Best Aliexpress Sunglasses 2023 | Aliexpress Fake Sunglasses Review (Rayban Replica, Gucci Replica Sunglasses)

by Tim Blue

One of the most popular items on Aliexpress is sunglasses. They have thousands of offerings with sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women and sunglasses for kids. If you are looking for the best sunglasses on Aliexpress, then you’ve come to the right place. There is one thing you need to consider before buying sunglasses on Aliexpress and that is the size. 

Aliexpress SunglassesPrice
Best Polarized Sunglasses on Aliexpress$9.55 on Aliexpress
Best Sunglasses for Cycling on Aliexpress$8.81on Aliexpress
Best Replica Sunglasses on Aliexpress$6 on Aliexpress
Prada Replica Sunglassess$3 on Aliexpress
Gucci Replica Sunglasses$4 on Aliexpress
Link 2
Aliexpress Sunglass SellersLink
Barcur Link
Long Keeper BusinessLink
Sunglasses 2020Link
CC Space DesignerLink
Sen MariesLink

So we have a simple size guide at the end of the article, that can help you pick out the right size of Aliexpress sunglasses for you! 

Designer Sunglasses on Aliexpress


Replica Raybans & Replica Oakleys on Aliexpress

Aliexpress sells a variety of replica sunglasses or dupe sunglasses as someone calls it. And in fact, it’s not as scrutinized as replica handbags, so you’ll find some amazing prada sunglass dupes or gucci replica sunglasses and of course Rayban replicas and Oakleys replicas.

#1 —  Kingseven Polarized Sunglasses

aliexpress polarized sunglasses

One of the most popular sunglasses on Aliexpress is the men’s vintage aviator type of sunglasses. It has more than 29,000+ sales. It has a strong aluminum frame, HD polarized lenses, silicon rubber sleeve and silicone nose pads. These are the best Aliexpress sunglasses with UV protection.

Click here to check out the product – $9.11

#2 — Barcur Magnesium Sunglasses

kingseven sunglasses

Barcur’s Aluminum magnesium glasses are super stylish looking. It comes in six colours and it has the reflective version that is a mirror style. 

Click here to check out the product – $11

#3 — AOFLY Ultralight 

polar king sunglasses

The AOFly Ultralight glasses are some of the coolest looking sunglasses on Aliexpress. It’s protected from UV Rays and it has polarized lenses. It’s great on those long drives when you want to protect your eyes from the sun because it’s quite lightweight too! 

Click here to check out the product – $9.89

#4 — Leonlion Sunglasses

aliexpress sunglasses women

The most popular sunglasses for women on Aliexpress is the classic 80’s style slightly round frame sunglasses with the black shades. It protects from the sun, it’s a universal style! 

Click here to check out the product – $2.78

#5 — Unbelievable Square Sunglasses

aliexpress cheap sunglasses

If you are looking for an uber chic style, then look no further than these square sunglasses that have a distinct design. Ramp up your oomph factor with these designer shades. 

aliexpress stylish sunglasses

Click here to check out the product – $2.95

#6 — LPOIU Retro Sunglasses 

aliexpress UV sunglasses

One of the coolest sunglasses online is the retro sunglasses from Aliexpress. It has a thin cat eye like oval design. It comes in some interesting colours such as red, yellow and green. Want to have the classic look? 

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aliexpress retro sunglasses

Click here to check out the product – $2.13

#7 — Warblade Kids Polarized Sunglasses

aliexpress kids sunglasses

One of the most awesome sunglasses for kids from Aliexpress is the polarized sunglasses that protect their little eyes from the sun and its UV rays. It’s also made of silicone, which means they can’t poke themselves with it or hurt themselves. The silicone is malleable. 

Click here to check out the product – $2.60

#8 — Aliexpress Sunglasses for Children

aliexpress polarized sunglasses for kids

If you have a child from the age group of 6 onwards, you can consider these UV ray protected sunglasses. They come in different frame colours! 

