We Found These 8 Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks | But Are They Safe to Try or Should You Avoid Them?

by Dwain

Now that we’ve covered some of TikToks most popular trends, it’s time to cover something more controversial –  Viral Tiktok Beauty Hacks.

I came across a bunch of beauty and makeup hacks on TikTok and some of them really blew my mind. 

From using socks to curl your hair to Bobby pins to create a perfect winged eyeliner, these hacks showed us how to save money the right way. 

But there are some hacks that really do not work and I happened to come across an incident where an Australian TV personality was left nearly blind in one eye after she tried a physiotherapy hack she learnt on TikTok.

So, to break the ice and clear the air, we decided to give a couple of these beauty hacks a try and see whether the hype was really worth it.

Today, I’m going to talk about 8 of the most viral Tiktok beauty hacks and see whether they work or not. 

Be warned, not everything you see on the internet is going to work and when it comes to your daily beauty regimen, it’s best to first consult a dermatologist before attempting to recreate what you see online.

Some of the popular and most viral Tiktok beauty hacks we’ll explore today are:

  • Backward Makeup Hack
  • Disney Princess Curls Hack with Socks
  • De-Puffing with a Cold Spoon
  • Slugging
  • Create Winged Eyeliner with a Bobby Pin
  • Transform your Eye shadow into Lip Gloss
  • Use Lipstick as Blush Hack
  • Shave your Legs using Sandpaper

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks – Do They Work?

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Backward Makeup Hack

The first viral beauty hack I came across, that turned out to be one of our favorites, is the reverse or backward makeup hack. 

According to Tiktok creator – @aselbbh, the right way to apply makeup is by switching things up and not following the regular routine. In the video, she goes on to apply her makeup in the reverse order by first applying a moisturizer, setting powder, setting spray and then tops it off with some foundation.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

The hack does work but the results depend on your skin type and the amount of makeup you use on a daily basis. When we tried applying setting spray over setting powder, we ended up with patchy makeup that looked ugly. 

Disney Princess Curls Hack with Socks

I found this hack to be pretty useful considering I’m someone who doesn’t have loads of time on my hands to keep curling my hair everyday. 

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Here’s the sock curl tutorial. This video was longer, but I had to cut it down.. ope #sockcurls #tutorial #fyp #foryоu #hair

♬ original sound – Ally Kay ♡

The Disney princess curls hack as shown by @allisinnkayyy, is easy to pull off and is meant to be done at night, right before going to bed. In the video, she shows us that by using 4 long socks, anyone can get princess-like soft curls without the need of heat. Simply twist the socks around sections of hair and fasten them in place using a couple of hair ties. In the morning, brush the hair out gently and voila, perfect soft curls.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

Now, we tried this hack out and are happy to say that it does in fact work. It minimizes the amount of time it takes to curl hair using a curling iron and is actually a great way to curl hair without using any heating appliance.

De-Puffing with a Cold Spoon

De-puffing your eyes with a cold spoon is a popular Tiktok trend that hundreds of people are trying out. So obviously we had to get in on the game.


Using cold spoons for your eye bags & dark circles tutorial! 🧊 #undereyes #undereyesbag #eyebags #undereyedarkcircles #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – MetDaan DIY

As the name suggests, the hack revolves around getting rid of puffy eyes by applying a cold spoon over each eyelid. In the video, Tiktok creator, @metdaan.diy takes two metal spoons and places them in the freezer for a few minutes and then begins applying the cup of the spoon over her eyes to reduce the puffiness.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

We tried this hack out and based on our experience, it takes a couple of minutes for the cold spoon to actually have some effect on the eyes. What I did find out is that the cold metallic surface of the spoon actually helps constrict blood vessels and tighten the skin around the eyes making it one of the most effective beauty hacks for the summer.


At first, when I came across the term slugging I thought that people are using slugs as hacks to up their beauty regimen, but boy was I wrong. Slugging is in fact one of Tiktoks most popular beauty hacks that had actually originated in Korea.

