Olevs Watches Review 2023 | Are They Worth It?

by Dwain

Olevs is a brand that has become quite popular for their cheap and affordable watches. 

Over my time online, I’ve come across a number of watch enthusiasts asking whether Olevs Watches are good or not and if yes then are they worth it? 

Truth be told, they are really good watches especially since they’re cheap and affordable. In fact I have a couple of their watches and I’ve really admired everything about the brand right from the design to the packaging. 

Since the brand charges under $100 for their watches without compromising on quality standards they are currently my favorite brand in the market for cheap high quality non-replica watches.

Let me take you through my Olevs Watches review and tell you what I felt about their watches and by the time i’m done, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not you should pick up an Olevs watch or two.

Watch ModelDescription
OLEVS Watch 2859 Luxury BusinessFancy looking luxury business watch with a textured multi-function dial, waterproof, scratch-proof glass, and stainless steel bracelet.
OLEVS Watch 5885 Luxury Business QuartzSleek business watch with OLEVS original movement, low-temperature resistance, waterproof design, and easy-to-use stainless steel buckle.
OLEVS Watch 6617 Luxury MechanicalPremium luxury watch with mechanical movements, multi-functional design, 10-year guarantee, stainless steel case, and solid steel bracelet.
OLEVS Watch 6618 Luxury RhinestoneGentlemen’s ideal watch with high-quality Rhinestones, durable synthetic sapphire glass, multiple colors available, and waterproof up to 30 meters.

Olevs Watches Review

What are Olevs Watches?

Originating in Honk Kong, Olevs has been manufacturing and retailing high-end watches under a budget which are chic and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The brand was founded in 1999 and has since branched out to over 40 countries such as Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Japan and the UK. 

They have three major factories situated in China, US and Europe that allow the brand to ship their watches to any part of the world in a short span of time. 

Olevs Watches : Build Quality

As I mentioned before, one of the reasons why I like Olevs watches is because they are made from high quality materials.

In fact, Olevs is one brand that has managed to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of build quality and the materials used to make these masterpieces.

Olevs Watches Review

This is one area they don’t compromise on and it has worked in their favor. Moreover, Olevs watches are crafted with precision and are built to last so they are definitely worth the money.

The oldest Olevs watch I own is one that I picked up three years ago and there’s not even a scratch on it. The body, glass, strap and internal movements are all in top condition, with minimal maintenance and that says a lot about the brand’s quality.

Olevs Watches Review

In my opinion, it’s truly worth the $100 investment and has been a fun and eventful experience owning different Olevs watches over the years.

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All of their are waterproof to some extent and they come with nano sealed glass that does not let even dust particles enter. 

The glass is anti-fog and under no circumstance will it fog up even if the watch is submerged underwater for a long period of time. 

Olevs Watches Review

In terms of quality of the straps, Olevs watches are available in stainless steel that can be loosened or tightened with a screwdriver they send along with the watch, leather straps that sit comfortably on the wrist and rubber straps for a more casual and sporty approach. 

Most of the straps are customizable and there is even an option to select the level of thickness of the strap as well as the color of the strap.

Olevs Watches : Movement

There are two types of Olevs watches available; Automatic Mechanical and Quartz. 

But between the two, their Quartz watches are highly sought after and I know this for a fact because I have 5 of them in my collection. They’re highly accurate and only require a battery change every once in a while. 

Olevs Watches Review

Their Automatic watches on the other hand tend to be easier to use and do not require regular maintenance apart from a timely re-calibration. 

The classic ultra is one of my favorite automatic manual watches and it uses Olevs original mechanical movement to tell the time. This type of movement is only available in Olevs genuine watches and I’ve never seen another brand use it in their watches.

Olevs Watches : Functions

In terms of functionality, I can’t begin to explain just how versatile Olevs watches are. They have different functions and features such as moon phase indicators, annual calendars and 12hr/24hr format that make them stand out from the rest.

Some models like the Moon Phase offer a HD luminous function that not only illuminates the hands of the watch but also the stars and moon phases.  

Olevs Watches Review

And then there’s the Olevs Chronograph luminous that can chronograph seconds, minutes, has a 24-hour pointer and even a calendar window. All these functions can be controlled via the buttons on the side of the dial.

There’s even some like the Retro Square watch that has 3 clocks, weekly calendar display, chronograph, alarm and both the digital clock as well as the hands on the analog clocks glow in the dark.

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From personal experience, Olevs watches are extremely easy to use and they work as intended. All their watches come with a small manual with instructions on how to use its features so that makes it easier to get a hang of their operation.

Olevs Watches : Pricing

One thing I truly admired about Olevs watches is that they are cheap and affordable. On average, Olevs watches are priced between $40 and $100 which is extremely low when compared to other watch manufacturers that use similar specs and functions. 

The cost of Olevs watches also vary depending on the functionality and build. Watches with stainless steel bodies and straps go for more whereas those that use rubber or leather are a tad cheaper to buy.

