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by Tim Blue

Are you looking for the best Chinese bicycle brands? Well, check out this curated list of top road bike brands from China that are worth buying for their design, weight as well as speed. Read further to find out more about it. 

A lot of people have started riding bicycles lately. Some ride them to avoid huge traffic on the roads to reach their destination early whereas others do it for its health benefits. Riding a bicycle is considered healthy as it helps in losing weight, lowers BP, as well as improves heart and lungs health. 

One of the most important reasons to ride a bicycle is because it’s environmentally friendly. It avoids the emission of harmful gases and keeps nature happy. Cycling is my favourite hobby and I am a regular cyclist which is why I know of a lot of chinese bicycle brands. 

There are so many Chinese bicycle brands in the market that are made with top quality material at affordable prices. Although Chinese products are mistaken to be short-lived, cheap and low quality material products, this is not the case with cycles.  

Some of these Chinese bicycle brands offer great customer service and good warranty time periods as well. You’d find these bike brands to be the most comfortable and smooth while riding them. 

Without further ado, let’s find out some of the best Chinese bicycle brands below that are worth investing in. 

Best Chinese bicycle brands

Best Chinese Bicycle BrandsSpecial Features
Miracle T-ONE Aero Triathlon Carbon Frame Bike Super lightweight, V brake, carbon fiber material, multiple sizes available from 48/52/54/56/58cm
Tideace Aero Carbon Road Bike Frame49 cm, 1050g+/-50g, Toray Carbon fiber material, great customer service
Shimano RX05 Road Bike Bicycle Disk Brake Wheel WheelsetAluminium and stainless steel material, 8,9,10 speeds, ball bearing, disc brake
ROCKBROS Folding Bicycle Carrier Handle Hand Grip Polyester material, 27x7x5 cm, easy grip

Miracle Bicycle Brand

Trifox is one of the leading Chinese bicycle brands known for being manufactured in quality and reasonable prices. Miracle bikes were launched in Shenzhen City, Guangdong and has been one of the top performing bicycle brands from China for bicycles and it’s accessories like wheels, frames etc. 

One of the best features of Miracle bikes is that they are made with carbon fiber and are of very high quality. They have had a positive feedback of 91.7% in the past year.

Miracle T-ONE Aero Triathlon Carbon Frame Bike

This is a frame from the Miracle bicycle brand which is lightweight and has a very comfortable design. It has a V brake type as well as multiple size options 48/52/54/56/58cm. It’s fully made with carbon fiber and it also can be customised according to your requirements. 

Tideace Bicycle Brand

Tideace is a bicycle brand that makes carbon material cycles and accessories. Tideace frames are extremely famous and are compatible for road as well as mountain bikes. They are really fast and the quality is just incredible. Also, they have around 10+ years of experience in the current bicycle market

My bike has a Tideace frame and I’m pressed with the company’s frame performance. Their wheels are not any less. They have great stiffness and are designed very well to provide ample support to the riders. 

Tideace bike accessories are UCI certified; they have come out from Pingshan district of China. They are branded under Hideli Sports bicycles. Tideace is one of the top bicycle accessories manufacturers on Amazon.

Tideace Aero Carbon Road Bike Frame

Tideace Aero Carbon road bike frame comes in 49 cm, 51 cm, 54 cm, as well as 57 cm. They have great customer service for the littlest problem you have. The frame is made with toray carbon fiber material and is of great quality. 

The quality of this Chinese bicycle frame is unmatched with the price and is considerably very cheap. It weighs 1050g+/-50g. This bike frame is compatible with Mechanical as well as Di2 derailleur and is a C brake road frame. It’s very comfortable to sit and ride through. 

You’ll receive all the required accessories with the frame for example: seatpost, headset, clamp and BB. This is one of the well performing frames from the best chinese bicycle brands. 

Shimano Bicycle Brand

Shimano is a Japanese bicycle brand but major manufacturing takes place in China and it’s one of the best Chinese bicycle brands for the affordable price range for it’s bikes as well accessories. 

