Best Chinese Flashlight for the Money 2020

by Tim Blue
Best Flashlights for the Money

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If you want good and cheap, Aliexpress is your best option for getting these top quality flashlights. Amazon sellers seems to import from China and re-package to sell on the platform at higher prices.


Whenever there is darkness, one starts looking for a light, and you should always have a flashlight in your pocket which you can use in every condition. Whether you are at your home or at any outdoor place, you can use the LED flashlight to see the things with better vision. The LED lights with the high quality of sturdiness are a perfect combination which you can get at reasonable prices now. Here are some of the best Chinese flashlights which are in your budget

Best Budget Flashlights from Aliexpress

Best Flashlight FeaturesLink
Best Budget FlashlightShustar Budget Flashlight
Best Flashlight with High LumensTaotronics Flashlight
Best Solar Power FlashlightMeco Solar Flashlight
Best Battery Flashlight Klarus Flashlight
Best Tiny Flashlight Mini Flashlight

1.    USB Inside Battery Shustar T6 Led Flashlight

If anyone is looking for high quality of Led flashlight, then the Shustar T6 flashlight can be a nice option for you. It comes with the rechargeable option and shock resistant which is available at reasonable prices.

brightest led flashlight

This torch is waterproof, and that’s why you can carry it for hunting, climbing, camping or night ride. It comes with high, middle and low switching mode and focal length of the battery can be adjusted. The lightening distance of this LED light is quite high from 200m to 500m of distance.

Price: $4.87

2.    Rechargeable Solar Power LED Flashlight

This led torch is quite useful for outdoor traveling as it is totally shock resistant and comes with the power bank. It can be charged with solar energy and design like army like.

This light has also got a clip design that enable easy usage for camping hiking and climbing. The flashlight will never need batteries. No battery No worry!

Price: $6.20

3.    Mini LED Flashlight – Portable

Are you looking for a durable and sturdy Chinese red torch? If yes, then you can get this led torch which comes with the aluminum body and waterproof feature.

cheap flashlight 2019

This flashlight is not bulky, and therefore you can take it any way you want. This flashlight is shock resistant and can be used for the daily outdoor requirement. It works with AA batteries and LED lights to spread to light up to a distance of around 100 to 200 meters.

Price: $2.90

4.    Chinese Tactical Flashlight CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

This light comes in gunmetal grey color with the high quality of LED torch lamp. The LED flashlights are chargeable, and the power of these lights is quite awesome because this light can work well for the special police force and detective departments.

led bright flashlight for the money

So, you can be sure that it would be helpful for you during trekking, hiking, and other adventurous Sports. Even at home, you can keep this flashlight with less weight, and it comes at totally reasonable prices.

Price: $17.70

5.    Mini Aluminum LED Waterproof Flashlight

These flashlights come in various colors like Red, purple, silver, black with keychains attached to it. The LED lights can enhance your vision even in the dark night, and it comes with the waterproof system.

led mini flashlight

The small size of the light is complimentary as one can carry these lights easily in a pocket without feeling heavier. The price of this model of the flashlight is very low, and that’s why it is the best deal in which you can invest right now.

Price: $1.49

Best Chinese Flashlights on Amazon

6.    Fastpro 20-pack Aluminum LED Flashlights Set

This set of 20 LED lights can be a budgeted option for someone who needs Led lights for outdoor activities. If you are going for hunting or camping, then you definitely need an extra pair of lights while if you are going with friends, then everyone should carry a flashlight to avoid an emergency.

With 20 lumens of output, these flashlights come with AAA Heavy duty batteries. That’s why you should get this heavy-duty aluminium LED set.

20 PCS for $24.99

7.    Taotronics Black Light

If you are looking for UV blacklight flashlight with a stain detector, then you can get this amazing Led light. It can easily find out the stains on your carpets and floors which you can’t see with your naked eyes.

With three long-lasting AAA batteries, this LED light can work for many days. It has got durable and high quality of lads with a lifespan of around 16 years.

Price: $7.90

8.    LED Flashlight with UV black lights by Jowbeam

If you are looking for a portable LED light with compact size, then nothing can be better than buying this pack of two pen flashlights. These flashlights can be easily placed in pockets and can provide perfect accuracy and brightness to the user.