Olevs Watches : Where to Get Them?

Olevs watches can be bought directly from their official website or from the Olevs official store on AliExpress and Amazon.

Olevs Watches Review

These stores offer their complete range of watches and between the two, I personally like buying from AliExpress simply because there are additional discounts and deals available that can’t be found on their own website or on Amazon.

However, it’s safer to buy Olevs watches directly from their official website or store because they provide a warranty which is not available with other third-party vendors and they offer customer service on all orders. 

Olevs Watches Review

Also, buying straight from the source guarantees that you’re going to receive an original Olevs watch and not a copy or replica of the original.

Olevs Watches : Buyer Reviews

Olevs watches have received a significant number of positive reviews and their stores currently carry a positive rating of 97.7% on AliExpress and 4.8 on Amazon.

Olevs Watches Review
Source: AliExpress

In addition to this, buyers have also left feedback on the quality of their watches, packaging and  some have even uploaded videos and photos of their watches. 

Many of the reviews talk about improvements that should be made to the winding of automatic watches as well as their experiences communicating with the brand.

I came across one where this buyer from Canada left this review on one of the watches I was interested in buying.

Olevs Watches Review

Here’s another review from a customer in Brazil that really liked the design, quality and the timely delivery of this particular piece.

Olevs Watches Review

Pros and Cons of Owning an Olevs Watch

Cheap and AffordableLimited selection of 153 watches
Multiple Functions such as Day-Date, Moon Phases, Calendars and moreWarranty details on water damage is vague
Comfortable to Wear
Made from High Quality Materials

Top Olevs Watches to Check Out Now

Here are a couple of popular Olevs watches I came across online along with their prices.

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Representational ImageModel NamePrice
OLEVS Watch 2859 Luxury Business$68.99
OLEVS Watch 5885 Luxury Business Quartz$62.99
OLEVS Watch 6617 Luxury Mechanical$96.99
OLEVS Watch 6618 luxury Rhinestone$66.99
OLEVS Watch 5868 luxury Couple$62.87
OLEVS Top Original Luxury Auto$110.99
Olevs Slim Fashion Watch$46.99
OLEVS Watch 6602-1 Mechanical$87.60
Olevs Watch Date Luminous$49.99

OLEVS Watch 2859 Luxury Business

Top Olevs Watches

Fancy looking luxury business watch with a textured multi-function dial that’s equipped with HD luminous hands and a scratch proof, waterproof and abrasion proof glass. This model is water proof up to 30meters and features a solid textured stainless steel bracelet.

OLEVS Watch 5885 Luxury Business Quartz

Top Olevs Watches

The 5885 is a business watch with a sleek finish and uses Olevs original movement for precise time and stable performance. It’s designed to survive in low temperature environments and thanks to its waterproof build it can be worn while swimming, washing your hands or in the rain. The 5885 also features an accurate day-date as well as the stainless steel buckle has a push clasp locking design making it super easy to put on or take off.

OLEVS Watch 6617 Luxury Mechanical

Top Olevs Watches

Now here’s a premium luxury watch with mechanical movements, a multi-functional design and moon phases. The 6617 is a budget friendly choice for those who are looking for a well made watch with a 10-year guarantee. It’s equipped with a stainless steel case and comes with a solid steel bracelet that looks and feel really amazing. It’s lightweight and waterproof up to 30m making it a neat buy for those who like a little sophistication on their wrist.

OLEVS Watch 6618 luxury Rhinestone

Top Olevs Watches

The 6618 is rated as the gentleman’s ideal watch for its sheer beauty and the fact that the watch is studded with high quality Rhinestones around the dial and the glass is made from Synthetic Sapphire that’s extremely durable. One good thing about the 6618 is that it’s available in multiple colors and is waterproof up to 30 meters so you can wear it while swimming, in the rain or while washing your hands. The hands are HD luminous and it can be worn while adorning formals or business casuals.

Are Olevs Watches Worth It?

To sum it up, Yes, Olevs watches are definitely worth it especially if you’re on a budget and still want to pick up something that looks fancy and elegant. 

Normally, watches with the same design, features, capabilities and quality cost upwards of $250-$1000, but Olevs watches don’t cost more than $100-$150 and this has made them quite popular over the years.

If you want a cheap watch that looks good, tells the time accurately and offers some top-tier functions like automatic day-date, lunar phases, chronograph and sports modes, then Olevs is definitely the brand for you.

Olevs Watches Review : FAQ’s

What material is used to make the dial glass on Olevs watches?

The dial glass on Olevs watches is made from hardened mineral crystals and is scratch proof.

Does the Olevs warranty cover water damage?

No, even though Olevs watches are waterproof, water damage is not covered by the warranty and service charges will be applicable to fix any water damaged Olevs watch.

What are Olevs watches leather straps made of?

Olevs leather straps are made from genuine cow-hide leather and are extremely durable.

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