As shown by @drdrayzday, Slugging involves applying a thick layer of moisturizer or vaseline over the face and leaving it on overnight. Based on the video, this hack helps repair the damaged skin barrier and is an easy way to lock moisture into the skin.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

After trying out this hack we found that it does help keep the skin moisturized, but it’s not meant as an everyday routine simply because it can lead to acne and will dry the skin if applied daily over a course of a couple of weeks. 

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TIP: Those who suffer from Acne should avoid slugging at all costs as vaseline is known to form a barrier over the skin and can clog pores, leading to worse breakouts.

Create Winged Eyeliner with a Bobby Pin

Now this might not be a hack everyone’s going to use on a daily basis, but it surely is one that will let you create the perfect winged eyeliner with nothing but a bobby pin and some liner ink.

In the video, Tiktoker @essnce.cosmetics shows us how to create a perfect winged eyeliner by applying some liner ink on the edge of the pin and then gently drawing the wing over the eye. The end result is smashing and it’s one of the most crisp and well defined wings i’ve seen in a while.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

Upon trying out this hack, I found that in order to get the crisp and defined winged eyeliner like in the video, the liner ink has to be applied with a steady hand. Since it’s not a brush, even the slightest movement to the sides can drastically change the appearance of the wing. But on the plus side, using a bobby pin will help you create equidistant wings that is pretty hard to achieve using a traditional eyeliner brush.

Though this hack does work, it’s not a good idea to play with bobby pins so close to the eye, so take it slow and be careful while attempting to recreate this hack on your own.

Transform your Eye shadow into Lip Gloss

I’ve always wanted a lipstick that not only felt weightless but also covered creases. But alas, I was unable to find any in the market. So I logged onto TikTok to see if I could find any beauty hack that could help me in this predicament. 

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To my luck there were plenty of videos and one that really stood out was a hack shown by @mireyarios. Here, the creator goes to show how easy it is to turn your eye shadow into lip gloss and I thought to myself, this is a genius hack.

The process is rather simple, in the video she takes a dab of eye shadow and places it on top of her hand. She then proceeds to rub lip balm over the eye shadow and then apply the mix on her lips. 

I tested this out and was stunned at how effective the hack really was. The eye shadow was light and weightless just like I wanted and the lip gloss prevented any creases from forming. Literally a two birds, one stone kind of hack that you should try out today!

Use Lipstick as Blush Hack

Another beauty hack I came across was one where Tiktok user @feliciamaariemakeup uses red lipstick on her face to get the desired blush effect. The technique used by her involved directly applying red lipstick on the cheeks. She then blends the lipstick using a brush and tops it off with a layer of foundation. 

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

In my opinion, this hack has a 50/50 chance of working because when we tried it out, it looked bad and the red lipstick spread all over the face. So, after trying out the hack a bunch of times, we were able to replicate the look by using a minimal amount of lipstick and two separate brushes; one to blend and one to apply the foundation.

So it’s safe to say that this hack works and you get to save money on blush.

Shave your Legs using Sandpaper

The lengths that people go to on Tiktok leave me dumbfounded at times. While searching for beauty hacks we happened to come across something really crazy.

In a video, Tiktok creator @jules49of shows us how easy it is to shave her legs using sandpaper. Yes, sandpaper! I’m not sure if this is a magic trick or some form of sorcery, but rubbing sandpaper in your skin will peel away your skin layer by layer and is not recommended by any dermatologist.

Viral TikTok Beauty Hacks

I wasn’t even going to try this hack, but it’s worth bringing up because the internet is filled with countless so-called hacks that do more harm than good. So it’s best to be aware and knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t before trying something out that will scar you for life.


TikTok is a great place to learn new tricks. But unfortunately not everything is as it seems. 

If you’re looking to save money on beauty products or simply up your game, refrain from trying everything you see online. 

Because a majority of these hacks don’t actually work and there’s a good chance you may end up in the emergency room because of trying something that’s trending online.

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