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by Tim Blue

Gone are the days when Chinese products were looked down upon for poor build quality. I’m a fitness enthusiast and prefer cycling every day to start my cardio session before I get started on my weights. I recently decided to enter into a long-distance cycling competition and was looking for an upgrade. This is my first time entering a bicycle competition and I need a good reliable bicycle to practise, so I did a little market research and found a couple of brand options that stood out to me.

You will be surprised how many amazing Chinese Bicycling brands I’ve found that served and considered multiple different metrics that I was looking for that included quality customer service, quality control and elaborate reviews from customers. These brands have their own warehouses spread across  Europe and the United States. 

So if you’re looking out to buy an affordable and reliable Chinese bicycle, the brands below are your top choices to look out for. So let’s get started with the Best Chinese Bicycles Brands 2021.

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Best Chinese Bicycle Brands


icancycling chinese bicycle

Amazing Value for Money 

Check it out! 

ICAN is a brand that has been successfully producing top-class bicycles for over a decade that provides a wide range of carbon fibre products. They cover all platforms of bicycling to handle city streets and mountain terrain. They also provide carbon fibre bicycle parts that include various bicycles frames, different terrain wheelsets and accessories to assist them. 

They have their warehouse spread across the US which is an amazing benefit if you are situated around these areas. You can purchase their exclusive product from their website or visit them for a test ride. 

Since the warehouses are set up at convenient locations around the states you can expect a fast delivery with separate no import charges.

The brand offers three years of product warranty and also provides crash replacement, where you will be provided with a 15% discount on your next purchase from the brand. 

If you are looking for only carbon fibre bicycles you can check out their associate brand called TRIAERO that deals with top of the line carbon fibre bicycles since 2017.

  • Has Been Approved by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • Supports Live Chat on their website. 
  • The brand provides Factory tours on request.
  • Multiple Warehouses in the United States.
  • Multiple Warehouses in Europe.
  • No added import tax 
  • Crash Policy
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Two year Rim Warranty.

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yoeleo chinese bicycle

Excellent Build Quality

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YOELEO has been around the bicycle market since the year 2007 and has been manufacturing carbon fibre components for other brands. Having gained adequate experience over the years in the market the brand finally established itself as a complete bike brand in 2011 and has stood out for its excellent quality bicycles. 

They have a wide variety of bicycle options to choose from and specialise in carbon frames, carbon wheels and unique accessories to support all sorts of terrain for triathlon, gravel and MTB. All their carbon road and competition bikes are assembled and sold as complete units that are delivered to your location.

One of the best things about this brand is that their unique wheel design and material are UCI approved and their design of frames are all TUV certified. 

If you’re looking for top-end carbon bicycles that are sold completely assembled this Chinese bicycle brand is the right choice for you. 

  • Has Been Approved by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • TUV certified frames designs.
  • Supports Live Chat on their website. 
  • The brand provides Factory tours on request.
  • Multiple Warehouses in the United States.
  • Multiple Warehouses in Europe.
  • No added import tax 
  • Specializes in Carbon Parts

Trifox Bike 

Trifox chinese bicycle brand

Affordable Carbon Bicycles

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If you are looking for a brand where you can assemble your own custom styled bicycle, Trifox is one of the top brands that specialize in all carbon bicycle parts that are affordably priced. 

They have been in the market for well over a decade providing good quality carbon framesets and accessories for MTB and street bikes. They ship their high quality around the world with excellent customer service to help with import taxes by phone or live chat.

One of their top bikes that you should definitely check out if you’re looking for a carbon bicycle is the X12. 

All their products come with a three-year warranty along with a crash replacement policy that provides you with a flat 12% discount on your next purchase from the brand.

  • Has Been Approved by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • Supports Live Chat on their website. 
  • The brand provides Factory tours on request.
  • Specializes in Carbon Parts 
  • Crash Replacement Policy
  • No Warehouse in the US.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • Excellent packaging


winspace chinese bicycles

Premium Chinese Bicycles

Check it out here!

If premium quality is your thing it doesn’t get better than the range of Chinese bicycles Winspace has to offer. They’re known for their Hyper 65s tires that are a class apart from the rest of the brands with amazing build quality meant for the best. 

They have a limited range of products to offer but all of those products are of the highest quality as the brand focuses on premium quality rather than large variety. 

Their Chinese bicycles have been raced at UCI Continental level and also at the Olympic games.

They manufacture carbon road bicycle frames, rims, wheels, seats and accessories. The frames have a warranty of three years, the wheels and rims have a warranty for 2 years and accessories like handlebars and seats have a warranty of 1 year. 

  • Has Been Approved by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • Supports Live Chat on their website. 
  • Specializes in Carbon Parts.
  • 3-Year Frame warranty.
  • 2-Year Wheel warranty.
  • 1-Year Accessory warranty. 
  • No Warehouse in the US.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • Excellent packaging


rinasclta chinese bike

Custom bicycles 

Check it out!

