Best iPad Keyboards | Under $30 – Backlit, Bluetooth and More

by Timothy Blue

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When Apple released the iPad, a few pundits proclaimed that this product will never take off as there is no use for it. Fast forward 10 years and the iPad is one of the most popular tablets in the world. It has a multi-use function. People use it for watching content, playing games, drawing, checking email and other things. But there has been one aspect that the iPad has failed in, and that is replacing the computer as an effective working machine. This can be attributed to only one thing and that is the lack of a physical keyboard. In today’s article, we cover the best iPad keyboards that money can buy.

What is the best keyboard for iPad 2019?

#1 – GoojodoQ

Personally I love bluetooth keyboards that replicate the experience of an actual keyboard. The first in our list is a super affordable Bluetooth Keyboard that is perfect for the iPad. It’s a keyboard that comes with an extender that lets you place your iPad at an angle of your choice. It works with Bluetooth which seamlessly connects to your iPad. My favourite part about this particular keyboard is the fact that it is exactly like a keyboard that you would normally use. The extra extender is a huge plus that lets you place your iPad at an angle.

best keyboard for ipad pro

Price – $6.77

#2 – Oloey

The Oloey iPad Keyboard is one of the best in the business. It has all the features you expect and more. Firstly the keyboards’ design mimics the look of a Macbook. So if you are an Apple fan, then you will be happy with the familiar setup of this keyboard. This is exactly like a physical keyboard, but the shape and size of it matches an iPad. This makes it petite and easily portable.

The Oloey iPad Keyboard also syncs with your iPad and gives you the additional options such as Intelligent Wake and Auto Sleep. This means, when you fold the iPad on your keyboard, your iPad goes to sleep and saves battery power.

The right keyboards have the full push button effect which is necessary for fast typing. It also acts as a protector for your iPad.

best ipad keyboard case

Price – $27.84

#3 – EDUP

The EDUP iPad keyboard is a protector cum keyboard. It has a svelte finish on the top which gives it a premium look and finish. The outside protector is pretty strong and is sure to protect the iPad. It has 3 viewing angles which are ideal for work. The buttons are made of ABS material which is easy to press and also very sturdy. It has a magnetic flip cover, that automatically closes and locks in the iPad. This is a perfectly suited keyboard for the iPad Air and the iPad Pro.

ipad 6th generation keyboard case

Price – $20.48

#4 – eAmpang

One of the most popular iPad Keyboards on Aliexpress is the eAmpang. It’s super popular because it literally transforms your iPad into a laptop computer and also acts as a protector for your iPad. This is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled iPad keyboard, which means it’s super fast and works incredibly well with the iPad.

It has the auto-sleep feature when you close the top lid and has grooves for the camera and the 3.5mm jack. At $25, this is one of the best and cheap iPad keyboards available in the market.

best ipad keyboard 2019

Price – $24.29

#5 – AVATT

Sometimes the normal keyboards are the best keyboards to use. They are long and are spacious and are easy to type with. But the main problem is, they are too bulky to carry. You can’t lug around a big keyboard in your backpack and that is why AVATT has come up with an incredible new design keyboard that can be used with the iPad. The AVATT iPad is a portable iPad that can be folded and carried around very easily.

best ipad keyboard for writers
keyboard for ipad 2

Price – $20.43

#6 – Etician – Backlit iPad Keyboard

One of the most stylish keyboards I’ve seen is the backlit iPad keyboard. Generally Bluetooth keyboards don’t come with the backlit option. This 550 gram case + keyboard has a 450 mAh battery. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 which syncs seamlessly with the iPad. The Keyboard Case also has a provision for a pen in the center of the case, that way you don’t lose it. The case has a magnetic flap that closes and seals the iPad when not in use. You get the case + keyboard and also a USB cable to power the keyboard.

bluetooth keyboard for ipad mini

Price – $33.56


One of the smartest looking cases and keyboard going around is the AIEACH iPad Case + Keyboard. This is a magnetic flip case with a keyboard just for $25. The keyboard is a full fledged keyboard that can be charged through a micro-USB. It also lasts for over 30 days. The case itself acts as a perfect stand and you can use your iPad at an angle. It also has an Apple Pencil Holder.

ipad bluetooth keyboard

Price – $12.05

Best iPad Keyboard Case

Can any Bluetooth keyboard work with iPad?

Any Bluetooth Keyboards work with the iPad. But there are certain keyboards that are specifically built for the iPad. But on a general note, it’s suggested to get a keyboard with Bluetooth 4.0 and a lightning connector. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth Keyboard that matches exactly with the iPad, then you can consider the ones mentioned above.

What is the best iPad case?

The best iPad case is also the one with a keyboard. This is a dual use product where you can protect your iPad and use an external keyboard at the same time.

What is the best iPad keyboard?

The best iPad keyboard are the ones that fit the iPad into them and also double up as a case. Here are a few of the best iPad keyboards.

  • GoojodoQ
  • Oloey
  • Edup
  • eAmpang
  • Avatt
  • Etician

Do iPads come with keyboards?

iPads don’t come with a keyboard, but an external Bluetooth keyboard can be purchased separately. There are different type of iPad keyboards. If you are looking for something compact, then you should choose an iPad keyboard that fits the size of your iPad. There are many options in the market for the 7 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch iPads.

Can you plug a keyboard into an iPad?

You don’t have to plug a keyboard into the iPad. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard. But if you want a plugged keyboard then you can use a lightning connector cable with a dongle to connect the keyboard to the iPad

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