Click here to check out the product – $2.90

#9 — Aviator Sunglasses on Aliexpress

Aliexpress’ most popular sunglasses are the aviators. There are a lot of Ray Ban lookalikes on Aliexpress. It starts from around $3 and goes all the way up to $40 and more. If you want better quality sunglasses, then consider sunglasses in the price range of $5 to $10. 

aliexpress aviator sunglasses

Best Price – $3.24

cheap mens sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $4.90

#10 — Wayfarer Sunglasses on Aliexpress

Wayfarers suit an oval face, rectangle face and square shaped face, making it one of the most popular styles and that is why Aliexpress has a lot of Wayfarer designs. 

rayban sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $17.99

#11 — Shield Sunglasses on Aliexpress

Shield sunglasses are large, end to end sunglasses that are close and cover your eyes and your eye socket area. When you are doing an intense activity such as surfing, these glasses are worn. Shield sunglasses are for more a protective standpoint than a style standpoint. But there are numerous shield sunglasses out there that look great as well.

shield sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $3.29

#12 — KDEAM Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are a must need for sports players, who need to shield from the sun and have something very intact. Sports sunglasses generally are very close to the face and if you play sports like baseball, golf, cricket, then a sports sunglasses will come in very handy. Check out the best collection of sports sunglasses on Aliexpress.

polarized sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $6.91

#13 — Comaxsun Sunglasses

If you are a biker and are looking for solid sunglasses, then you can check out the exclusive collection of biker sunglasses on Aliexpress. 

Sunglasses worn by bikers are quite different, as it needs to be steady and should be able to withstand a lot of wind. So it needs a strong rim and the nuts and bolts should also be strong. Biker sunglasses need to have a light coating of a film so that the biker can see clearly while it also protects from the sun. 

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biker sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $8.81

best motorcycle riding sunglasses aliexpress

#14 — Molniya Sunglasses

The first person who made round glasses popular was Gandhi, then was John Lennon and after that was Steve Jobs. Now the round sunglasses have become quite popular. Round sunglasses suit an oval face, square face and a diamond-shaped face.

round sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $15.08

round sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $3.63

#15 — Veithdia Sunglasses

The Retro Square style of Sunglasses are popular among men and women and this is certainly a style that can be worn by both. What characterizes a retro square look?

The Retro square is a cross between wayfarers and a square style of glasses. It has the best of both and it covers a wide spectrum. For people who like slightly large frames, then the Retro Square look is the one to go for.

veithdia sunglasses aliexprss

Best price – $8.01

#16 — RBROVO Sunglasses

The Browline sunglasses is a particular style that has a thick top, while the base is rimless. This style looks good on rounded and rectangle shaped faces.

semi rimless sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $2.85

semi rimless sunglasses men aliexpress

Best Price – $5.99

#17 — Sunglasses 2020 Store

Polarized sunglasses are an extra layer added to sunglasses that protect against glare and shiny objects. It brings more clarity to your vision. When you are doing potentially dangerous things like driving, biking and riding. It helps to have polarized sunglasses as it reduces the sharp shine that is reflected off of glass and mirrors.

best sunglasses on aliexpress

Best Price – $4.91

#18 — Kequerking Sunglasses

For those of you who are looking for some bling, then metal frame sunglasses are a perfect choice. They are either made of a steel finish or a gold finish. It brings attention to the face in a positive way.

popular sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $3.52

#19 — Veithdia Mirror Sunglasses

Mirror Sunglasses come in various styles such as aviators and wayfarers but what makes them distinct is the mirror finish. They have a coating that makes it reflective. These glasses are super stylish and nobody can see your eyes 🙂

mirror sunglasses aliexpress

Best Price – $7.33

#20 — Kingseven Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless sunglasses are the ones that have no external covering on the edges. These are slightly more delicate compared to other styles, but from a look standpoint, they look fabulous.

