Best Chinese CCTV Security Cameras 2021

by Tim Blue

IP Cameras in recent years have gained more popularity than other type of cameras because they are connected to the Wifi and display the images and the videos in real time. 

Many IP camera brands have come up with the offerings, but the most popular cameras in the market are Chinese IP cameras because of their amazing price, high quality and overall the best value. 

Best Chinese CCTV Cameras 2020

Chinese IP CameraPrice 
HKVISION Anvpiz$45.94 on Aliexpress
Dahua IMOU Ranger $51 on Aliexpress
AMCREST $99 on Amazon
Conico$88 on Amazon
WYZE Cam$19.50 on Amazon
Yi Camera$21.49 on Amazon
Besder Mini Camera$15 on Aliexpress
SDETER$14.35 on Aliexpress
Anibux$31 on Aliexpress
Yi Dome$33 on Amazon
Tethys$26.99 on Amazon


The ANVPIZ camera is a Hikvision compatible camera. It can be used both indoors & outdoors and has a high rating of 4.9 out of 5. So let’s see what makes this camera amazing. 

hkvision chinese IP camera
  • The ANVPIZ is a 5MP POE Bullet camera
  • The quality is higher than 1080p and gives crystal clear clarity
  • There is remote access through a mobile or a tablet 
  • It uses IR to get about 98 feet of high quality night vision shots
  • Its IP66 rated and can be used indoor and outdoor
  • It has built-in microphone to pick up audio
  • The SD card slot can store a 128GB SD card
  • The H265 compression technology saves about 50% of storage space . 1TB of storage can store up to 19 days worth of content
  • It supports motion detection and will send an alarm or notification if it detects movement
  • The camera supports ONVIF protocol, which means it can be connected to third party video recorders

Dahua IMOU Ranger 

Dahua is a super popular Chinese IP camera brand and they’ve been around for years. The Dahua IMOU ranger 2 is one of the latest IP cameras in the market. So what makes this camera amazing?

dahua imour ranger 2 chinese IP camera
  • It has a 350-degree coverage that can detect AI human movement 
  • It can shoot in high-quality 1080p full Video HD
  • The camera can track movements and also has a privacy mode that can hide the lens to protect your privacy, if needed
  • There’s also a sensor to pickup abnormal sounds that aren’t usual. It sends an alarm notification, when this sound is heard
  • The built-in siren is available to deter thieves which is one of the most effective ways to thwart stealing 
  • The videos are stored in multiple ways – NVR, Cloud Storage or in-built, up to 256GB
  • There is two way communication which makes it a communication device too
  • The camera can be rotated remotely 
  • The night mode gets activated automatically 
  • It comes with kid-friendly covers which makes it a good device for baby monitoring 


AMCREST is a popular Chinese IP camera that has super high ratings in the market. Here’s what makes it a top contender 

amcrest chinese IP camera
  • It is a POE IP camera with about 131 feet of night vision views with the help of the 8MP progressive image sensor
  • It’s IP67 waterproof, which means it can be easily used indoor & outdoor 
  • It can capture high quality 4k video recording
  • The viewing angle is about 112-degrees which might not be as much as some of the other Chinese IP cameras
  • There is a dedicated AMCREST application and the recorded videos can be watched in high quality software for Windows and MAC or can be viewed on browsers as well
  • The recordings can be made on NVR’s or MicroSD card
  • The video recordings are safe with the help of a secure SSL/HTTPS connection. You also receive a 1 year warranty on the product
  • It is known for its build quality and one of the best in the industry 


Arguably the best Chinese IP camera in this list and my pick is the Conico. It’s an all in one camera that is built for the outdoors. So what makes this the top contender? Let’s find out! 

conico chinese IP camera
  • The camera has a massive 10,500 mAh battery that can easily run for 3 to 6 months in a single charge.
  • It’s also equipped with a dedicated Wifi antenna to pick up Wifi signals with ease that enhances the battery life 
  • The advanced PIR motion detection safeguards from false alarms like the movement of insects and detects only human movement. 
  • There is a two way audio which makes it the perfect device for communication 
  • The camera has a 1080p resolution with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. It also has a visible range of 50 feet and comes with a 4X digital zoom function that can pickup license plate numbers pretty easily
  • The IR sensor automatically turns on night mode when the sun sets
  • The IP65 rating ensures that it can work comfortably in a temperature range of – 20 degrees and 60 degrees
  • It’s completely wireless as it picks up Wifi directly without any fuss


The WYZE Cam has the highest sales on Amazon and has to make the cut. It is the number one best selling Chinese IP camera. Here are its features

wyze cam amazon IP camera
  • The camera live streams in high quality 1080p that can be streamed to the WYZE app which can be accessed on a smartphone or a tablet
  • The cam automatically records a 14 second video when motion is detected or a sound is heard. The video is stored on the cloud for 14 days for free!
  • The app also has push notifications giving you real time alerts
  • The storage ranges from 8GB to 32GB
  • The IR sensor works in the dark for a range up to 30 feet
  • Voice can be used to control the camera to find out the situation in your home 
  • The stream can be shared with family members who have access to your account 

Yi Camera

Probably the most popular IP camera in the market in the past few years is Xiaomi’s very own Yi camera. This is the cheapest Chinese IP camera in the market and has a host of features!

