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There are hundreds of articles that cover what to buy on Aliexpress, but nobody writes about what not to buy on Aliexpress. Most blogs don’t cover this because they don’t make any money out of writing articles like that. 

We at Best Chinese Products are different. 

So what goods does Aliexpress suck at? What products should you not buy on Aliexpress? 

Let’s delve deep into this! 

Aliexpress Fake Reviews

#1 — Cheap Products on Aliexpress 

aliexpress fake reviews

Okay this is super obvious but still people fall for it. I know Aliexpress is made for cheap products, but there’s a limit to how cheap. If you are getting something that is 10x cheaper then you’ll definitely need to be a bit careful. 

You can’t expect ultra cheap products to last long. This includes $1 earphones, $5 headphones, $2 slippers and $2 shirts. You get the drift. There are exceptions, but generally something very cheap will not be high quality. The return and replacement policy on these products will also be negligible. 

#2 — Safety Products on Aliexpress

what not to buy on aliexpress

Another product category that you should look to avoid is safety products. This includes hard hats or certain other products that are part of a policy or compliance in your country. Most of the products on Aliexpress follow the Chinese compliance and may not ascribe to the rules of your country.

Another thing about safety products is, you need to test them, touch and feel them before you make a purchase. I wouldn’t recommend buying safety products online even if its a site from your country. 

It’s better to buy safety products offline! 

#3 — Some Cosmetic Items 

This is a tricky topic and cosmetic manufacturers in China will hunt me down for saying this and I don’t want to generalize. But some small brand cosmetic companies are not good. And you need to be super careful. 


You don’t know the raw material and how it affects your skin. You don’t know the ingredients gone into the concoction.

Best bet? Buy from big brand cosmetic products from brands such as Focallure, O.TWO.O, Sace Lady.

#4 — Seeds 

dont buy seeds on aliexpress

Seeds. Just don’t buy seeds. Most cases, they aren’t legitimate and they don’t grow at all. You cannot confirm that the seeds you’ve received are from the plant it’s meant for. Also it’s illegal to carry seeds into certain countries and it will get seized.

Seeds are a big no no! 

#5 — Things you can get in your country for cheap

Buying from Aliexpress can be a hassle. There are people who buy toilet paper and tissues from Aliexpress thinking they don’t get cheaper in their home country. But if you really look at the right places, you can find super cheap products. Don’t buy from the big box stores and try out local stores in inexpensive areas and you will find cheaper goods. 

#6 — Life changing products 

Any product that could alter the course of your life like consumables or condoms. These are a big no. You don’t want to end up with a below par product that could really affect the outcome of your life. 

#7 — Batteries

#8 — No brand name Products 

A really good way to avoid bad products on Aliexpress is to avoid products that don’t have a legitimate brand name. Again, take this with a pinch of salt as this doesn’t apply to all products. But generally brand names have a reputation to maintain and they have been around for a bit and they have multiple products as well.

Top brands on Aliexpress are generally verified by Aliexpress themselves and pass all safety tests. 

#9 — Art 

aliexpress items that are not worth buying

Although China’s plagiarism laws have become much stricter, there are still certain cases where they are lax. In terms of art, they are very lax. In a lot of cases, the Art you buy on Aliexpress might be copied or is another artist’s work. It’s difficult to tell and it might seem like it’s something very original.

If you want to avoid blatant plagiarism and copyright issues, then you might want to avoid buying art from Aliexpress. 

How to Shop on Aliexpress

#1 — Buy from Verified Sellers

If you have been around Aliexpress, then this is fairly obvious. A seller with good ratings and reviews has a profile that looks fundamentally different from a seller who doesn’t have much ratings and reviews. Before you commit to a product, check out the listings. Here is how you can identify a top seller.

  • Good number of followers
  • Top Brand logo
  • High Positive Feedback
aliexpress top seller

#2 — Read the Product Description Thoroughly 

Genuine sellers don’t want to go through the trouble of returns and replacements. This is why in the description they give you the details of the products and list out the most common queries from the customer. This is very important to look at before you make a purchase. 

#3 — Check out the Guarantees from the Seller 

aliexpress buyer protection

Every seller decides to list out their guarantees for their products. They can either choose a 30 day return policy or certain other rules set by Aliexpress. 

#4 — Talk before you shop

If you have questions regarding the products, always ensure to reach out to the seller. More often than not, they would love to help. This also ensures that you could get all your queries answered before you actually make a purchase. 

#5 — Free shipping isn’t fast shipping 

aliexpress free shipping

Be prepared to wait for a long time if you choose free shipping. It’s the most slow and cumbersome process and it goes through China Post. Free shipping also goes through your own company’s local post which might be slower than private players. I once got a watch after 3 months because of free shipping. 

#6 — Be doubtful of super cheap products

I’d always be careful of uber cheap products because no matter what, certain quality will demand a certain price and you can’t get it for cheaper than that. 

#7 — Custom costs depends on your country 

It’s not the seller’s fault when it comes to the customs in your country. If the customs levy a tax, it isn’t the seller’s fault. They try their best to understate the price, but if the customs in your country decide to open the box and check the value of the products, then they will.

Aliexpress Reviews 2020

So how is Aliexpress improved in 2020? Aliexpress has really stepped up the game in terms of improving the seller quality, creating better measures for customer safety and increasing the overall standard in the marketplace. 

It’s a lot harder to get bad products on Aliexpress in 2020. 

Aliexpress Buyer Protection

Aliexpress has instated the buyer protection policy which saves the end buyer from any fraudulent activity or defective product or wrongly advertised product from the seller. This includes 30 day return policy, refund policies and more.

How does shipping work on Aliexpress 

Shipping is a tricky subject on Aliexpress because you could either get your parcel within a week, or you’ll have to wait till the end of time. The former is good, but the latter is what throws people off from the platform.

Here are a few rules with regards to shipping 

  • Free shipping will always take time. If you opt for free shipping, be prepared to wait for a long time
  • Paid shipping is much more reliable because it involves a private shipper. In most cases, there is likely a point of contact if you have any issues with your order 

Is Aliexpress Safe?

Aliexpress is absolutely safe and the amount of issues that the end users have encountered has dropped considerably over the years. There are much more safety precautions that stops any fraudulent activity. 

Is it safe to use a Credit Card on Aliexpress? 

There are concerns amongst shoppers from other countries with regards to the safety of their credit card. But it’s absolutely safe to use a credit card on Aliexpress because of the safety measures that are in place. 

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