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by Tim Blue

There are many places where you can buy wholesale vans shoes, however, there are only a few places where you can get high quality Vans at wholesale prices. 

I’ve searched high and low for high quality wholesale Vans shoes and while there are many sellers offering so-called, “high quality” Vans shoes, a majority of them deliver products of lower quality and bad workmanship.

I managed to find a few legitimate websites that deal in high quality Vans shoes. Though these products are not original and are instead first copies, they are very much comfortable and affordable. Moreover, the work done on these shoes make them resemble original Vans and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

So on that note, let’s get into some of the best wholesale Vans shoes you can buy today. I’ll cover some of the best websites that offer wholesale Vans shoes at affordable prices and even list out a couple of reputed sellers that deal in wholesale Vans shoes.

Here goes!

Allstar_Shoes Store97.6% Customer Satisfaction RatingOld School Vans Shoes
Sijun Commerce4.49/5 Customer Satisfaction RatingLow-Rise Sk8 Hi Shoes; Vans Slip-Ons
KixRx Store89% Customer Satisfaction RatingSk8 Hi Shoes; Classic Old School
Center of Fashion97% Customer Satisfaction RatingClassic Sport Old School; Casual Shoes
Youngsneakers Store93.6% Customer Satisfaction RatingCanvas Slip-Ons; Vans Sports Hi-Rise Sk8
Jumpman 35 Store97.7% Customer Satisfaction RatingSk8-Hi Vans Shoes
Nikesneakers95.8% Customer Satisfaction RatingVans Classic Lace-Up; Classic Slip-Ons

What are Vans Shoes?

Vans is an American brand of shoes founded in California in 1966 by Paul Van Doren. The shoes are popular among skateboarders and were initially distributed to surfing and skateboard events and organizations. Today that firm has grown into a large multinational group with distribution in twenty-two countries and are some of the most sought after activewear shoes around.

Wholesale Vans Shoes: Best Rated Sellers

There are only a handful of sellers that deal with high quality Vans shoes these days mainly because Vans has been catching companies that have been manufacturing and selling replicas and fake Vans shoes. These high quality replica sellers come highly recommended and are some of the best you can find on sites like Alibaba, Wish, DHgate and AliExpress. 

Each seller specializes in a specific style of shoes and only three of them offer a variety of different styles. If you’re looking to buy wholesale Vans shoes to sell then you can try reaching out to any of the following sellers/manufacturers and source high quality Vans shoes from them in bulk.

How to Buy Wholesale Vans Shoes

Vans Canvas Slip-Ons

wholesale vans

Here’s a high quality replica of the Vans canvas slip-ons. They are available in a variety of sizes and the seller offers wholesale options for orders over 9 pairs which can help you save in the long run. The shoes are unbranded which helps reduce extra costs on shipping, but you can request the seller to have your brand / tags added if you would like at an extra cost. Just let them know how many pairs you want loaded with your branding/tags before confirming your order because they accept customizations on orders over 2000 pairs.

In terms of quality, these shoes are made from high-grade EVA PVC and have a PU Mesh PVC upper lining to keep your feet aired and protected at the same time. The sole is made from high quality soft rubber that’s easy on the feet and  these shoes are lined with a mesh cotton fabric that helps enhance their overall durability.To be honest, they are worth the $5.95 even though they are not first copies of the originals.

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MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 9 pairs)

Colors – Black/White

Sizes – 6-11

Check it out here

Vans Unisex Old School Lace-Up Skateboard Shoes

wholesale bulk vans shoes sellers

Here are some pretty well-made Vans shoes that you can buy wholesale. The sizing and fit are optimal so you can go according to the sizing chart itself. They have been made with high quality materials that are long lasting and won’t hurt your feet. They’re lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be worn for different occasions.

These shoes can be paired with jeggings, jeans, skirts, or dresses and are ideal for daily use as well as night life so feel free to get yourself a pair even if you’re not an avid skateboarder. The store currently only has over 15 different color available options available but if you do not find a color you like then you can reach out to the seller and place a request with them.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 11 pairs)

Colors – Black/White, Full Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Checkered, White

Sizes – 6-10.5

Check it out here

Vans High-Rise Tie-Dyed Sk8 Shoes

wholesale high quality vans supplier

These shoes are sold directly from the factory but aren’t as affordable as you might think. Each pair of high top sneakers is made from quality PVC that offers a snug fit and keeps your feet cool and comfortable all day long. The soles of these fashionable designer-looking sneakers are well-made and will keep your foot protected even if you happen to walk on uneven surfaces.

I assure you that these Sk8 shoes will help you become a trendsetter in no time! They are available in bulk and you can choose any size you wish. The seller is one of the best retro and replica sneaker sellers on DHgate and they have great deals if you decide to purchase more than 10 pairs at a time. The best part about these shoes is that they come with all the necessary branding in place and even the box has been made to resemble original Vans packaging.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 10 pairs)

Colors – Tie-Dye Purple with Yellow

Sizes – 6-10

Check it out

2022 Vans Classics High-Rise Sk8-Hi Shoes

wholesale vans shoe suppliers

Vans Classics High-Rise Sk8-Hi Shoes are replicas of the first pairs of Vans that were released. These high quality shoes are handmade with genuine materials and come in a box that you normally get with original Vans. 

