Is Aliexpress Wigs Legit? Aliexpress Wigs Reviews

by Tim Blue

Aliexpress has been the ultimate wigs destination for many years now. In 2020, Aliexpress Wigs have gained much more in popularity and people from the US, Europe, South America, Africa and even some parts of Asia are purchasing wigs from Aliexpress.

China has been the top destination for hair sellers for many years now and Aliexpress is the top destination.

There’s one thing with Aliexpress wigs though. What’s good? Who’s a good seller? What’s the top selling and so on.

You might think,  the best selling wigs on Aliexpress are the best. But that’s not completely true. There are a lot of fake sellers with fake hair reviews that increase the review count and jackup the prices. You might not get bad hair, but you might end up overpaying for hair that you can get for a much cheaper price.

Youtube hair reviewers are also less trustworthy because the only way they make money is by giving out positive reviews on hair bought on Aliexpress.

Best Aliexpress Wigs (Quick Links)
iSee Short HumanHair Wig 
iSee Long Human Hair Wig 
Synthetic Wave Hair Wig 
Aligrace Straight Lace Human Hair Wig
Mellow Curly Hair Wig 
HCDiva Bob Wig
Kinky Curly Wig

In short, shopping for AliExpress wigs is hit or miss depending on the brand and specific style of wig you’re looking for. Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. That being said, there are many customers who have found great success with AliExpress wigs, so let’s take a closer look and review the pros and cons.

The Pros

The biggest plus for AliExpress wigs is the price. You can find affordable wigs in a variety of styles and colors to fit any budget. It’s also relatively easy to check out the reviews to make sure the wigs you’re looking at have real user feedback.

On the plus side, it’s easy to comparison shop on AliExpress and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Additionally, the website offers a wide selection of different style wigs, from curly to straight and everything in between.

The Cons

One of the drawbacks of shopping on AliExpress is that some of the wigs won’t match the photographs exactly and can vary greatly in terms of color and quality. Additionally, these wigs can be hit-or-miss in terms of durability and comfort. Some customers have reported tangles and shedding, so it’s important to read user reviews to make sure you’re choosing a quality wig.

Another issue is that the wigs often need to come from overseas, which can add an additional layer of cost and hassle in terms of shipping. Depending on the country of origin, it can take weeks for the wig to arrive and this can be frustrating for those who want an immediate solution.

For us, hair is just one thing we write about. To make your life easy, we’ve reviewed the top Aliexpress wigs. 

Wigs are different from hair extensions as they don’t require a complicated installation process. Most people rely only on hair extensions, but a wig can do the job so easily. We’ve covered cap based wigs on Aliexpress.

Not all hair sellers are experienced in creating wigs of all types. Most wig sellers have an expertise such as straight hair, curly hair, dyed hair and so on. 

In this Aliexpress Wigs Review we pick out different wigs with different styles from the right sellers. All the images below are ACTUAL wigs from Aliexpress.

Best Chinese Hair Sellers on Aliexpress | Cheapest Human Hair on Offer!

Best Wigs Company on Aliexpress

Finding trusted and reliable hair sellers can be a tough task. We’ve curated from over 100+ sellers and present you the best of the best wigs on Aliexpress. And have reviewed the best Aliexpress wigs.

iSee Short HumanHair Wig 

Aliexpress’ most popular hair seller is iSee hair. They have over 368,000+ followers and a 97% rating. The iSee hair store sells the short human hair wig. This is one of the best human hair wigs on Aliexpress.

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best wigs on aliexpress

Over 5900+ successful orders makes this the best Aliexpress wig. It has varying length options, from 8 inches to 16 inches.

The density ranges from 150 to 250. The wigs from iSee have a elastic net that can be adjusted based on the size of the head and adjustable straps for increased comfort. 

The wig cap comes with 4 clip ons for much better fixability. 

Check it out here – $50

iSee Long Human Hair Wig 

If you are looking for long hair on Aliexpress, you don’t only have to rely on hair extensions which have a cumbersome installation process. 

straight lace hair wig

iSee’s human hair wig for very long hair is popular on Aliexpress because of the quality. They have a lace frontal wig or a lace closure wig as well. 

