Best Hair Vendors on Amazon 2021 (Our Best Pick)

by Tim Blue
Best Amazon Hair Sellers
indian hair on amazon

Store Name: ISEE Hair

Store Description: Again, ISEE Hair wins the coveted store of the year amongst other Amazon hair sellers 2020!

Price range: $50 - $300

[ Check out the store here ]

  • ISEE Hair
  • Annelbel
  • Beauty Forever
  • Cynosure

I’m sure you have searched for Amazon hair extensions in the past year looking for the best hair extensions. Amazon does have amazing hair extensions, clip-in hair and tape-in hair. But the issue is, what’s legitimate and what isn’t? 

This is why I dove deep to find the best Amazon hair vendors with the best human hair bundles and human hair wigs. 

People assume wrongly that Amazon doesn’t have good hair sellers. Well let’s prove them wrong 🙂 

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Best Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

Top Amazon Hair Sellers

Hair Seller on AmazonKnown For (Popular Product)Store Link
UniceUnprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair Wig, Pre Plucked Natural Hairline with Baby Hair 
Store link
CynosureKinky Curly Lace Frontal Wig with Baby HairStore link
LudunaFront Wigs Brazilian Wet and Wavy Deep Curly Lace – 130% Density 
Store link
Beauty Forever Hair Brazilian Body Wave Hair – Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Weft Extensions
Store link
Hermosa Hair Pre Plucked Bleached Knots Remy Brazilian Straight Lace Wigs
Store link
Royal Impression Brazilian Virgin Pineapple Deep Wave Hair
Store link
Miss Gaga Hair Brazilian 3 Bundles with Closure Deep Wave Hair Bundles Store link
Love in Autumn Human Hair Extensions Weave – Wavy Hair, Double Weft, Natural Black
Store link
Star Show Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair 150% Density Pre Plucked Natural Hairline
Store link
ISEE Hair Mongolian Kinky Curly Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair 
Store link
Flady Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Weave Natural
Store link
Amella Hair10A Unprocessed 100% Human Hair Bundles with Closure
Store link
Bestsojoy3 Bundles Remy Human Hair Weaves 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions
Store link
QT Hair 20″ Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Brazilian Body Wave Store link
Nadula Lace Frontal Short Bob Wig With Bangs 150% Density Brazilian Straight Human Hair Wigs
Store link
Aatifa Straight Hair Lace Front Wig (18 inch) Malaysian 9A
Store link
ALLRUN100% Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair 3 Bundles
Store link
Grand Natural Virgin Hair10 Inches Transparent Lace Frontal Closure – Straight wave
Store link
Megalook13 X 4 Lace Closure WigStore link

#1 — Unice 

Unice is one of the popular Amazon hair vendors. They have a wide collection of hair products such as hair wigs, hair bundles and more. 

In their collection, there are wigs, closures, frontals and are also known for their blonde hair. They have hair collections called the ICENU series, KYSISS series and Banicoo series. If you are looking for the best straight hair on Amazon, then head to Unice.

Actual Hair from the Unice Store
Actual Hair from the Unice Store

Known for : Malaysian Straight Hair Bundle

Check out the store here!

#2 — Cynosure 

The Cynosure store has the latest trends in hair fashion. Their style of wigs, laces and extensions are super modern. So if you are looking for the best Amazon hair extensions, then you need to check out the Cynosure store. This store is also awesome to get some inspiration with regards to hair wigs when you have run out of ideas.

One of the most popular products they have is the 22-inch Straight Human Hair bundle. It’s one of the most popular Amazon hair companies.

Their products are super affordable and also does not shed.

Known for : Water Wave Lace Front Wig

Check out the store here!

#3 — Luduna

The Luduna Hair store on Amazon does not have a lot of products. They primarily deal with hair bundles with closure, lace frontal wig and 360 lace front wig. Here are the highlights of the hair from Luduna

  • No Smell
  • No Shedding
  • No Tangling
  • Easy to Bleach
  • Transparent Lace

Known for : Brazilian Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Check out the store here

#4 — Beauty Forever Hair 

The Beauty Forever Hair company is one of the best Amazon hair sellers. They sell everything under the sun. Hair weaves, wigs, closures & frontals and bundles. If you are confused about what type of hair to buy, you can shop certain looks that will give you an idea.

