Best Apple Watch Clone Series 8 | Series 8 Ultra Clone is the Real Deal

by Dwain

The Chinese market has been on overdrive replicating Apple’s latest creation and it was weeks before the official launch date that I started noticing Series 8 Ultra clones appear on sites like AliExpress and DHgate.

Now, the original Apple Watch 8 Ultra launched in September and costs upwards of $899 because it is built for rugged outdoor use and not for normal everyday wear. 

These clones on the other hand won’t set you back more than $30 and in some cases up to $50 if the overall build quality is good.

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I have a clone of the Series 8 Ultra with me that I picked up on AliExpress. It’s made by this company called Zordai, costs roughly $36 for the top-end variant and has some pretty cool features. 

But is it something that you should spend your money on? Let’s take a quick look at whether or not you should buy the Watch Series 8 Ultra clone.

Best Apple Watch Series 8 Rep


To start things off, the build of the Series 8 clone is 1:1 where everything about the watch appears to match the original. 

In fact, the clone has the same shape, cutouts for the microphones, speakers and I did notice that both buttons on either side as well as the rotatable crown were fully functional.

It does however offer a large 2.02” display that’s around 0.12” larger than the original and while the display might appear larger, it’s actually an IPS LCD and not an Always-on OLED Retina display, so there’s a major drop in visual output.

The underside of the watch has the same layout as the original and even the placement of the sensors is quite accurate making it an identical copy.

I also noticed that the fastening system for the straps is the same as what’s on the original Apple Watch making it possible to use a wide range of straps that are compatible with this design.


Here’s where things took a sudden turn. To keep manufacturing costs low, the manufacturer has resorted to using aluminum instead of Titanium or other highly durable materials. 

So even though the device does look like the original, it won’t survive the same level of stress that the original can handle.

The clone is also IP compliant and waterproof, but to be on the safe side it’s advisable that you do not immerse the watch in water for prolonged periods of time.


One of the things I found quite interesting is that the features present in the clone do not match anything that’s on the 8 Ultra. For example, the built-in health and fitness trackers are aplenty, but none of them are accurate.

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The watch also does come with a Voice Assistant, but it’s not Siri, as the clone doesn’t run on an original version of watchOS nor does it have an Apple processor powering it.

There is a built-in GPS system with maps, but again, it lacks accuracy and is not entirely reliable. 

The one thing I did find to be quite pleasing is the Bluetooth calling feature which actually did a pretty decent job. 

What is a godsend, is that the Series 8 Clone comes with over 500 free watch faces as well as around 11 sports modes. 

It’s also quite cool that the clone uses its own proprietary health management platform and is compatible with Android and iOS phones to sync and store health data and readings.


The one place where the Series 8 Ultra clone lacks is its performance. The clones use a standard chipset that’s powerful enough to run old and obsolete versions of Android OS and on top of that they patch a watchOS theme to try and make the UI look good.

Unlike the original watch that has the S8 processor, clones like this Zordai use a much slower AX chip that runs on 128Mb of RAM. The AX is a single core chip that is nowhere close to the S8 in terms of functionality and performance.


While looking at the connectivity options offered, the clone is quite limited and there’s only Bluetooth 5.0 with Bluetooth calling.

Unfortunately this clone doesn’t offer Wi-Fi or cellular features and none of the other connectivity options that Apple provides in the 8 Ultra.

Battery Life

It’s actually quite impressive that a cheap clone can offer better battery life than the real Apple Watch and come with magnetic wireless charging. 

The Zordai comes with a much smaller 380maAh battery and the brand claims it can last almost 7 full days on a single charge. From what i’ve tested, it can run for a total of 5 days depending on what the device is being used for.

I did also learn that the watch has a high-efficiency intelligent chip to help maintain its battery life allowing the device to last longer, but this can be taken with a pinch of salt as even Apple’s most powerful processor is incapable of making the battery last anywhere over 2 days.

5 Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress 2023

WRWR Ultra Series 8 NFC Smartwatch – $26.76

Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress

The WRWR Ultra Series 8 NFC Smartwatch is a decent clone of the Apple Watch Series 8 Ultra. The 49mm size of the watch makes it a comfortable fit on the wrist, and the fast detachable straps makes it easier to upgrade the style and feel of the watch.