Rimless sunglasses need to be protected and encased as and when possible to avoid easy breakage.

king seven sunglasses aliexpress

#21 — Viahda Sunglasses

One of the most popular Sunglasses on Aliexpress is the Viahda sunglasses. It has the polarized feature and it costs only $6. It comes in super cool lens colour options that are sea blue, orange, green, dark blue, black and more.


Check it out here

#22 — Polar King Sunglasses

One of the coolest store for Sunglasses on Aliexpress is the Polar King Store. They have a wide range of styles for both men and women. Even the premium glasses on this store cost only about $14.

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Check it out here

#23 — Classic Gothic Steampunk Sunglasses

This is one of the most attractive sunglasses I’ve found on Aliexpress. It has the shape of vintage glasses and comes in 9 different colours. The gold metallic frame and grey lens give an extraordinary look. The lenses are polarised and eliminate glare. 

The frame quality is extremely high quality and is great for activities like fishing, walking in the sun, taking a tour in the open etc. These Gothic Steampunk sunglasses are also extremely affordable and can make you look cool without breaking your bank.

Are there any fake sunglasses like Rayban or Gucci available on Aliexpress?

No, Aliexpress sells look alike glasses to high end brands which are not completely a replica. If you’re looking for a designer dupe then you should probably check out Dhgate. 

How long does Aliexpress take to ship sunglasses? 

Sunglasses can be shipped as early as possible, in 2-6 weeks because they’re light weighted items. It might take a little longer like 4-8 weeks during busy sale seasons. 

Where can I find wholesale replica sunglasses? 

If you want replica sunglasses, Aliexpress might not be your best bet. Look for replica sunglasses on Dhgate where you’ll find copies of different designer brands.

Best Replica Sunglasses on Aliexpress

If you are looking for look alike sunglasses on Replicas. Then we cover the best sunglasses brands like Rayban and Oakley.

Top Sunglass brands on AliexpressSimilar BrandsLink
Oakley Sunglasses on AliexpressViahda SunglassesLink
Rayban Sunglasses on AliexpressPolar King SunglassesLink
Nautica Sunglasses on AliexpressMarkamilla Sunglasses

Chinese Sunglasses Brands on Aliexpress

Are Aliexpress Sunglasses Safe?

Aliexpress sunglasses are very safe. They adhere to the international standards of eyewear. Legitimate brands such as Kingseven, Veithdia, Viahda all have the standards in place that is expected of sunglasses. It is safe to buy sunglasses from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress sunglasses with UV protection – Is it legit?

If you are looking for Aliexpress sunglasses with UV protection, make sure to stick to the polarized sunglasses from the big brands. Brands such as Polar King have amazing polarized sunglasses that protect from UV.

Aliexpress Sunglasses on Wholesale – What’s the best way?

Most of the Aliexpress sunglass sellers distibute sunglasses through the wholesale model. You can contact the seller directly for bulk orders and they will guide you correctly!

Aliexpress Sunglass Size Guide 

Buying the right size of sunglasses can be tricky. Most of the sellers have details of the sizing in the ‘Overview’ section of their product page.

They mention the 

  • Lens Height 
  • Nose Bridge 
  • Lens Width 
  • Temple Length 
  • Frame Width 

Even after buying according to specifications, if the size doesn’t fit, then you can replace it or get a refund, only if it doesn’t fit and if the seller has these rules stated in the page. This is what you need to look for underneath the Buy button. This is from the Barcur store.

The Best of Aliexpress


One of the most popular sunglasses on Aliexpress is the men’s vintage aviator type of sunglasses. It has more than 29,000+ sales. It has a strong aluminum frame, HD polarized lenses, silicon rubber sleeve and silicone nose pads. These are the best Aliexpress sunglasses with UV protection.

Product SKU: 94394002

Product Brand: KingSeven

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 9.99

Price Valid Until: 2023-03-12

Product In-Stock: InStock

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