Best Xiaomi Themes for MIUI 2023 (MIUI 14 Themes – Updated Monthly)

by Tim Blue

It doesn’t matter if you love or loathe Xiaomi’s MIUI skin for Android. Using Xiaomi Themes, you may completely change the look and feel of your Xiaomi smartphone. It is possible to modify your smartphone’s theme, download many ringtones, and even alter the font used to display the UI. Multiple tabs contain all of the content in Xiaomi Themes. Change the theme of your smartphone by selecting the first choice from the drop-down menu. Several alternatives are available.

The remaining sections allow you to customize the interface down to the background, ringtones, and font style. The tabs are arranged in a logical manner. Although the most popular material will always appear first by default, you can always use the search box to narrow your results. It’s worth noting, however, that Xiaomi Themes are exclusively compatible with Xiaomi devices. If you can’t find the app after installing it, try changing your phone’s region. It’s in the ‘options’ section of the menu.

Best MIUI Themes

iOS 14:

This theme emulates the look and feel of Apple’s iOS 14 operating system, bringing iOS-style icons, wallpapers, and overall aesthetics to your Xiaomi device.

Android Pie:

Inspired by Google’s Android Pie, this theme offers a clean and minimalist design with rounded icons, vibrant colors, and fluid animations.

White Room

White room is a super clean interface with a dash of absolute goodness. At the outset it’s a beautiful looking and clean theme. When you go to the control center, the magic opens with a black screen with a red border. Very cool looking!

MIUI 14 Carbon:

A sleek and modern theme featuring dark backgrounds, sharp icons, and stylish typography. It gives your Xiaomi device a premium and sophisticated look.

MIUI 14 Super Wallpaper:

This theme brings the iconic “Super Wallpapers” from MIUI 14, featuring stunning visuals of Earth and Mars as your device’s wallpaper.

Ocean Breeze:

With soothing blue tones and fluid animations, this theme provides a refreshing and calming visual experience, ideal for those who prefer a serene ambiance.

Colorful Nebula:

This theme showcases vibrant and cosmic colors with a futuristic design, reminiscent of an interstellar nebula. It offers unique icons and wallpapers to liven up your Xiaomi device.

Material Design:

Inspired by Google’s Material Design language, this theme offers a clean and colorful interface with bold typography and intuitive icons.

Black Shark:

Designed for gaming enthusiasts, this theme offers a dark and aggressive aesthetic, with sharp edges, fiery accents, and gaming-inspired icons.

Nature’s Harmony:

This theme brings nature-inspired elements to your Xiaomi device, with beautiful landscapes, gentle colors, and organic icon designs for a peaceful and harmonious experience.

Pixel Experience Dark

pixel experience dark theme xiaomi

I think Pixel Experience Dark Pixel Experience is one of the best Xiaomi themes available. For two reasons, I think the theme is excellent. First, it’s created to match the Pixel’s look and feel. Second, it features a dark mode option.

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Aside from that, the theme has no negative impact on device performance. A Google Material Design-inspired icon shape also gives MIUI a very stock-like appearance. Other choices include a “Text Lock Screen Clock” for Pixel smartphones and various customizations.

xiaomi theme pixel

PixPie Dark

Changing your MIUI device to look like a stock Android handset is easy with PixPie Dark, another powerful theme. There are a lot of similarities between OxygenOS and Google’s Pixel operating system in this theme, and that’s not all. As a result, I’m enamored with the combination of two well-known stock Android skins. For example, unlike other themes that merely alter your wallpaper and icon, this will modify your lock screen, the system features like status bar notifications and quick settings panel icons and wallpaper.

pixel pie xiaomi theme

Pixel Q Light

pixel Q xiaomi theme

Pixel Q Light theme for MIUI is an excellent option if you prefer to use your phone in a more ambient light setting. It includes the Google Wallpaper, Material Design icons, a tidy and distinct fast settings page, and more. Google’s trademark light and lively colour scheme have been implemented for the Basic Settings page and keyboard. Because this theme is so light and does not slow down your phone in any way, it’s my favorite.

V2 of Android Go.

