i500 Airpods TWS Review 2022 | $28 Airreps

by Tim Blue

The TWS wars have just gotten hotter. There’s a new kid on the block. Manufacturers keep improving the quality of the TWS earphones. In the past, one of the biggest complaints was that TWS earphones don’t have a good enough battery life and they are quite poor. Manufacturers worked super hard to improve the battery life of this device and this updated product is called the i500 TWS.

Update : i500 TWS replaced with Airreps now.

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i500 Airpods TWS Earphones Review

So let’s review the i500 TWS earphones. 

Inside the Box 

Inside the box you find the TWS earphones, charging box, charging cable and also the instruction manual. Make sure to not lose the instruction manual, it’s very important when you want to reset the device. Also, you have an option to buy a kit. In case, you buy a kit. You get a case bag, case protector plus an option to make your earphones wired if you want!

Price – $14.26


The design of the i500 TWS is standard as in most of these TWS devices. There is a slight change when it comes to the device, with a little more space provided for encasing the battery. 

Price – $14.26

Function and Use 

So what’s different with the i500 TWS? In terms of use and function, it’s pretty similar to the other devices. Once you open the box, you might have to charge the charging box along with the earphones to get some charge into the earphones and the box. 

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Once it’s charged enough, you can open box with the earphones inside them. If you have an iPhone, a popup window will display with which you can connect your earphones to your phone pretty seamlessly. Once it’s connected you can also see the battery percentage of the box and the earphones. If you have connected successfully, you will see a battery and a headphone icon on the top of your notification bar. 

For Android, it’s a bit more manual. Once you open the box and take out the earphones, the Bluetooth for the earphones will be immediately turned on and you have to turn on the Bluetooth for your phone and then pair it. You will see two i500 devices. One is for the left earphone and the other is for the right earphone. You can pair both of your devices and from there on, future connectivity is pretty seamless. 

Once you’ve paired it, you can listen to music or podcasts pretty seamlessly. The charging box for the i500 is pretty simple. There is a single notification light for charging. When it’s fully charged, the notification light will glow green, when it’s still charging, then it will glow yellow. 

In terms of using the product, it’s truly versatile. Sometimes when I am taking calls. I put one earphone inside the box and speak with the other one. This way I can be aware of any ambient sound too and take the call pretty seamlessly. 

I use it to work out as well and it’s super light and doesn’t fall off even while running, which is pretty great! 

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Price – $14.26

Sound Quality 

When it comes to the i500’s main feature. It’s the sound. It’s a wireless earphone and the sound should be pretty good. Over the past few iterations, the manufacturers have worked super hard on the bass of the product. This is the boom sound you get when you listen to heavy metal or hard rock. The lack of this feature has been a bane for many users and this has been rectified in the i500. It has some of the best bass quality and also other levels of sounds. It isn’t noise cancellation. Which means you can hear the outside ambient noise. The only products that can have the noise cancellation feature are headphones. 

Battery Life 

The i500’s entire push has been about battery life. A lot of iTWS devices in the past have had very poor battery life with just over an hour of use. The i500 has a very good 4 hours of battery life, which is pretty amazing. This makes it one of the top contenders in the wireless earphones category.


The price for the i500 is also super reasonable and it costs about 50% to 70% cheaper than a lot of other TWS devices. 

Price – $14.26

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the i500 is an amazing device that will give all the other earphones devices a run for its money. The fit is perfect, the bass is amazing, the battery life is awesome. I’m looking at the Redmi Airdots when I say this because the Airdots fits is pretty poor. 

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