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The shoes are slightly expensive but if you want something that’s made from high quality materials and you want it to last then a pair of these is exactly what you need. There are discounts for bulk orders as well so make yourself a basket on our site, choose your colors and get them all at one go.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 9 pairs)

Colors – Checkered, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Blue/Black Black/White

Sizes – 5.5-10

Check it out

High Quality Vans Old School Shoes

vans shoes manufacturer

Quite similar to the Old School lace-ups, these Vans shoes are available wholesale and come with high quality stitch work along with branding, making them first copies and one of the highest quality Old School shoes to buy today. 

These shoes are so comfortable to wear that you won’t want to take them off, and they even have a cushioned insole and rubber sole, which makes them very durable and slip-resistant! They are available only in black/white and the seller offers discounts on orders of 99 pairs or more.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 99 pairs)

Colors – Black/White

Sizes – 36-44

Vans Asher Black/White Slip-Ons

vans shoes suppliers usa

This is one of my favorite finds. It’s a replica of the classic Vans Asher slip-ons and is available in a variety of sizes. These shoes are available on Amazon and Wish, so you can decide which platform you’d prefer to shop from. Also, it’s good to note that these are first copies of the Asher shoes and the sellers have a limited stock available.

Regardless, they are made from high quality PVC rubber and feature a mesh cotton upper layer that’s coated black and gray. The heel of these shoes carry the off the wall branding and you can pick up these bad boys for under $50 a pair which includes the product tags and a branded box. While both products are the same, I would recommend buying off Amazon rather than Wish for this as we’re not quite sure when the product will be available on Wish again.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale order on over 8 pairs)

Colors – Black/White

Sizes – 7-11

Check it out on Amazon

Custom Fashion Vans Sk8 Hi Skateboarding Shoes

vans shoes suppliers from china

You can get high quality wholesale Vans shoes on AliExpress for under $12 a pair. Yes, they are quite affordable, but don’t let the cost fool you as each pair of shoes available here are made from top notch materials and come in a range of sizes and color options to choose from. These classic high-rise Sk8 shoes are some of the best on the site and you can get them for as low as $20 a pair on wholesale and bulk orders. 

The seller is a reputed seller on AliExpress and has a large inventory of high quality replica sneakers including a variety of Vans you can buy in bulk. You get to choose from over 10 different styles and quite like the original Vans, these are made with an anti slip rubber base and breathable EVA PU material that ensures high durability while keeping your feet comfortable.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale orders up to 1000 pairs)

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Colors – Multi-color

Sizes – 35-46

Vans Sk8 Hi Apricot Buff/True White VN0A4U3CWZ5 Men’s Shoes

wholesale vans discounted rates

These shoes are great because they have the look of a classic pair of Vans but are made of high quality materials. The canvas is thick, not thin and you won’t have to worry about ripping them apart. The rubber sole is nice, thick, and durable. The shoes are good looking, comfortable, and will last you a while if taken care of properly.

These shoes will be the most comfortable and best-looking shoes in your closet this season. You can get them on Wish for under $55 right now. You can find other Vans shoes on this seller’s page and each of them are first copies of the original with all the branding and logos in place.

MOQ – Retail with 1 pair (wholesale orders are open to discussion)

Colors – Apricot/White

Sizes – 6.5/7/10

Where to buy wholesale Vans shoes from?

There are many websites you can buy wholesale Vans shoes from. Some of the best rated sites include Amazon, AliExpress and DHgate with a larger inventory of Vans shoes than other competing websites such as Wish and Alibaba

Sites like DHgate offer products that are made from high quality materials and come along with branded packaging and appropriate tags in place, making these replicas look identical to the original. Unfortunately, since sites like Alibaba and Wish don’t have many to choose from, we’re bound to pay a slightly higher price for wholesale Vans shoes on Amazon, DHgate or AliExpress. 

If you’re in the market for unbranded replicas at a cheaper price, then you can check out Alibaba for some pretty decent look-alikes, but don’t expect branding to be added to the shoes on small orders.

How to choose the best wholesale Vans shoe seller?

Not all sellers offer high quality products and there are a couple of things you need to do first in order to pick the best wholesale seller. Firstly, consider your needs and see whether the seller is able to deliver high quality products at affordable prices. 

Also, keep in mind that you will need to pay customs if the shipment comes along with branded packaging, so check if the seller is willing to send the boxes or packaging material separately. 

Another thing to consider is the reputation of the seller and whether they provide high-grade goods. Most of the Vans shoes you can buy wholesale are made from premium quality materials like PVC rubber and Cotton Mesh Fabric.

Check the prices of the products and then double check if they are worth it by going through the customer review section. This area will help you understand whether customers have received a high quality product or not and based on that you can determine whether the seller is worth your time or if they may scam you.

How do I find high quality wholesale Vans shoes?

It’s easy to find high quality wholesale Vans shoes online by simply searching for the product using keywords like high quality designer canvas shoes or canvas skateboard shoes. Sites like Wish display products by searching for the brand name or the name of a particular model of Vans shoes. 

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