The stretched length ranges from 8 inches to 26 inches. It has two hair densities – 150% and 180%. The price ranges from $47 to $228. 

The wig cap comes in numerous circumferences for a better fit. The adjustable straps increase the comfort while wearing. 

It’s pure human malaysian hair and is one the top Aliexpress wigs. 

Check it out here – $51

Synthetic Wave Hair Wig 

Not all wigs on Aliexpress are real human hair. For people experimenting with wigs, real human hair might be a bit too overpriced and an overkill. If you are in the market for a wig and want to test it out, then a synthetic hair wig is a great bet.

The Freewoman’ synthetic hair wig is very popular among cosplayers because it’s super cheap, it comes in 7 different colours that includes – Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Black, Grey and Grey Blue.

synthetic hair wig aliexpress

This specific wig has a natural fringe in the front. Based on the reviews, it’s pretty natural looking and can pass off as real hair. 

The stretched length is 16 inches. It has adjustable straps for a good fit. The hair itself is silky smooth and can be washed. 

If you are looking for a cheap and stylish product that will make you look really different, this synthetic hair is a perfect fit. 

Check it out here – $18

Aligrace Straight Lace Human Hair Wig

Aligrace is a known name in the Aliexpress hair wigs space. They have over 88,000 followers and 97.9% rating. 

straight lace aligrace hair wig

The Aligrace wig that is really popular is the straight lace human hair wig. The price ranges from $50 to $211. 

The closure wigs come in different sizes and the stretched length ranges from 10 inches to 24 inches. 

If you are in the US, you’ll get this product in a day or two as the product ships from the United States as well.

The density ranges from 150% to 250%. The hair is hand sewn and the cap has combs affixed all around the cap.

The product has a 4.8 rating with 4700+ orders.

Check it out here – $52

Mellow Curly Hair Wig 

The Mellow Hair Store on Aliexpress may not be as popular as iSee or Aligrace. But they are a middle level store that has the very popular curly wigs. 

curly hair wig aliexpress

The curl wigs range from $44 to $144. The length options range from 8 inches to 26 inches. The lace wig is durable and can be stretched out. It has an elastic net on the back for the perfect fit.

It has 3 combs – two on the side and one on the back. It’s an uber stylish wig that has more than 4600+ orders with a 4.7 rating. 

Check it out here – $47

HCDiva Bob Wig

If you are looking for the best short bob wig on Aliexpress, then look no further than the HC Diva wig. It has a lace front with a natural colour.

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It’s one of the cheapest bob wigs with even the most expensive version costing just $61. The bob has a natural curl to it and can be styled according to your needs as well.

The bob also can be purchased at varying lengths – 6 inches to 16 inches. Unlike other wigs, this wig has a hook in place for the perfect fit. 

The wig can be washed and reused. It has no shedding and is one the best wigs on Aliexpress. 

Check it out here – $31

Queen Beauty Blonde Bob Wig 

If you are looking to add a dash of colour to your hair, then the Queen beauty blonde bob wig should be your pick. When it comes to the coloured wigs and the bob style, this is the best wig on Aliexpress.

The Queen beauty store has a 97.5% rating with 16,400+ followers. 

Check it out here – $62

Synthetic Lace Ombre 

Synthetic laces are popular because they are cheap, come in crazy styles and colours and lengths which is sometimes not possible with real hair. If you’ve always wanted extremely long hair and didn’t want to spend too much money, then consider the 42-inch synthetic lace from Freewoman.

This synthetic wave comes in Ombre Tan, Ombre Brown and black. With 42-inches, this is probably the lengthiest hair out there.

The best part about this is, how natural it looks and it’s so soft, it’s like the real deal. 

Check it out here – $35

iSEE Kinky Curly 

Kinky curly hair is super popular these days. And if you are looking for a kinky curly wig, then look no further than iSee’ kinky curly mongolian hair. It’s the most popular kinky curly wig on Aliexpress with 3700+ orders and a 4.7 rating.

So what makes this hair awesome?

kinky curly wig aliexpress

It has a stretched length of 26 inches with the shortest being 8 inches. There is a 360 lace frontal wig option and density of 150% and 180%.

It has four combs attached to it with adjustable straps and an elastic net for the perfect fit and comfort. The lace is a bit thick, so you need a good pair of scissors to cut through it.