Yi smart IP camera china
  • It shoots high quality 1080p footage
  • The camera can be connected to Noonlight’s certified emergency dispatchers who can come and control the situation if there is any concern
  • The motion detection sensor can be set at different sensitivity levels depending on your situation. This is the first camera to give this sort of control to its users
  • It’s compatible with Alexa which can be controlled using voice or a smart routine can be created
  • It’s connected to the Wifi and access to the footage can be provided to 5 family members
  • Motion detected videos of up to 14 seconds are stored for 7 days for free
  • Micro SD cards can be used. Up to 64GB 
  • The Infrared LEDs ensure crystal clear night vision footage
  • It has a 112 degree viewing angle

Besder Mini Camera

The best selling Chinese IP camera on Aliexpress is the Besder Mini Camera. It’s a budget home security camera. Here’s what makes this a top IP Camera.

besder chinese IP camera
  • It’s a 1080p home camera that works with a 2.4 Hz Wifi 
  • It supports two way audio which doubles up as a communication device for the home
  • An SD card can be attached, up to 128GB. 
  • The video footage can be remotely accessed through Android & iOS apps 
  • It can move up and down at an angle of 110 degrees and it can twist side to side up to 355 degrees
  • There are three recording modes – Manual recording, Timing based recording and Alarm triggered recording
  • The motion detection sensor works seamlessly 
  • It has 6 LED IR sensors that can pick up footage of about 15 metres
  • Multiple users can access the footage from different devices. 
  • It has 12 months of manufacturers warranty 


Another budget IP camera is the SDETER. The starting price is $14, which is super reasonable and packs a host of features that most people want in an IP camera. The SDETER looks like the Yi Dome and it is priced very similarly. 

sdeter chinese IP camera
  • It has a 1080P HD camera with a 355 degree viewing angle
  • It has a night mode with Infrared capabilities for clear night shots
  • It has all the usual features such as Motion Detection, Remote Access, Two way audio, Cloud storage, multiple users and video playback
  • There’s a siren alarm option to catch realtime concerns
  • It has various mounting options – Ceiling mounted, wall mounted or even a flat surface 
  • Super easy installation that is done in a matter of minutes
  • It has a 12 month manufacturer warranty for defective items 


The uniquely designed Anibux IP camera is an outdoor camera with a powerful 4X digital zoom. Let’s see what else makes this camera pretty worth it. 

outdoor chinese IP camera
  • This is meant to be an outdoor camera, hence the slightly more expensive price tag
  • It records in 1080p with 4X digital zoom capabilities 
  • It can record in night vision up to a distance of 40 metres 
  • It’s enabled with two way voice communication 
  • Can be remotely controlled with the help of a smartphone 
  • Gives a viewing angle of 320 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically 
  • Supports ONVIF 2.0, with NVR capabilities 
  • It’s IP66 rated, which means it is waterproof 
  • It has sound detection, motion detection, push notifications and siren alarm as well
  • Has a built-in AP WIFI that lets you view from your camera even when its disconnected 
  • There’s SD card storage support or Cloud storage. 

Yi Dome

The Yi dome has been the staple IP camera of choice for many. The low price point and amazing use case makes this a top contender. Yi is a sub division of Xiaomi and has been gaining popularity over the past few years. 

yi dome camera
  • It’s a dome camera with a 345 horizontal viewing angle and a 115-degree vertical viewing angle. 
  • It has 8 night vision 940m beads that can give you clear footage at night for up to 3 metres.
  • It has the 2-way audio feature with hands-free microphone 
  • There’s real time recording when the motion sensor is triggered. The camera takes a 10 second video. There are pre-set camera positions that can be accessed with a touch of a button and there is an auto-cruise feature that gives you a quick scan of the house
  • The Yi app is available on Android & iPhone. It has the option for multiple users 
  • It supports only 2.4Ghz Wifi with seamless connectivity. 


The Tethys IP camera is a Chinese Indoor IP camera that is very popular. It’s one of the best selling IP cameras online. 

chinese indoor IP camera
  • It has a motion detection sensor which tracks moving objects in front of the camera. The sensitivity can be controlled in the app
  • Get the highest quality 1080p HD visuals with a 350 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical viewing angle
  • It has cloud storage as well as SD card storage 
  • App for iOS and Android which gives you access to the two way speaker and other features
  • It has a 1 year warranty 
  • The night vision can capture footage up to 32 feet
  • Works with Alexa Echo, with voice control

Are Chinese IP cameras safe? 

Chinese IP cameras are pretty safe and the latest ones let the user completely control the access to the videos and all the data that is stored. 

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