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Are you planning to expand your business overseas? Amazon FBA services provide ample assistance to pack and ship your products overseas with low shipping charges. Know more below.

Why is it important to know Amazon FBA warehouse locations in the U.S.? This way you’ll know where to park your goods based on where the majority of your orders come from.

It becomes a tedious task to manage the production, shipping, and marketing goods of your company. It is why Amazon FBA services stand out. Continue reading to find out how.

Importing from China? Now you can send goods from your supplier in China to the FBA Warehouse in the U.S. Directly.

US Locations with an Amazon FBA Warehouse

amazon FBA warehouse in the US

FBA services in the U.S are skyrocketing since it shares an extra load for successful product delivery. Since1997, Amazon has launched numerous fulfillment centers across the U.S. and worldwide. Now the number of warehouses stands at more than 180 across the globe. 

Given below are the details of the prominent warehouse locations in the U.S.

1. Arizona

Maricopa County in Arizona has many warehouse facilities in-

  • #AZA5, 6000 W Van Buren Street, Phoenix- 85043
  • #PHX3, 6835 W. Buckeye Road, Phoenix- 85043 
  • #TUS1, 533 W Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix
  • #UAZ1, 500 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034, etc.

2. California

California has more than 25 warehouse facilities spread across-

3. Florida

There are ten warehouse facilities in Florida spanning across the well-known counties in-

4. Illinois

Illinois is the next prominent state with more than ten warehouse facilities, found more in Will county and Madison county.

  • #MDW5 – 16825 Churnovic Ln, Crest Hill, 60435
  • #STL4– 3050 Gateway Commerce Center Dr. S, Edwardsville in Madison County
  • #MDW4 – 250 or 201 Emerald Dr, Joliet, 60433 in Will County
  • #MDW 8 – 1750 Bridge Dr, Waukegan, 60085-3004 in Lake County, etc.

5. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has up to 20 warehouse locations in different counties in-

  • #AVP6 – 1 Commerce Rd., Pittston, 18640 in Luzerne County
  • #ABE3 – 650 Boulder Drive Breinigsville, 18031 in Lehigh County
  • #MDT1 – 2 Ames Drive, Carlisle, 17015 in Cumberland County
  • #PHL5 – 500 McCarthy Dr. Lewisberry, 17339 in York County, etc.

Are you planning to expand your business overseas? Amazon FBA services provide ample assistance to pack and ship your products overseas with low shipping charges. Know more below.

It becomes a tedious task to manage the production, shipping, and marketing goods of your company. It is why Amazon FBA services stand out. Continue reading to find out how.

With the continuous need for making amends to the retail sector to cater to the consumer market, the giants in the e-commerce industry take pride in building sustainable supply chain management. Amazon has taken a step ahead in luring existing and new retailers to collaborate and ease the entire process of demand and supply.

Hence, Amazon continues to grow as a leading marketplace. In the third quarter of 2021, Amazon garnered net sales up to USD 110.81 billion, according to Statista reports.

So here is how Amazon is doing it. Amazon started Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) services in 2006 to facilitate third-party vendors to sell their products on Amazon. It is of great value to them since Amazon takes care of all aspects of supply from warehouse allocation, storage, and shipping of products, customer services, and refund. 

This article will extensively cover the benefits of FBA services and the FBA warehouse location in the U.S. and help your business grow. Read completely below for valuable insights.

FAQs on FBA warehouses in the U.S.

1. Which state in the U.S. has many FBA centers?

California has the highest number of fulfillment centers in the U.S, with more than 20 centers. Most of it is located in Los Angeles County and Riverside County.

2. What does Amazon FBA do?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon that offers to ship and post-shipping services to your product. All you have to do is leave your product in the Amazon warehouse center. The rest is taken care of by the FBA, from sorting, shipping to managing returns and refunds of the product. 

3. Are Amazon warehouses safe to store my products?

Yes, Amazon provides FBA services where it takes care of your items. You can keep the item in the Amazon warehouses, and they have secure storage facilities with 24/7 customer service.

