Cheap Jackets for Men – Under $35

by Timothy Blue

People in movies wear it, characters in Game on Thrones wear it and everybody wears it and everybody looks good. Jackets are stylish, keep you warm, they can even conceal some extra weight and they make you look good while you are at it!

We cover men’s casual jackets under $35

Men’s Jackets on Sale

#1 Trench Coat

Trench Coats don’t seem casual at all, but if you ask Londoners, they will tell you otherwise. Trench Coats can be a perfect blend of protecting against rain and also looking stylish. Trench Coats are generally double breasted and they are made of rough and tough material. In the winters or the rainy season, if you want to protect your clothes from getting soiled, a trench coat will be the right choice. Back in the day, trench coats were seen as coverings, these days its a fashion statement. It comes in numerous colours and if you wear a suit, you need to wear a trench coat to protect it!

long coat men

Best Price – $26.67

2. Bomber jacket

The Bomber Jacket gets its name from its predecessor that was first used by airline pilots in the World War to keep themselves warm. The name stuck as it was cool and easily marketable. A bomber jacket is more of casual wear these days. It has a distinct style with the collaring that is generally raised. These are some of the most stylish jackets out there.

printed bomber jacket mens

Best Price – $14.15

bomber jacket men

Best Price – $14.99

mens jackets online

Best Price – $12.99

3. Denim Jackets

When Levi’s came up with the concept of jeans, nobody knew the material, Denim would become popular for other apparel. Nowadays, denim jackets are very popular and they are bought frequently because of their texture that is hard and the fact that it blends with the clothing naturally. If people don’t like traditional jackets, then a denim jacket should be a part of their wardrobe. A denim jacket is also tough and can weather a bit of rough use.

denim jacket men

Best Price – $28.41

4. Leather Jackets

Everybody wants one of these. Leather jackets have been popular since the ’70s and all the way to the ’90s. It’s stylish, it fits well and it screams rockstar. It was even more popularized after Arnold Schwarzenegger wore it in the Terminator.

Why is a leather jacket stylish?

A leather jacket, compared to others fits your body tightly and encloses any extra fat. This means, even heavy set people can pull off a leather jacket.

For skinny people, it makes them look bigger and tougher. The strong shoulders and big arms make a leather jacket one of the most important casual jackets for men, out there.

mens leather jackets on sale

Best Price – $33.02

buy leather jackets online cheap

Best Price – $34.79

5. Woollen Jackets

Woollen Jackets are something that is generally not considered to be men’s wear or something that men will wear. But, Woollen Jackets are something very popular among men these days. It’s light, comfortable, easy to wear, easy to pack and keeps you warm on a cold’s night. Patterned woollen jackets are the rage these days. But a few downsides are, they don’t work well in the rain and on a hot summer’s day, it might make you feel hot.

woollen jackets mens

Best Price – $12.73

6. Puffer Jacket

Everybody has seen a puffy coat, but nobody knows what it is. A puffy coat is generally something that is worn in the cold and it looks, well, puffy. It has an added layer of protection and in cold and harsh climates, including hail storms, a puffy coat will be your best friend. Is a puffy coat casual wear? Sure it is, in cold climates.

winter jackets for men

Best Price – $22.72

7. Fleece jacket

Fleece Jackets are known because of the material they are made of. Generally, fleece jackets have a zipper and is generally used to keep you warm. If you need an all season jacket, then a fleece jacket should be your choice. A fleece jacket is light and cannot protect against heavy rain and snow. A fleece jacket is perfect to use in the summer, when it’s chilly in the morning or when riding a bike.

mens fleece jackets

Best Price – $21.53

8. Cardigans

If you want a very light, coloured, easy to pack, jacket, then a cardigan should be part of your wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, even men wear cardigans and it’s so in style right now. Cardigans are light, they are airy and they don’t do much in terms of keeping you warm, but they do add an extra layer of clothing and cover your arms. Cardigans come in various styles and colours and it’s perfect casual wear and even good as formal wear.

shrugs for men

Best Price – $19.50

stylish casual jackets for men

Best Price – $15.10

Best Price – $13.29

9. Windcheater

A windcheater as the name suggests is meant to keep you protected from the wind. Some parts of the world have a biting cold and the winds can be strong. A windcheater protects your extremitis, the neck is cordoned off and even the hands can be covered. A windcheater can protect you from catching a cold.

A lot of professional athletes use windcheaters while training so that they don’t fall sick due to the cold, before a big game.

windcheater for men

Best Price – $33.79

10. Blazer

Blazers are seen as semi-formal and in some cases, it can be seen as pretty casual as well. Blazer is one of those jackets that can make your normal appearance an extraordinary appearance purely because of its style and the way it looks. You can wear a t-shirt or a shirt and a blazer will suit it. Blazers look good over a good pair of jeans as well.

blazers for men wedding

Best Price – $14.15

blazer for men with jeans

Best Price – $35.22

11. Men’s Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are generally thick, don’t have buttons, because they have the groove buttons which are tighter, they are bulkier than a normal jacket because it protects you from strong winds and rain. Most importantly a biker jacket should look great!

biker jackets men

Best Price – $20.80

mens classic leather motorcycle jacket

Best Price – $35.10

red leather jackets

Best Price – $22.09

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