Best Chinese Robot Vacuum Cleaners on Aliexpress 2023 | Chinese Robot Vacuum Review

by Tim Blue

Robot vacuums have become super popular because a lot more people are living inside their houses. But most robot vacuum cleaners are super expensive and cost quite a bit. If you have a slightly bigger house, a robot vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time everyday.

Best Budget Robot Vacuum CleanersBrand
Best Aliexpress Robot Vacuum Under $300Abir X8
Best Chinese Robot Vacuum Under $400Roborock S50
Best Chinese Budget Robot VacuumLIECTROUX
Best Aliexpress Robot Mop Auto Robot Mopping Cleaner
Best Chinese Robot Vacuums for Pet HairMidea Vacuum Cleaner
Thinnest Robot Vacuum CleanerLIECtroux
Cheapest Robot Vacuum Cleaner on AliexpressAlloet DA628

This is where Chinese robot vacuum cleaners come into the picture. Some of the best chinese robot vacuum cleaners can be found on Aliexpress. You get robot vacuum cleaners from as cheap as $19 for people who are testing robot vacuums and there are $400+ robot vacuum cleaners for the professional.

The Aliexpress robot vacuum cleaners are cheaper than the other brands by at least 20% to 30%. So without further ado, here are the best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners on Aliexpress.

Top 5 Best Aliexpress Robot Vacuum Cleaner [ 2023 Review ] Budget Chinese Robot Vacuums

Best Chinese Robot Vacuums on Aliexpress

Are these CHEAP $15 Aliexpress SWEEPIN' Robot Vacuum's Any Good?

If you are able to clean pet hair, you will be able to clean almost anything and that is our hope with this list!

Neatsvor X500

The Neatsvor brand has become the most popular robot vacuum from China, especially on Aliexpress. The Neatsvor Store on Aliexpress has a 99.2% rating with 9000+ followers and they are a Top Brand.

neatsvor robot vacuum cleaner

One of the most popular Neatsvor Robot Vacuums is the X500. It’s a budget robot vacuum cleaner that packs quite a punch. So what makes the Neatsvor X500 the best Chinese robot vacuum? Let’s see!

The X500 has a 3000 PA suction and it performs three functions – Sweeping, Vacuuming and Mopping. It pairs with an app that shows the real time movement of the robot vacuum and can be controlled remotely.

It’s got numerous features such as auto charging, anti-fall, anti-collision. In terms of mapping the home, it has real-time mapping of the area that needs to be cleaned.

It can br controlled through voice with the help of Google Home and Alexa. It comes with a separate 350 ml water tank that can be attached for the mopping function.

The built-in gyro navigation system ensures that the robot vacuum takes the optimum route and covers all areas of the house. It can spot clean, clean the edges or clean in a particular pattern.

The 3000 PA has been tested to even vacuum out steel balls which shows how powerful the X500 is. It has a massive 2500 mAh battery that can clean for 120 minutes straight. The sound generated from the X500 is about 55 decibels, which is quite manageable.

Check it out here – $180

iLife V8s 

iLife is a Chinese robot vacuum cleaner that is one of the most popular robot vacuums on Aliexpress.

The next in the list is the iLife V8s. This is a premium version and more superior than the V7s. In a word, this product is a beast. What makes the iLife V8s superior and different is, it has an intelligent cleaning system that requires no input from the user. It maps the entire house and creates a systematic plan to clean the house. It is a dry and wet cleaner with the following features

  • It has road rover wheels that can go through any terrain. Hardwood flooring or carpets or even rough floors. This is a super sturdy device. 
  • It has a certain aesthetic quality. The design is amazing and there is LCD display on top that informs you about the settings and there are buttons which let you access the device easily
  • The curvilinear design bypasses all obstacles and narrow passages and cleans the floor with ease
  •  It has a 750ml dustbin capacity that collects a lot of dust, before you can replace it 
  • The anti-tangle nozzle stops hair and other debris from getting lodged on the nozzle 
  • The iDropping technology knows the perfect amount of water to dispense when wet mopping the floor 
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Price – $296

Proscenic 820P

The Proscenic 820P is probably the flagship robot vacuum but that comes at a much cheaper price. Even the premium version can be bought on Aliexpress for just $184.

proscenice robot vacuum cleaner

There’s an option to choose a vacuum cleaner with a water tank or without a water tank. There is an advanced version of the 820P, which is the 830P and the 2020 version the M7 Pro, but as that costs about $400, we haven’t covered it in this review.

Coming back to the 820p. It uses the gyroscope technology to navigate. It has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh and has a 2000pa suction.

The sweeping area is about 100 metres. It can sweep, vacuum and mop. It has multiple cleaning modes, depending on your requirement. It has a 350 ml water tank and can be voice activated through Alexa.

The 600 ml dustbin can collect quite a bit. The cleaning can be scheduled through the app.

Check it out here – $163

Lima Bean Window Cleaning Robot

We have seen flooring cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners, but is there something for windows? There sure is! The Lima Bean Window Cleaning Robot is one of a kind. If you have large french windows at your home or if you own a big house with a lot of windows and if you want to keep them clean on a daily basis, there is only one way to clean them without paying a bomb for a cleaning service – You use the Lima Bean window cleaning robot!

This is a suction enabled smart robot vacuum cleaner that you can place on a glass window and it will clean the window depending on what you want to be cleaned. You can use the app to guide the robot vacuum cleaner in various directions. 

It’s a budget device and you can clean windows for 20 minutes straight. It also works on the floor, if you wish to use it that way. 

