Are Huawei smartwatches any good?

by Tim Blue

Watches are doing much more these days than showing time which was the sole purpose of these wearable devices in the past. Their robust construction, advanced technology and a host of interesting functions have earned them the title ‘Smart watch’. Whether you want to keep track of your heart beat throughout the day or would estimate the calorie loss during fitness routines or would like to view the smartphone notifications on your watch, smart watches can do all of them and much more.

Huawei is one of the best brands for smart watches. Huawei has developed a galaxy of smart watch models that can satisfy the demands in different budget ranges. Many Huawei smart watch models are brilliant makes both for casual and professional uses thanks to their stylistic designs, rugged construction and wide range of workout modes. Here I have reviewed the best Huawei watch models to guide your decision on the right pick for your robust expectations.

Can Huawei Watch Sync With iPhone

The good news is, yes, the Huawei Watch can sync with an iPhone. While the two devices do not necessarily have the same operating system or software, the Huawei Watch does have the capability to connect with an iPhone for a range of tasks. Setting up the sync is relatively easy, as long as you know the exact steps to take.

The first step is for you to open up the settings app on your iPhone and scroll down until you see “Bluetooth.” Hit the blue symbol beside it to switch on the Bluetooth and ensure it is on. After this, locate the Huawei Wear app on both devices. You need to launch the app on both the watch and the iPhone. Once you do this, the watch will search for the iPhone, prompting you to Pair and Connect the two devices. To finish the sync process, simply enter the code shown on the watch onto your iPhone. Once finished, the Huawei Watch should now be connected to your iPhone.

Not only is syncing the Huawei Watch with your iPhone hassled-free, but it opens up a host of amazing features and capabilities. With your Huawei Watch paired to your iPhone, you’ll be able to access the internet, manage and view notifications, enjoy music and podcasts on the go, and track your fitness goals and progress. Plus, with advanced technology at your disposal, such as voice control, you will be able to control your iPhone from the watch with ease.

All in all, syncing your Huawei Watch with an iPhone is a great way to maximize productivity and gain access to a range of capabilities. The process is also surprisingly simple and easy. If you’re looking to stay connected but don’t want to be weighed down by an array of gadgets, connecting your Huawei Watch and iPhone is the best way for you to go!

Are Huawei Smartwatches Compatible with Samsung?

In general, however, most Huawei and Samsung watches are compatible with each other. This means that you can sync up your Huawei watch with any Samsung Android device, as long as both devices support Bluetooth connection. Of course, Samsung Wear OS (formerly known as Tizen) does not connect to all Huawei models, and some Huawei models are not supported by the Wear OS. You should check each device’s compatibility (or ask in-store if you’re shopping) before buying either a watch or a device.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Known for its contemporary design and robust workout and health monitoring functions, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro can be the best pick for those that want a premium smart watch. Suitable for fitness tracking as well as for daily wear, GT 2 Pro is fit to be called an all-rounder in the smart watches segment. This watch has more than 100 workout modes and can track any sport activity accurately including some sophisticated modes for skiing, golfing or snowboarding on driving ranges, and cross-country skiing. The skiing monitor can keep track of your average speed, trajectory, distance, descent, slope range, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and other parameters assisted by voice reminders to stay safe. 

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The watch comes with wireless charging capabilities and a fifteen day long battery life. The watch face is made of sapphire and the titanium frame makes the product durable and resistant to scratches even during rigorous outdoor sports. The most useful personal health tracking features are heart rate monitoring, notifications about abnormal heart rates, sleep tracking, stress level monitoring, and blood oxygen levels monitoring. This is a must have smart watch for all-round sportsters and fitness enthusiasts.

Huawei Watch Fit

A highly stylish sports watch from Huawei, the Huawei Watch Fit is for those that look for a host of fitness courses, health tracking features and several workout modes on their smart watch. When the gyms remain shut, this watch can be your perfect companion when you wish to try new forms of exercises and need some motivation to push you along with your fitness routines. This is perhaps the first smart watch to sport an animated personal trainer that can provide you one on one personal fitness training. In fact, to use this function, you will not need a smartphone or other devices. The watch covers about 12 workout courses and 44 posture demos.

Huawei Watch Fit also has about 96 workout modes that help track any of your sporting activities and keep a real time tracking of your sports performance, heart rate, calories consumed, exercise duration and other useful data on the AI Life app that accompanies the smart watch. The other health monitoring features of this watch include heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and oxygen levels monitoring, and sleep tracking.

Huawei Band 4 Pro Smart Watch

If you are looking for a budget priced smart watch from Huawei, Huawei Band 4 Pro Smart Watch is a great option to try. Coming with decent fitness tracking functions, this model is good enough to get the much wanted functionalities of any mid-range wearable fitness tracker. With this watch, you can elevate the technology across your daily routines and make the best of the fitness tracking and GPS functions. This watch is also water resistant meaning you can bank on it while swimming and jogging in the rains. You can set notifications on this watch to keep track of what you receive on your smartphone. Therefore, you will not have to reach out to your smartphone very often to check the texts received. 