What is FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, unique service to improve the online retail environment

FBA is simple to understand. It acts like a storage and shipping service provider that oversees the product storage and monitors the item till it reaches the customer. 

So as a seller, you have zero responsibilities on the picking, packing, storage, and dispatch of the product. In addition to that, FBA manages the product returns and refunds, and hence, you can focus on sales and marketing. Simply put, you sell, and Amazon ships.

FBA services quickly earned fame in the U.S. since it significantly benefits the small scale retailers and new business owners to sell their products on Amazon with fewer responsibilities and reduced cost. 

The result is remarkable. In 2020, nearly half of the Amazon sales were from third-party sellers, and 2/3rd of them use FBA services. What needs doing is to leave the products in the fulfillment centers of Amazon, and you have done your part.

Key aspects to remember while using FBA services

By using FBA services, you can get the added advantage of integrating the best infrastructure and features of Amazon so that your product stands out among the rest. However, here are a few things to consider-

  • Select a product that is in demand and sells fast
  • Stock the products well in the warehouse so that there is no deficit.
  • Market the products aggressively using advertising agencies or other platforms since FBA does not provide marketing services.

Advantages of using FBA services 

Amazon’s FBA services are the platform for nascent-stage companies to find their way to access one of the leading fulfillment centers in the world. Following are the benefits of subscribing to FBA services-

1. Managing the shipping and sorting of your products

With FBA services, you can be assured of the safe transfer of your products to the customer. From storing, sorting, arranging, shipping of the inventory to the safe delivery of the product, FBA takes care of everything.

 Hence you can concentrate on the growth and promotion of the product. Once you enroll for FBA services, it reduces your shipping charges since Amazon has partnerships with many shipping companies.

2. Tracking the product and processing returns

The product is expected to deliver on a fixed timeline. Hence, tracking the delivery status of the product is another cumbersome process. FBA takes care of this and manages the item delivery with utmost care. 

In addition to this, there are times when the wrong product reaches the consumer. In such cases, FBA processes and records the reason for return and confirms if the given reason is valid.  

3. Low upfront costs

With FBA, you can be relieved of the expenses on warehouses and shipping. If you do it on your own, the increased cost of shipping can drive away from the customers, and it can affect your business. But with FBA, the cost of storage and shipping is no longer a headache. Hence, it is convenient to scale up your business.

4. The opportunity to get international attention

Amazon has worldwide popularity and has nearly 300 million active customer accounts. So with FBA services, your product can sell worldwide with the references of Amazon. Hence your product gets worldwide visibility. 

5. Customer service

FBA is unique for the post shipping services like customer service, which is essential to build customer relationships. To address any ad hoc situation regarding the product shipment details, cost of the shipment, and miscellaneous queries, you must be available round the clock to attend to the dire needs. Hence FBA is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. 

Step-by-step process to set up FBA services

It is convenient to use FBA services by Amazon as it is easy to set up an account and start selling the product and make a profit.

Given are the four simple steps to subscribe to FBA services-

Step 1: 

Set up the Amazon account and select the Fulfillment by Amazon option.

Step 2:  

Now select the product you want to sell from the Amazon catalog. Select the item and choose the quantity you wish to sell to the customer.

Step 3:

Pack the inventory carefully and ship it to the fulfillment center in the U.S. Only from the inventory center, FBA services take up the responsibility to ship the products.

Step 4: 

Your product is on the way to reaching the customer, and the FBS services track the order and ship them safely.

It is arduous to balance growing your company and targeting a good number of product sales. But seldom during this journey do you successfully manage both with ease. 

To overcome this hardship, Amazon launched FBA services to benefit your company’s expansion. FBA services give a small company the benefit to grow and expand at its own pace by providing various niches to explore while choosing to sell the product.

However, you must be aware that FBA services charge the price for shipping according to the weight and quantity, and hence, it is best to sell a smaller product that weighs less.

There are several fulfillment centers across major cities in the U.S and spread in many countries overseas. You can expand your business and build networks across the globe and build customer relationships.

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