Dreame vs Dyson | Is the Dreame V11 better than the Dyson V11?

by Tim Blue

Looking for the best Handheld vacuum cleaner in the market? Check out our Dreame vs Dyson guide to find out the best of the best!

Cordless vacuum cleaners have given people the freedom to move around. Not only is it convenient in terms of user experience but it also happens to be extremely affordable. 

Although old legacy brands like Dyson have carved out a space for themselves in the handheld vacuum cleaner market, they are still quite an expensive purchase. Fortunately, companies like Xiaomi’s sub-brand Dreame, have come out with affordable alternatives. 

However, this doesn’t automatically translate into a better option. Especially as Dyson dominates the performance. So, which is the better choice? Check out our Dreame vs Dyson comparison guide for all the details. 

After having reviewed both the Dreame V11 and the Dyson V11 based on various factors like design, features, performance, battery life, attachments and much more; my team and I compared both and found that:

When it comes to Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11. The clear winner is the Xiaomi Dreame V11. While it is close, the Dyson falls short of the Dreame when it comes to the battery life, features and price. Of course, the Dyson does dominate the build and performance. However, when it comes to price the Dreame V11 is $150 cheaper than the Dyson V11 Animal.

2023 Update : There’s a new version of the Dreame which is the Dreame V12

Check out the Dreame V12 here!

Check out the Dyson V11 here!

Dreame vs Dyson

The most common Dreams vs Dyson comparison happens between these models

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11

Reviewed below

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V10

Review Coming Soon

Dream V11 vs Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 and the Dreame V11 is more of a competition than the Dyson V11 purely because of the price. In terms of specifications they are almost the same. The Dreame V11 has a running time of about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the power settings and the Dyson V8 has a running time of 40 minutes. They have the same 150Air Watts suction power. If you really want to invest in a Dyson, but want to pay a lesser price than the Dyson V11, I would suggest the Dyson V8. You get the Dyson brand and almost the same power as the Dreame V11!

Dreame V11 vs Dyson V11

Both Vacuums come in a cardboard box with their respective brand designs. However, the Dyson V11 does come in a sturdier box. So, if you happen to order the Dreame V11, ensure that the seller uses a trusted delivery service. We also recommend that you get a warranty and order from the closest fulfilment center as it reduces the possibility of any damage to the device during transit. 

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Of course, inside the box, other than the main portion of the vacuum cleaner, you will find multiple attachments and an instruction manual. Additionally, you will also find a charger. Fortunately, both brands offer the same number of components. So, there’s no brand that’s better just in terms of pure items/components.

Design and Build

When it comes to the design, it gets a little complicated. Both Vacuum cleaners have their pros and cons. Although the Dreame V11 and the Dyson V11 Animal look the same, they have slight differences. For example, the build quality. 

The Dyson V11 Animal has a much better build quality than the Xiaomi Dreame V11. However, the Dreame V11’s plastic build is fragile. Of course, It can still tumble without breaking. But it doesn’t last as long as the Dyson.

Similarly, there are differences when it comes to the colors as well. While it isn’t important to function, it is an important factor to consider. Especially, as these vacuums are attached to the charger on the wall. The Dreame comes with a red-grey combo and the Dyson comes with a purple-blue color scheme. You should ideally make this decision by considering the paint of the wall and the general color scheme of the house. 

When it comes to design, both handheld vacuum cleaners have the same structure. They have a main portion which consists of the handle, the motor and the dust collecting tank. This portion also has a convenient display on the handle. Subsequently, you’ll find various detachable attachments.

The handles also come with a power trigger that makes it convenient to use. All you need to do is pull it as you move the device. However, I personally have found that it can get quite irritating to keep pressing the trigger during those long cleaning sessions. 

Overall, both vacuum cleaners come with a unique color scheme and a similar design with the only difference being the build quality and the weight. The Dyson V11 weighs a whopping 6.69lbs while the Dreame V11 weighs 3.68 lbs. So, if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, then the Xiaomi Dreame V11 is your best choice. But if you want to prioritize build quality then the Dyson V11 Animal is perfect for you.