It’s manufacturing and retailing is based in Kunshan China and are well known for their wheelsets. Infact, Shimano not only has wheels but has accessories, apparels, footwear, eyewear and a lot more. Shimano also has MTB, BMX, trekking and a lot more biking requirements.

I consider Shimano to be one of the best Chinese Bicycle brands because of its speed, aerodynamics, design as well as lightweight. It’s definitely worth trying and the accessories of Ican are also very cheap.

Shimano RX05 Road Bike Bicycle Disk Brake Wheel Wheelset 

Shimano RX05 road bike wheelset is worth having. It has a disc brake system and has a 700cc for 8, 9 and 10 speed types. The wheels are very smooth and fast. I personally enjoy these wheels a lot. The rim width is 24.5 mm and the size is 28 inches. 

Shimano Bicycle wheels have ball bearings and have 10 gears. It’s made with pure stainless steel and aluminium. These wheelsets are anti-slip and comfortable to go for long distances. Shimano bicycle wheelsets are lovely and should be purchased for their specifics. 

RockBros Bicycle Brand

RockBros bicycles are amongst the top Chinese bicycle brands that are manufactured and retailed in  Zhejiang, China. The company has set a record of making  300,000 pieces of bike bags and 200,000 pairs of bike gloves per month very recently. 

RockBros highly focus on manufacturing top quality, highly functional, comfortable design as well as low priced bike accessories to the professional riders as well as bike enthusiasts. I love RockBros accessories and have used their helmets, stands, as well as thermal face masks. 

RockBros assures customer satisfaction and is always ready to help their customer issues through their live support option. This bicycle brand is one of the most satisfactory bicycle brands you’ll ever own, for sure.

ROCKBROS Folding Bicycle Carrier Handle Hand Grip 

RockBros folding hand grip to hold the cycle is one of the most amazing bike accessories. It’s foldable and made with polyester material. It provides easy grip and it’s size is about 27x7x5 cm. If you own a bike, you should definitely consider buying this accessory.

Which is the best Chinese bicycle brand?

My team and I tested 15+ best Chinese Bicycle brands on the basis of design, comfort, functionality as well as speed. We found Tideace to be the best Chinese bicycle brand. 

Tideace is a bicycle brand that makes carbon material cycles and accessories. Tideace frames are compatible for road as well as mountain bikes. They have around 10+ years of experience in the current bicycle market. They have great stiffness and are designed very well to provide ample support to the riders. Tideace has come out from Pingshan district of China. They are branded under Hideli Sports bicycles. 

Are Chinese bicycles good?

Yes, Chinese bicycles are great as they produce low and mid price ranges bicycles. They are extremely reputed for their quality. You’ll find giant frames at very reasonable prices. 

What bike brands are made in China? 

There are a lot of bicycle brands made in China that are of good quality as well as provide comfort while riding the bicycle. Some bicycles made in China are Miracle bicycles, Tideace bikes, Shimano bicycles, RockBros bicycles. Some other really good Chinese brands for bicycles are Tianjin bicycles, Orbea bikes, and Kestrel bicycles. 

Are framed bikes made in China?

Framed bikes are built in Minnesota, USA but the parts of the bike are internationally sourced from China or Taiwan.

Are Trek bikes made in China?

Yes there are a lot of trek bikes made in China. The other countries that are involved in manufacturing trek bikes are Germany, Taiwan and the Netherlands.

Are all carbon bikes made in China?

Taiwan based manufacturers of bikes often make carbon bikes in China. They make high quality and standard bikes and it is often hard to tell they’re actually “Chinese” meaning they’re of great quality and are extremely durable. 

Chinese Bike Brands

All these above listed Chinese bike brands are extremely popular and well rated for their bikes and accessories. These Chinese bike companies aim at designing comfortable, lightweight high quality and functional bikes that create a whole new experience for the riders. 

Hope this article- Best Chinese Bicycle Brands was insightful and helped you find the right brand for you to get your bicycle. Ride more bicycles than any other vehicle as it’s affordable, eco-friendly and has a lot of benefits. 

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