Here is another brand that gives you the freedom of complete customization with high-quality carbon fibre products. The brand made itself prominent in the Chinese bicycle market since 2011 providing a large range of MTB frames, various terrain wheelsets, bicycle forks, handlebars and accessories. 

Almost all the products are customizable from Rinasclta, where you can choose the rim depth of your wheelset, wheel hubs, rim spokes and rim. If you are getting ready for a competition and require a custom build for the terrain these guys are your best bet to get the job done.

If you like unique paint jobs this is the only Chinese bicycling brand that offers a complete custom paint job.

They offer a two-year warranty against manufacturing problems and defects, you can find support from their website for support.

  • Has Been Approved by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)
  • Custom paint job on request
  • Supports Live Chat on their website. 
  • The brand provides Factory tours on request.
  • Specializes in Carbon Parts 
  • No Warehouse in the US.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • Excellent packaging
  • Two Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.

#1 What to check if a Chinese bicycle brand is good or not?

There are five main things you need to check before considering any Chinese bicycle online.

  • Certified with UCI and Quality Control – Good quality control is the base of

a successful bicycle company. If the company provides you with a defective product and hasn’t improved the design to improve the product, it is best you find a better brand to choose your bicycle from.  

Most Chinese bicycle brands elaborate their manufacturing quality control process on their official website which shows promise from the brand making it a considerable brand option. 

The most important certification that you need to look out for is to see if the product is UCI certified and has the sticker to prove it.

 If you find the marking on the product it means the product has met mandated technical rules and is permitted to be used in any official UCI event. 

  • Online Customer Reviews – Checking online reviews from customers who’ve 

purchased the product you’re planning to buy is a great way to understand if there can be any issues with the product.

I spend a good time watching reviews of these products on youtube that definitely gives me the confidence to trust the brand and find out if the product is worth it or not. 

If you are worried about fake reviews or paid content on the internet, checking the reviews with 2 stars to 4 stars is usually the best way to find out if the product has any recurring issues.

  •  Online and Telephone customer support – With bicycles you never know 

when you might face an issue and require help from the company. 

So what I do is once I’ve shortlisted a couple of brands that look good to me, I give them a ring and request a catalogue of their latest products and see how well they respond and revert back to me. 

I always felt reassured when talking to a person to explain my issue, even if they don’t try their chat support. If you feel the response was apt and proper, this is a good sign that the brand you are dealing with is trustworthy. 

If the brand doesn’t support live chat but provides email support, shoot an email to them requesting info on a particular product and see how the turnaround time works with them. 

  • Transport and Shipping – This is one of the key factors you need to make sure 

runs smoothly with the brand. Apart from the delivery time the packing of the product has to be done properly. 

These bicycles are being shipped from halfway across the globe if the packaging is done right there is a high chance your product will be damaged when it’s being transported.

Most purchases from these companies provide free worldwide shipping and would have a professional shipping service in charge who you can get in touch with to better understand the risks of damage to the product. 

So check with the brand if they provide enough packing and protection for your product and a tracking number. 

  • Refund Policy and Warranty – No matter how good the product quality is, 

there is no surety if the product will be dysfunctional or might break. You always need to have the peace of mind to know the brand will offer assistance for the money you’ve invested with them.

Check the policies the brand offers on the product and how they are willing to make it right with you. The most common warranty is for 3 years for the frame, two years for tyres and wheels, one year for accessories. 

This can vary from brand to brand, but this is the minimum faith the brand should provide you with.

#2 How long does it take for delivery from China to the US?

It all depends on the mode of delivery you’ve chosen, this can be quite expensive so if you are looking to avoid the import cost find a Chinese brand that has a warehouse in the US. You can expect a fast delivery within a week as the bicycles are assembled here and shipped out to you. 

If the brand doesn’t have a warehouse, Express delivery like FedEx, DHL and World Express is your safest and fastest bet. You can expect your product to be delivered within 5-10 working days that will cost quite a bit. 

China EMS can take anywhere from 20 days to a month to get your product delivered to the US and Europe.

When importing a product you have to remember there are import fees that have to be cleared with customs to receive the product. Checking with the customs office before the purchase can give you an insight into how much it will cost.


These are the Best Chinese Bicycle Brands that provide excellent quality products with good customer service and warranties. If you are planning on checking other brands please be sure to check if the brand provides the below.

  • Excellent Quality Control
  • UCI Certified Products
  • Positive and Progressive Customer Reviews
  • Quick and Responsive Customer Support
  • Clear and Transparent Warranty Conditions
  • Refund Policy
  • Damaged Product Return Policy During Shipping. 
  • Reliable Shipping with Tracking Details 
  • Protective and Efficient Packaging.

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