The watch face can be customized in several ways to add a personal touch. The watch sports a 45mm AMOLED touch screen that assists in easy navigation. The battery can last for 9 days on a single charging. Some of its nice features that will allure any smart watch enthusiast are its light weight, bright graphics, waterproof capabilities and accurate step counter. Best in the entry-level tracker segment, this smart watch is worth the price you pay for on account of the economical price tag it carries.        

Huawei GT2 Smart Watch

Huawei GT2 Smart Watch is an ideal pick to elevate your style and technology. The alluring features of this Huawei watch are its high quality D touchscreen and extremely easy navigation features. The fitness trackers of this smart watch ably combined with the GPS trackers help monitor everything about your sporting activities and health parameters including your heart rate, position. Hence there is no better way to get the best out of your workouts. As this fitness companion comes with excellent water resistant features, you can using while swimming or while enjoying a shower. There are a number of watch faces to achieve a custom look every time you want something new.

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The manufacturer offers an easy-to-follow starter guide to get started with the smart watch quickly. Hence setting it up and pairing are never a hassle. The battery comes with a two week long life in a single charge and therefore you will not run out of power frequently. The watch has several interesting apps for fitness activities, motion tracking, calorie counting, distance and heart rate monitoring. Fit to be called a modern smart watch in several ways, the product wears a classic look with all those smart watch features you will expect in today’s world.

Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker

Offered with an in-built spo2 detection tool, this smart watch can monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels round the clock. When the oxygen levels come down, the band will alert you with a vibration reminding you to take a breath and regain the balance. The 1.47 inches amoled full view screen sports a 194×368 high resolution display at 282 ppi assuring an impressive view of the contents on the screen. With the minimum signs of wear and tear, this smart watch comes with all the necessary accessories and is backed by a warranty of six months.

This watch can monitor the heart beat all day long with the help of an optical lens and data-based processing tool for an accurate monitoring of your heart rate. When your heart rate drops below or goes above the safety levels, the device sends signals to alert you. The incredible battery life lasting for about 14 days is a definite advantage that rules out the need to frequently plug in the device on to the power source for charging. If you have to run out of battery during an unexpected hour, the magnetic charger can give you 2 days of rom within 5 minutes of charging.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro eSim

One of the best eSim smart watches in the market today, Huawei Watch 3 Pro sports a standalone communication system. Once you activate the eSim service of the watch on your smart phone, you will be able to use the same phone number on Huawei Watch 3 Pro with the same data and voice tariff plans of your smartphone applied. This model comes with an ultra-long battery life and on single charge, the power can last for 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode and for five days in smart mode. This watch ably strikes a balance between the traditional watch aesthetics and a modern smart watch.

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The body of this model is rendered in stainless steel beautifully designed with a large size ultra-curved 3D glass display bestowing a luxurious design for this smart watch model. Notably, Huawei Watch 3 Pro is the first member from Huawei to feature a 3D rotating crown with tactile feedback capabilities. The high precision finger movement recognition is an irresistible feature. You can zoom in and zoom out the images easily and also slide across the menu options easily and accurately. The body is made of aero-space grade titanium material in combination with a sapphire glass lens that pave the way for the product’s durability.

What to look for in the best smart watch?

Smart watch features and designs vary between brands and models. However, the principal objective of going for a smart watch is to save on time and keep a better track of your health parameters. Most smart watches some with in-built fitness tracking tools for sensing heart rate, oxygen blood levels and GPS. Some smart watches can function as the extension of your smartphone making it easy to view the phone’s notifications right on these wearable devices. Other smart watch models focus more on health tracking. Hence the right fit for your expectations depend on your life style and expectations from a smart watch. Here are the top aspects to focus on while choosing a smartwatch.

Check the list of sports or fitness modes the watch offers. Pick the one that has the modes that will suit your major sports and fitness activities. 

Look for heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels monitoring features. Many good smart watch models send alerts when there is a change in these health parameters letting you plan what to do about it.

If you are a frequent traveler, driver or one who will find it difficult to carry the smartphone all the time with you, smartphone notifications on these wearable devices are a very useful feature to look for.

The other important aspects to consider in a good smart watch model are battery life, charging modes and ports, durable construction aesthetic designs and styles and others.

Reasons to buy a Huawei smart watch

Huawei is one of the largest technology brands in the world today. Smart watches are one of the specialty offerings of this brand in response to the huge demand in the space of wearable fitness trackers. Huawei’s range of smart watches present a sitting competition to the models released by leading players like Apple, Garmin, and Samsung. Huawei watches sport some nice and highly stylistic designs and are made of premium class materials. Their price ranges are more accessible. They effectively combine the looks of a traditional watch and the functions of a modern smart watch. Sporting an impressive battery life and a host of useful fitness tracking tools, Huawei watches are on par with any leading smart watches in the market.

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