  • The WearPro app is easy to navigate and makes it simple to sync with your phone.
  • It comes with an IPS full view color screen that has a resolution of 420*485 and provides clear and bright visuals.,
  • The glass is blast-resistant (G+F) which ensures that the watch face is protected from scratches.
  • In terms of the battery life of the WRWR Ultra Series 8 NFC Smartwatch, it is impressive and offers normal use of 5-6 days and a standby of 25-35 days, depending on usage.
  • The watch even comes with wireless charging that is convenient and saves time.
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I liked that the watch comes equipped with the BD1773 heart rate sensor and temperature sensor for precise and accurate monitoring.

The Dual Bluetooth technology is an added benefit that allows for easy connectivity with other devices.

FANHUN Z8 Ultra MAX – $30.29

Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress

As a clone of the Apple Watch Series 8 Ultra, the FANHUN Z8 Ultra MAX boasts similar features at a more affordable price point. With a waterproof construction, it can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water, making it suitable for everyday wear.

  • The device comes with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing it to connect to various devices and it’s built to measure steps and track various activities, serving as a basic fitness tracker.
  • The 300mah battery capacity is modest but acceptable for daily use, but it does tend to have a long standby time.
  • Unfortunately, this watch has no voice assistant built-in and no GPS functionality, which is a limitation for those who rely on these features.

However, its multiple dials, mechanism, and 128MB storage make it a versatile device. It runs on the Android Wear system and is compatible with all devices.

Kavsumi HK8 Pro Max – $42.80

Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress

Considered to be one of the best clones of the Apple Watch Series 8 ultra, the Kavsumi HK8 Pro Max is a sleek and stylish device that comes with several impressive features. One of which is its real AMOLED screen that brings a display effect far superior to other models on the market.

  • The high refresh rate of the device also ensures a close operating experience to the original and another great feature of the is its built-in compass, which is particularly useful for outdoor exploration.
  • This smartwatch is also equipped with the newest SF32LB551 chip, which comes with a high-performance dual-core processor and an integrated high-performance 2D graphics engine.
  • It even comes with artificial intelligence neural network accelerator that allow the device to perform smoothly and efficiently.

Kusdo Smart Watch Ultra – $29.30

Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress

The Kusdo Smart Watch Ultra is a feature-packed clone of the Apple Watch Series 8 ultra. It boasts a larger 2.0-inch HD screen with a stunning display that is legible in direct sunlight.

  • The watch has a robust metal case that can withstand rugged challenges and is packed with numerous sports modes to help you burn calories and radiate enthusiasm.
  • The Watch Ultra’s multisports hotkey and numerous types of buttons make it easy to use, and the watch is also IP68 waterproof and dustproof, making it safe for use in rainy days without fear of wind and rain.
  • It comes equipped with powerful health functions include body temperature measurement, accurate dynamic heart and blood pressure monitoring, and sleep monitoring.
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The watch even has Bluetooth call and multitasking background features, and you can choose from countless watch faces and rich applications in the WearPro app.

Miata DT8 Ultra Smartwatch – $22.82

Watch Series 8 Ultra Clones on AliExpress

The Miata DT8 Ultra Smartwatch is a compelling option for those seeking a smartwatch that mimics the features and design of the Apple Watch Series 8.

  • With a plethora of features, such as dial market, voice calls, motion tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more, it offers a comprehensive range of health and fitness tracking capabilities.
  • Additionally, the ability to view the health data of friends and family members can be a useful feature for those who wish to keep tabs on their loved ones’ well-being.
  • The watch’s IP67 waterproof rating makes it the perfect device for individuals who want to take their watch swimming or wear it in the shower.

NFC and Alipay capabilities also make the Miata DT8 Ultra Smartwatch a viable option for those who prefer to use their watch for contactless payments.

Should You Buy the Series 8 Ultra Clone?

In short, I wouldn’t recommend buying the clone if you’re expecting something powerful. The clone of the 8 Ultra only looks the part, but lacks everything else that can make it a device to die for. 

There’s no powerful processor, there’s no Wi-Fi or Cellular capabilities, the display is not an OLED Retina and the OS is a custom firmware.

However, considering the price and the fact that it provides 24/7 health tracking, can connect to both Android and iOS and offers a better battery life, it might be something to consider buying if you don’t mind compromising on the overall performance and build quality of the device.

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