide.

The small holes in the hat lets wind pass through to keep your head cool, while the straw blocks the sun from penetrating and heating your head. If you are looking for a classic mens summer hat, then look no further than this! 

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Men’s Chinese Sunglasses 

Sunglasses have become style statement after so many years. But it’s main function is to protect your eyes from the glare and rays of the sun. Some of the best sunglasses for the summer is the wayfarer sunglasses that is super stylish and covers your enter eye and protects from the sun. If you are looking for some interesting sunglasses options, then take a look at the designs below. They are cheap and affordable and super stylish. 

cool sunglasses men

Price – $9.98

stylish sunglasses men

Price – $9.66

mens aviators

Price – $3.24

mens sunglasses

Price – $9.53

Mens Chinese Tank Tops 

One of the most underrated articles of clothing for men during the summers is sleeveless tees. Sleeveless tees are perfect for a day out in the summers and it’s an acceptable piece of clothing in informal circumstances. Here are some of the best sleeveless tees. 

mens summer tank tops

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mens tanktop

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A date already involves some tension and add to that some hot weather, you’ll be a sweat machine. To ensure you’re comfortable for a date, here are a few suggestions

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