V2 of android Go Xiaomi theme

Reminiscent of Android Go OS, a simplified version of Stock Android. Also, from Xiaomi, the Redmi Go, a handset running Android Go OS, is available for purchase. To get that minimalistic look on your MIUI-based device, Android Go v2 is a great theme to install. It streamlines the user interface by placing just the most essential apps on the home screen and reducing the size of the fast settings panel. In addition, its 2.3MB memory footprint reduces overall RAM consumption, resulting in improved performance.


pineapple xiaomi theme

Even though Android P is called Pie and not Pineapple, this is a fantastic theme. In reality, it’s one of the most minimalistic and resembles Android 9 Pie in terms of style. The theme features a minimalistic dock and Android Pie-style quick settings toggles. Contrary to this, as the theme does not support 18:9 ratios, the lock screen appears slightly distorted on the device.

The Android OS version P.

Android P xiaomi theme

Since Android 10 is now available, you can’t be blamed for finding a theme that mimics the new design of the operating system. It’s easy to see that Android P is based on Android Pie because the white and blue colour scheme is consistent throughout. The fast settings icons are so nicely crafted that anyone might easily confuse your cell phone for one running Android 9 Pie. To get the Android P appearance on your device, this is the theme for you if you’re a fan of the white colour scheme.

Android One

One of Google’s most minimal Android skins, Android One, is perfect for this theme. The Android One theme features circular icons, folder icons, a Pixel Widget, and many more features like the Android One theme. The status bar icons also have a striking resemblance to the AOSP ones. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have many extra features, I like this theme because it doesn’t look cluttered or overly complicated.

Oxygen 999

I love Stock AOSP, but there are aspects of OxygenOS that I appreciate as well, particularly the way it combines Stock AOSP with its UI features. The Oxygen 999 theme is perfect for others who feel the same way. The theme lets you enjoy the standard Android Nougat home-screen, lock-screen, and in-call experience on your device. Despite the lack of extra customization options, most users will be content with the appearance and feel of OxygenOS, which is the same.

AOSP Extended 

Even though it is one of my favorite ROMs, I’m not pushing you to install the AOSP Extended custom ROM. But the AOSP Extended theme tries to give you the same “extended” look on your MIUI device as the official AOSP theme does. The AOSP Extended theme features round icons and a dark gray/black color scheme over the whole theme area. My favorite feature of this theme, which has a transparent backdrop, is the ease of use of its quick settings.

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coolest theme xiaomi

Instructions For Using Xiaomi’s Themes On Your Phone

Since its launch, Xiaomi has been a pioneer in developing themes for smartphones, launching its MIUI theme store before this was a popular feature.

Themes might be confusing at times. We’ll show you where to find Xiaomi themes and how to install them.

The first step is to open an account.

To download themes, you’ll need a Mi account, even if you may browse the store without one. To create an account, go to or use your Facebook credentials to sign up for an account. By way of your phone’s settings, you can also join up (settings > Mi account). If you wish to use themes, you’ll need a Mi account.

Theme selection is the second step.

You may search for and download MIUI themes after you’ve set up your Mi account. To access the store, open the themes app.

There is a scrolling list of categories at the top of the home screen for easy access to all available themes. Other permanent categories include the most popular topics and new submissions.

Go down a few levels and you’ll see a variety of categories ranging from daily recommendations to boys and girl’s themes to the top 100 of the previous months to various other options.

Downloading and organising your Xiaomi themes is the third step.

Have you come across a subject matter that interests you? A green download button will appear at the bottom of the screen when you tap on it. When the download bar has filled, release the button.

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Upon completion of the download, the download button will change to an application button. The freshly downloaded theme will be applied to your phone if you tap on it. Now that you’ve got a new theme, you’re ready to go.

Two alternatives are available for those who have downloaded multiple themes and want to see them all in one place. Alternatively, you can go to themes and tap the smiley face icon (the third one on top of your screen). The number of downloaded themes should appear next to the themes button from this point on.

Visit Settings > Themes (it should be in the “personal” section) to see all of your downloaded themes. My themes will appear at the top of the screen and a few recommended selections underneath.

A previously downloaded (or pre-installed) theme can be applied by selecting it from the Themes menu, then tapping the apply button.

Xiaomi allows you to mix and match elements from several themes to achieve the look and feel you like on your Android device. This is one of the most excellent components of Android customisation. Icon packs, lock style, dial pad, status bar, and more can be replaced using Xiaomi’s inbuilt theme customizer.

  1. Are Xiaomi themes safe to use on my phone?

Installing themes from the official store is generally safe because you can easily go back to the default theme.

  1. Do Xiaomi themes slow down your phone?

Themes dont affect the speed of the phone in the latest MIUI versions

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