Shop looks from the Beauty Forever Store
Shop looks from the Beauty Forever Store

Known for : Brazilian Body Wave

Check out the store here!

#5 — Hermosa Hair 

The Hermosa Hair store is a personal favourite for a lot of women because of their clear product offerings and super cheap pricing. One of the most popular products is the Brazilian straight lace wig. 

Their hair bundles are super cheap as well. 

Known for : Front lace wig, pre-plucked bleach knots. 

Check out the store here!

#6 — Royal Impression 

In the  Royal Impression store you will find the best wave bundles on Amazon. They sell all kinds of waves that include deep wave, water wave, natural wave, loose wave, Pineapple deep wave and more. 

They don’t have a massive collection, but have a few amazing products that are much in demand. 

Known for : Pineapple Deep Wave 

Check out the store here!

#7 — Miss Gaga Hair 

You might have heard of the Miss Gaga Hair store as they are popular on Aliexpress as well. Miss Gaga Hair deals with Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Indian Hair and Peruvian Hair. 

In terms of product offerings they deal with curly hair, deep wave, body wave, loose wave, straight hair, lace frontal wig and 360 lace wig. 

Known for : Brazilian Deep Wave 8A Unprocessed Virgin Hair

Check out the store here!

#8 — Annelbel

The Annelbel Store has some of the cheapest hair bundles we have seen on Amazon. They have a $38 hair body wave bundle that is quite popular. Thie store also regularly offers discount coupons on their products. 

But truth be told, the hair in this store is not as good as some of the others we have listed. What makes this store unique is the cheap priced hair.

Known for : Brazilian Hair Body Wave Bundle 

Check out the store here!

#9 — Star Show 

The Star Show store on Amazon deals with 100% real hair. Their specialty includes Human Hair Wigs, Body Wave, Loose Deep Hair, Straight Hair and Short Bobs.

They are known for their short bob hair wigs. They have short bob wigs with curly hair and short bob wigs with straight hair and short bob wigs in blonde and so much more. 

Known for : Short bob wigs

Check out the store here!

#10 — ISEE Hair 

One of the best Amazon hair vendors is ISEE Hair. They are uber popular worldwide and are one of the biggest hair sellers in the world. 

ISEE hair sell hair of all types, lengths, colours, shapes, patterns and more. For being a branded hair seller, their prices are pretty reasonable. 

Some of the hair that ISEE hair sells are Wigs, Straight Hair, Body Wave, Water Wave, Kinky Curly, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Closure and Frontal and Dyed hair. 

Known for : Mongolian Kinky Curly Wigs 

Check out the store here!

#11 — Joedir

synthetic wigs on amazon

The Joedir store sell wigs which are all in the price range between $40 to $60. It’s super affordable for most people. But as you can tell it’s not real virgin hair, but synthetic hair wigs. If you are looking for a wig in terms of having a new style or a new look, the Joedir store has a perfect collection.

Their best selling products are the Lace Front Wigs which has a 30-inch length. it has an Ombre style and comes in numerous colours. You can wear this wig on your natural hair with ease.

Known for : Synthetic Lace Wigs

Check out the store here

#12 — Fuhsi

blond hair wig amazon

The Fuhsi Store is a small wig sellers on Amazon. They don’t have a massive collection, but what they do well is their cheap synthetic blonde wigs. Their best selling products are their long Kanekalon hair. Kanelon hair is this special Japanese synthetic fiber that mimics the texture, look and feel of real hair.

It has skin-safe, perfectly fitting elastic straps for the fit that you want. The product price ranges from $42 to $62. They have really long wigs which look uber stylish.

In terms of the price point, they have some of the best wigs on Amazon.

Known for : Awesome blonde wigs

Check out the store here

#13 — WinGirl

wingirl natural hair amazon

The Wingirl store on Amazon deals with human hair bundles. They used real, unprocessed virgin, Brazilian human hair. All the hairs on Wingirl have a pre-plucked natural hairline, lightly bleached knots and an elastic net.

The hair bundles are quite cheap at around $91. In terms of styles they have body wave, curly hair, deep wave, ombre hair, water wave and more.

Wingirl has a great collection of hair bundles, closures and lace wigs.

Known for : Cheap hair bundles

Check out the store here

#14 — Giannay

cheap wigs on amazon

The Giannay store on Amazon is a decent Amazon hair vendor. They sell synthetic wigs. There are other sellers who sell synthetic wigs, but what makes them stand out is the styles of their synthetic wigs.