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Both the Xiaomi Dreame V11 and Dyson V11 Animal are top of the line when it comes to features. Not only do these handheld vacuum cleaners come with multiple vacuum modes and settings but it also comes with a display to help you control and keep a track of the features. 

However, there are some differences. Especially with the display. The Dyson V11 comes with a subpar LCD screen while the Xiaomi Dreame V11 has an OLED display that can even help in low lighting or harsh lighting conditions.

Additionally, while the modes are extremely similar, both vacuums differ when it comes to the filters. Xiaomi Dreame’s V11 is equipped with a HEPA filter that is highly effective. It can filter out close to 99.7% of dust particles and it also purifies the air to some extent. Most importantly, it even kills allergens, making it highly useful for those who suffer from allergies. 

The Dyson V11 Animal, on the other hand, comes with a proprietary Dyson made filter that uses a six-stage filtration to capture dust particles. Both filters also happen to be washable and reusable. However, we found that the HEPA is slightly more effective than the Dyson filter. 

Overall, both vacuum cleaners have terrific features. However, the Xiaomi Dreame offers slightly more. Especially, with the better display, the more effective filter and additional features like 11 different language support and a lock button which helps during those long cleaning sessions. Check out our Dreame vs Dyson guide to find out the best of the best!


Performance is, of course, extremely important to a vacuum cleaner. After all, you really don’t want to be going over the same place multiple times. Fortunately, both these beasts are the best of the best in their category. So, you don’t have to worry about power. 

For example, both the Xiaomi Dreame V11 and the Dyson V11 Animal  come with highly powerful 125,000 rpm motors. You can control the speed and power based on the type of mode. As mentioned earlier, both come with the same modes: a slow Eco mode, a standard mode and a powerful High mode. Although they are called different names by the brands, the speeds are the exact same.

However, some are slight differences. Especially, when it comes to the suction power. Unfortunately, just because both have the same motors and rpm doesn’t mean they have the same suction force. The Dyson V11 being the animal it is, has a suction power of 185 AW which is much higher than the Dreame’s 150 Aw. 

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Similarly, when it comes to the dust storage, the Dust offers a slightly higher capacity of 0.76 liters compared to the Dreame’s 0.6 liters. So, when it comes to performance, Dyson’s V11 Animal takes the cake. We highly recommend you to invest in the Dyson if you have a massive house. 


Despite their popularity, handheld vacuum cleaners do come with low battery life. Check out our Dreame vs Dyson guide to find out the best of the best. Both companies have refined their technology over the years and have made the device more efficient. 

So, both are even matched when it comes to their battery life, with the Dreame having the slight edge. 

For example, the Dreame can run for a whopping 90 minutes on the Eco mode, while the Dyson can clock a mere 60 minutes. However both have a run time of 30 minutes on the standard mode and 10 minutes on the High mode. 


Both vacuum cleaners offer the same amount and types of attachments. There’s the perfect number of attachments to clean every nook and cranny. The Dreame V11. For example, it offers the main machine, charging dock, adapter metal articulating rod, extension hose, electric mite removal brush, flat brush and regular brush. 

The Dyson, on the other hand, offers the main machine, charging dock and adapter, in addition to a crevice brush, a soft dusting brush, a direct drive brush and a combination tool. Most importantly, they can be attached and removed without any hassles.

Final Thoughts

After subjecting both vacuum cleaners to various tests we came to the conclusion that the Xiaomi Dreame V11 has a slight edge. In fact the comparison between Dreame vs Dyson was quite difficult as they clocked the same numbers. While Dyson dominated the build and the performance, Dreame came out swinging with better features and battery life. 

However, what really set apart Dreame was the final factor: price. The Xiaomi Dreame V11 cost a mere $400 compared to Dyson V11s $549. The whopping $150 was, unfortunately in the end, not justified. So, we recommend you go with the Dreame V11 unless you have performance issues like a large house. Check out our Dreame vs Dyson guide to find out the best of the best!

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