Check it out here – $51

Louis Ferre Synthetic Highlights Wig 

Another super popular synthetic wig is from the Louis Ferre store. This $14.99 wig is an absolute stunner. It comes with beautiful long hair with coloured streaks and fully dyed styles as well.

This is an absolute steal for the price and length and the hair itself is soft. It has an open cap in the back that aids in circulation and the rose net is comfortable and stylish.

synthetic highlight wigs aliexpress

The wig can be washed with water as well.

Check it out here – $14

Ali Coco Middle Part Orange Hair 

If you are looking for an already dyed hair wig, then one of the best sellers is the orange hair from Ali Coco. The Ali Coco hair wig goes all the way to 34 inches. It has two density options – 150% and 180%.

It has a completely transparent lace and an adjustable lace that will fit a head of any size. The wig can be washed and will easily last for a year, if not more with proper care.

Check it out here- $52

Moonmagic Pixie Cut Wig

Wigs don’t always have to be long. There are different types of wigs and if you are looking for a pixie style wig without having to style it yourself, then the Moonmagic Pixie cut wig can help.

It ranges from $48 to $122. The stretched length is from 8 inches to 16 inches and has three density options. It comes naturally styled and takes very less effort to style it.

Check it out here – $48

Short Wavy Pink Hair Wig 

Another awesome synthetic short wavy wig is from the Shangke store. If you want to test out short hair and coloured hair at the same time without having to colour your hair, this wig is perfect because it costs around $11.

short wavy hair wig aliexpress

It comes in 8+ colour options that includes orange, pink, brown, purple, blonde, black, green and grey. The length is about 14 inches.

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Check it out here – $11

Afro Kinky Curly Synthetic wig with brown and blonde wig

One of my favourite wig pieces on Aliexpress is the short bob kinky curly synthetic wig. It’s perfect because it’s stylish, it makes the wearer look drastically different and it’s cheap!

It costs around $12 and comes with blonde streaks that look natural and amazing. The wig can be washed. In terms of colour options, there are quite a few colours such as blond, red, brown, grey, black, pink and with streaks!

Check it out here – $12

Posh Babe Blonde Straight Wig 

Blondes have all the fun and so should you! If you are looking to change the colour of your hair, then blonde is a good option. The blonde wig from Posh Babe is uber popular.

blonde straight wig

The price ranges from $58 to $278. The length ranges from 8 inches to 28 inches.

It’s high quality natural remy hair that is dyed blonde in colour.

Check it out here – $58

How to choose a wig on Aliexpress?

First, decide on the type of hair you would like real or synthetic, real human hair wigs are made from 100 per cent human hair, 

Synthetic wigs are made generally from fibers such as polyester, acrylics and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They usually have better shine but lack fluidity and natural texture.

Check vendor’s quality, some low budget wigs will not look natural.

Next check the seller’s ratings and reviews, read reviews of customers who have bought from them before and see what they feel and say about that particular seller and their products against those that you have shortlisted.

 Next, look at all various varieties the seller has to offer, each person’s style and preference is different. So look through all their catalogues to see if they have anything else you might like apart from the ones you are already interested in.

Check for complete information and specifications on all the sellers’ different products, only good sellers list their products with proper details and full information.

Pricing is another important factor to check, human hair is more expensive than synthetic, compare prices of various different sellers and their collections, look out for flash sales and discount coupons.

Follow these steps to get the best quality products and the best value for your money.  

Who has the best full lace wigs on aliexpress?

Unice has the best full lace wigs on Aliexpress. They are a Top Hair company on Aliexpress specializing in full lace wigs. They ship all over the world and are reasonably priced.

What is the Best Hair Company on aliexpress?

The Best Hair company in Aliexpress would either be iSEE or Unice. These are the two of the biggest hair companies on Aliexpress in terms of offerings and ratings. They are Top Brands as well.

What are the best wigs on aliexpress?

The best wigs on Aliexpress are the full lace wigs.

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Aligrace Wig

Finding trusted and reliable hair sellers can be a tough task. We've curated from over 100+ sellers and present you the best of the best wigs on Aliexpress. And have reviewed the best Aliexpress wigs.

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