Price – $105.60


I love the budget robot vacuums. If you are in the fence about whether to buy a robot vacuum cleaner or not. Then this is the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress. The Chinese make some amazingly cheap electronics and the Alloet DA628 is one of them.

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cheap robot vacuum cleaner aliexpress

For a price of $20, you get a dust cleaning robot vacuum cleaner. It has a 1200 mAh battery capacity and 3W of power. The 3.7V is sufficient power to collect dust, dirt, paper and more. If you are too lazy to sweep and vacuum the house, this device can do the job.

Check it out here – $19


Another premium robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress that you can get for a budget price is the Liectroux C30B vacuum cleaner. It comes in a single colour – black. It has very many features, some of which are listed below. 

  • It maps your entire house and smartly plans the cleaning process. You can actually visualize the cleaning process through the app
  • You can control the device through the app 
  • It has multiple cleaning modes and you can set it based on the design of your house
  • You can control the power of the suction, depending on what you are cleaning
  • You can schedule the cleaning of your house depending on the situation
  • The cleaning modes are – Zigzag cleaning mode, border cleaning mode, fixed point cleaning mode
  • It has a 350 ml capacity 
  • It has anti-fall, anti-collision, auto recharging feature 

Price – $212.64

Roborock S50

One of the biggest competitors to Roomba and one of the premium robot vacuum cleaning companies is Roborock S50. Roborock S50 is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the world. If you want the best and the most powerful, then there is no device that can beat the Roborock S50. 

  • The Roborock S50 is enabled with a 5500 mAh battery with 2000 pa suction
  • It can sweep and mop as well
  • It is enabled with a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) that maps your entire home, room to room and displays the layout of your home on a map. 
  • You can use the mobile app to choose the area that you want cleaned. If you are in the drawing room and want the guest room cleaned, that’s possible too! 
  • The 2000 pa can even suck steel balls
  • You can control the speed of the fan
  • It also can climb obstacles that are higher than 2cms
  • Anti-fall, collision advance are some of the features
  • It comes in a premium black finish, that looks fantastic!

Price – $370

Warmtoo Suction Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are looking for a super budget robot vacuum, then look no further than Warmtoo. Warmtoo is a small smart cleaning robot that has 3 in 1 smart feature. It has two 8-blades brush, a universal wheel, air outlet, and mopping cloth for wet cleaning. It’s one of the popular robot vacuums on Aliexpress.

Price – $44.42

Midea Vacuum Cleaner 

One of the best price-to-feature robot vacuum cleaners is the Midea Vacuum cleaner. The Midea Vacuum cleaner is one of the cheapest Chinese robot vacuum cleaners available considering its price. It has all the features of a top cleaner like Roborock, but only with lesser power etc. So here are Midea’s top features

  • It has the M-SLAM feature that uses an intelligent planning path that cleans every area 
  • It has a remote control, timing boot and has an automatic charging feature
  • It has a 1000PA, brushless motor. It takes less than 70 decibels
  • The dust box capacity is about 400 ML and it has a double-filtered system 
  • The 2000 mAh battery can easily clean 100 square metres on a single charge
  • It’s pretty slim, with only 85mm in width. It can easily clean narrow spaces too
  • It has 4 cleaning modes
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Price – $167.30

Molisu Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

If you don’t want the big brand names such as iLife and Roborock. You can consider the Molisu Robot Vacuum Cleaner that is more budget-friendly and has some enviable features.

  • It has 2D map navigation and a brushless motor
  • It can partition the house and treat each area independently
  • You can schedule cleaning through the app
  • It has zigzag cleaning technology that is pretty impressive

Price – $218.92

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ABIR X6 Chinese vacuum cleaner

The ABIR Brand is a pretty new entrant in the robot vacuum cleaner space, especially on Aliexpress. They’ve grown into a Top Brand. The X6 is one of their most popular robot vacuum cleaners. So what can it do?

The X6 uses the advanced SLAM 4.0 Visual Algorithm. This algo helps with depth vision, collision control and infrared. All these help with mapping your entire area and it’s one of the most advanced AI’s in the system.

This is a learning Robot vacuum. You need to let the vacuum clean your room lay out at least 2 to 3 times completely and the times after that it has mapped the entire room and can follow the path by itself.

You can draw out areas the robot vacuum shouldn’t access like a carpet when mopping. It does on the spot cleaning with ease.

The maximum is 4000 pa of suction and that can be adjusted for improved battery life. It’s got 15 types of cleaning modes. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google and can be controlled through voice.

It can easily clean out 110 square meters and still have 40% of battery left.

Check it out here – $215

Is Roborock a Chinese company?

Roborock is a Chinese company based out of Beijing China. Contrary to popular opinion, Roborock is not owned by Xiaomi. Xiaomi is just an investor in Roborock with a 24% stake. Xiaomi is one of the investors among many. Roborock S5 is one of the best Chinese robot vacuums.

What is the best Xiaomi robot vacuum?

The top Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner is the Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner. Under the Xiaomi brand name, this is one of the only robot vacuum cleaners. If you bring other brands of Xiaomi such as Roborock and Deerma, then the best Xiaomi roboto vacuum cleaner would be the S5.

Is Roborock better than Roomba?

Roborock is a good brand, but it isn’t better than Roomba. Roomba are the creators of the robot vacuum and make some of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. What Roborock does offer is a good price compared to Roomba’s offerings which makes it affordable for similar features.

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Liectroux Robot Vacuum

The Aliexpress robot vacuum cleaners are cheaper than the other brands by at least 20% to 30%. So without further ado, here are the best Chinese robot vacuum cleaners on Aliexpress.

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