You can use this light for various applications like seeing spots which can’t be seen with naked eyes. It can emit light till the distance of around 100 ft with 120 lumens of LED pen flashlight.

Price: $13.99

9.    Tactical LED Flashlight 1200 Lumen

IF you are looking forward to investing your money in nice quality of LED flashlight for hiking, then you can get this flashlight which comes with multi-functions. This lightweight flashlight can be placed in pockets or any other little space at your home or car.

It is powered with rechargeable battery, this XM L2 LED chip is 20% brighter than T6. It can go up to 300 meters. Whats best is the seller Phixton is able to give up to 30 Days Money Back guarantee.

Price: $19.99

10.    Klarus XT11GT 2000 Lumens Super Tactical Flashlight

With the high quality of assurance, this flashlight comes with all the well needed essentials. To go for hiking, camping, climbing… All in one to get. With dynamic functions like

  1. Straight 2 Strobe
  2. Instant Turbo
  3. Instant Low light
  4. Memorized Function
  5. Battery capacity indicator
  6. USB Rechargeable
  7. Smart Temp Control

XT11GT SUPER BUNDLE comes with a USB charging cable, a lanyard, a spare O-ring, a rechargeable 18650 battery, a holster, a pocket clip, a car charger, a wall adapter, and a mini USB light which can be plugged into any USB port to emit light.

Price: $85.95

Buying Best Budget Flashlight

Above are some of the selection we think you will like. Most are under $10. There is no difference of buying flashlights from Aliexpress or Amazon.

What is the most powerful flashlight?

The two most flashlights that come to mind when you say ‘Powerful’ is Fenix TKR2D Nitecore EA81. These two are by far the powerful for the year. This mixes affordability, size and luminosity. 

What flashlights do most police use?

Most police use something similar to the Klarus 2000 Lumens Super Tactical Flashlight. It has a low light, flash light, turbo light and straight strobe, smart temperature control and USB Charging. It also has a 18650 mAh battery in case they need to use it for long hours. It has a pocket clip for easy access. So if you want a flashlight that is similar to the police, then you can definitely consider the Klarus 2000. 

What is the best high lumen flashlight?

If you mean by high, then it can go pretty high. The average is about 3500. If you are looking for higher then you can consider the 10,000 lumen light. Generally speaking, anything with 10,000 lumen is pretty big and not portable at all. But this piece right here called the Litwood Z20 has about 10,000 lumen and can be easily put in your pocket. 

You can check it out here. It costs only $10+

Features you need to look for in a flashlight

Firstly, define your purpose. I went to the forest once and I decided to carry with me a very small flashlight with super powerful lumens. My number one priority was portability. So try to figure out what your purpose is and then look at the features. If you aren’t sure at all about what you want, then you can take this into consideration. 


What is the brightness level are you looking for? This is defined by lumens. The amount of brightness also defines the distance it will cover. Bigger the brightness, the farther the distance you can cover. If you are out and about in the forest or you are taking a walk in the woods, you will need very high lumens to lighten up a dark place. 


A lot of flashlights give you an option to spread out your light. This means the angle of the light covers a wider distance. This is called the flash light beam spread. How much would you like it to spread? Or would you like a much more straight and specific light. If you are looking into an anthill, you’d want a very straight angle light spread. If you are in a forest and want to keep an eye out, then a wider beam spread will do you good. Again, there are flashlights that give you options on this with a simple switch. 

Size and Weight

Big factor. If you are one the move all the time and you will be holding the flashlight for a long time, then you need something light and it has to be easy to carry too. If you want something for quick checks that can be tied to your belt, then it can be big and quite heavy but with a bigger battery life and lumens. This also considers travel. How light do you want to pack?

Battery Size 

If you are buying a flashlight. It’s highly likely that you have a specific role for it. My guess is, if you know hwy you’re buying it, you are likely going to use it frequently. So I would suggest a flashlight with very good battery. That includes 10,000 mAh+. This might be a little heavy, but it’s totally worth it. 

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