Their curly wigs, bang wigs, ombre curly wigs are super natural and are very cheap. They have wigs for as cheap as $17. Which is probably the cheapest synthetic hair wig on Amazon.

Known for : Cheapest synthetic wigs

Check out there store here

#15 — Megalook

hair vendors on amazon

Megalook is a pretty new hair wig company that has become quite a rage on Amazon. Their most popular songs are the lace wigs, short bob wigs.

It ranges from $90 to $195. The hair from the Megalook store is 100% human hair from young women. They make hair with different densities and lengths and it can be made for different hair lengths as well.

In terms of a range, the Megalook Store doesn’t have much, but it’s best for lace closure wigs. Most of their products have a 63%, 5-star rating.

Known for : 13X4 Lace Wig

Check out the store here

Amazon Hair Vendors Vs Aliexpress Hair Vendors

There are the same hair vendors on each of the platforms. But what differentiates them is the price of the hair and the shipping costs. Why does this matter? 

It all depends on the commission charged by Amazon or Aliexpress. To maintain their margins, the sellers price it at a certain level.

The shipping also matters depending on the seller and what they offer! 

So here’s a comparison we do! 

Amazon Hair vs Aliexpress Hair – Price 

We take one of the most popular hair sellers online – ISEE Hair. 

Product we are comparing is the Straight Lace Front Wig – 13 X 4 wig. 

Aliexpress Hair Price

Price – $135 + Free Shipping to the UK 

Amazon Hair Price 

Price – $145.99 + $37 for shipping to the UK 

As you can see the price and shipping costs on Amazon are a LOT more compared to that of Aliexpress because the Amazon shipping for UK is much faster than Aliexpress.

If you want your hair fast, then you’ll need to buy from Amazon because it’s shipped from the local Amazon warehouse. If you want hair to be cheap, then go with Aliexpress because the shipment is done from China. 

Are Amazon wigs real?

A: If you are wondering whether the hair available on Amazon is real, the answer is Yes and No. Sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon provide detailed descriptions of the wigs that they sell, which particularly specify what material is used to make them. Products made of synthetic may not be what you are looking for, but there is a demand for it nonetheless – women tend to purchase them for events, as they are cheaper and give a glamorous look (which might be fitting for a theme party!). 

In case you have already received the human hair wig that you have ordered and are sceptical of the material used, there are simple ways to make sure the seller has not outsmarted you. Since synthetic hair reacts badly to heat, exposing a few strands to your hair iron will immediately melt them, and that would clear any doubts you have. This simple trick is probably what holds back fraudulent sellers from selling synthetic hair as human hair. 

Are Amazon hair extensions good?

A: Clip-on extensions, tape-ins, sew-ins, fusion or micro-link hair extensions, you will be able to find the best of them all on Amazon. Amazon also has low-quality products, and you will have to pick up one of the good brands (you can use the list we’ve shared). You would be better off choosing the ones made from human hair over the synthetic ones, as hair extensions are worn along with your natural hair and the washing process is different for each. 

Although the various types of extensions may be worth the price, you will have to choose the right fit for your head and scalp. Not surprisingly, vendors will market whatever product they sell, but you must make your selection based on your hair. For example, a brand that sells sew-in hair extensions will highlight the superior style it gives out in terms of looks, but they may leave out the fact that weaves are recommended only for people with thicker hair as it puts a strain on the crown of your head. Similarly, tape-ins are stuck using strips with special glue that can slide off when certain hair products or conditioners are used. Ergo, it would be better to do your research before hitting the Buy Now button. 

Is Amazon hair good?

A: Amazon has a huge seller-base, and new sellers are added every day to the portal. This means that there will be numerous options available, and you will have to identify the right vendors who are selling superior quality products. Besides going through the recommendations given by us or any other bloggers, you can explore different brands yourself to see what fits your requirements the best.

A short read-up on any vendor’s hair listing will give you details around the five important aspects of a wig – the type of hair, the shade, the fit, the length and the material of the cap. Once you have some info around these details, you can judge for yourself whether the hair you are purchasing is good. And ultimately, it pays to skim through the product reviews and ratings, and the vendors’ positive feedback percentage. 

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