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by Tim Blue

Are you tempted to buy beautiful wireless earphones from DHGate because of all those attractive offers and discounts? Heard a lot about products on this leading Chinese wholesaling site but not feeling confident enough to hit the ‘place order’ button? Fortunately, it’s not only you but there are numerous people out there who experience the same feeling too. That’s because you haven’t checked the DHGate reviews yet or are unaware of how to do that.

How to Identify Dhgate Reviews – Fake vs Real

1. Extremely Positive Reviews but poor ratings: You know you need to be careful about a review when it’s 100% positive or negative. An entirely positive review indicates either blind loyalty to the brand or that the reviewer has been compensated or somehow benefited from it. A fully bad review, on the other hand, isn’t going to benefit you much. People who slam a product without any basis could just be a competitor trying to bring them down.

2. More attention to irrelevant details: You’ll find some reviews that aren’t relevant to what you’re searching for. Consequently, you fail to get a clear answer whether a particular item is worth buying it. 

3. Personal stories and lots of details: Beware of reviews that begin or end with, “My life changed after buying this product”! Because most people don’t care that much about random things on the internet, fakers may feel compelled to inflate their review when it’s not genuine.

“I was feeling low when my dog died, then I chance to uncover this product and can’t believe how fantastic it is!” is an example of a similar issue. Personal stories appeal to your emotions, making you more likely to purchase something than you would otherwise. The focus of good reviews is on the product, not the reviewer.

Are all DHGate reviews fake? 

It is difficult to find an e-commerce site that DOES NOT have any fake reviews. Check out Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, AliExpress, Etsy or Taobao. Every e-commerce marketplace has its fair share of fake reviews or rather a blend of both positive and negative reviews. And DHGate is not an exception. is one of the largest online wholesale marketplaces for Chinese-made goods. It connects international buyers with Chinese wholesalers who provide the similar high-quality products available elsewhere at a lower cost.

DHGate is a legitimate company. Since their inception, they have consistently produced top-quality goods. Customers have also given both positive and negative reviews on their products and services. It’s no secret that building up false internet businesses with non-existent products has proven to be a successful strategy for online scammers.

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Top DHgate Sellers

Checking reviews is a crucial pre-purchase step and it shouldn’t go ignored at all. People who have purchased products from DHGate, share their experiences, good or bad, about the website, product quality, packaging, prices and delivery time, among several other factors. To cut long story short, DHGate reviews provide an all-round insight about their products and other related details. It will help you to decide whether buying from this wholesale site is worth it or not, based on other people’s experiences.

How to see reviews on DHgate?

how to find reviews on dhgate

Reviews are at the bottom of a product page. At the top of the product page, you will see an option like above. A number with the text Reviews. This shows how many reviews are there. If you are looking to see the reviews of a particular seller, then go to the seller’s page, and there’s a dedicated review section.

To begin with, you can look up various review publishing sites like

1. Dhagte Reseller Ratings

Reseller Ratings has 1.16,438 DHGate reviews and the wholesale site scores 3.62/5 rating on this site. You can also know the percentage of positive reviews this merchant has over a specific period of time. To check customer reviews fpr DHGate, you can filter them as per your preference – shipping, product, technical, payment or customer service. The reviews posted on this platform are verified and allows you to choose whether you want to check the reply on behalf of the merchant or not.

2. has a very user-friendly interface and easy to understand layout that allows any visitor to understand if DHGate is a trustworthy wholesale website or not. For instance, right on top to the left side, you will notice has 1.35 rating and 941 reviews. On the right, you will see the percentage of reviewers recommending You also get quick info about shipping and delivery, customer service, returns and refunds from the same page. 

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Negative or positive, you can find all kinds of reviews in one place. Here are some of the reviews:


“I made a purchase from DHgate on October 28,2021 It was for $59.00 I never received my item, or a reply and I been texting and emailing this company since November 2021. After I purchased the item I received a confirmation # 3378299425.I even uploaded my confirmation to reply. This company is a scam. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.


“Excellent customer service….DHgate responded to my email immediately… I was in contact with Sam (dhgate customer service rep) throughout the whole process… I would definitely do business with them again.

3. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is another organized and reliable review publishing site and you can check a great deal of DHGate reviews here. If you’ve purchased from DHGate, you too can write a review here. Currently, it has 27,995 reviews and you can filter by rating, money, refund, customer service and other parameters.

4. Sitejabbler

Similar to Trustpilot, you may consider checking out Sitejabbler, another popular and reliable review publishing platform. The site has 6,685 reviews and scores 3.5/5 stars on this website. Buyers satisfied with DHGate usually highlight facts like fast delivery, good quality and affordable prices. 

How to distinguish between a fake and genuine DHGate review?

Fake reviews are easy to identify, as you’ve seen above. Vendors with almost all 5-star or 1-star reviews must be evaluated more cautiously. It’s also plausible that multiple reviews from the same person are false. So, before deciding, consider all the reviews carefully.

Thus, we would recommend you check the customer reviews carefully to make an informed decision.

How to know if I can buy a product with a few fake reviews and maximum positive reviews?

Whether they like it or not, consumers want reassurance before making a purchase in the confusing and frantic world of online shopping. To learn everything they can about your business or product, potential buyers are going to online review sites. Customers can give advice or read past customer experiences directly from sites like Sitejabbler, Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings.

A survey published by Brightlocal shows that 91% of people aged 18 to 34 trust online reviews and 82% of the consumers feel convinced to purchase after reading a proper review. If a product has a higher number of positive reviews from verified buyers and a handful of negative/fake reviews, you can consider buying the product.

Customers are prepared to spend 31% more on a company with outstanding feedback, indicating that positive reviews are still a crucial means for enterprises to market their products. Moreover, genuine positive customer reviews offer two vital benefits to both consumers and businesses:

  • Enhanced consumer trust: Gaining trust online is a hard nut to crack and we all know that. On the other hand, losing trust is just a matter of a second! Hence, 92% of B2B consumers are more convinced to buy after reading an authentic review.
  • A direct connection with the customers: Enhancing the customer experience becomes easier with a customer’s feedback. You’ll soon be able to create a picture of the whole client experience, identifying areas where you excel and others where you need to improve. And a consumer gets an insight into the details about the company, starting from the quality of the product to shipping, customer service and more. 
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DHGate is a renowned online shopping site for a wide range of things, including electronics and home furnishings. However, with such a high level of popularity comes the risk of fraudulent activities, such as phoney DHGate reviews. It’s critical to be able to spot fake DHGate reviews and red flags to make an informed purchase decision. Although not all DHGate reviews are deceptive, it’s always a good idea to be cautious when reading any online review platform. You can ensure that you’re getting correct information about products before making a purchase by following these simple guidelines. On a separate note, if you’re looking for reliable sellers on DHGate, you can remember certain tips like checking the seller rating first, choosing wholesalers selling only one category of products, avoid buying products from prominent brands like Fendi, Zara, etc. and check the picture of the products carefully before purchasing. 

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