6 DHgate Stores For Perfume Clones | Where to Buy Perfume Clones Answered

by Dwain

Have you ever fallen in love with a perfume, only to be hit with a sticker shock at the checkout? Designer fragrances are undeniably luxurious, but sometimes the price tag just doesn’t make any sense.

That’s where perfume dupes come in!

These inspired scents offer a close resemblance to the originals, at a fraction of the cost. They are made with similar ingredients and tend to smell exactly the same as the original they’re based on, but are they worth it? And are there any websites that let you buy perfume clones?

Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to finding quality dupes on DHgate, a popular online marketplace.

Through trial and error (and a lot of sniffing!), I’ve discovered some fantastic stores that offer impressive replicas of well-known fragrances. In this article, I’m sharing my top 6 picks, along with some tips to help you find the perfect dupe for you.

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Top DHgate Perfume Clone Stores

Store NameBest For
BrandskincaareByredo clone perfumes;
Chanel Allure clones;
Le Labo clones;
Amouage perfume clones
ToptopstoreLouis Vuitton clones;
Chanel clones;
Tom Ford clone perfumes;
Gucci clones
Shangquanwanglou2Creed Aventus clones;
Maison Francis Kurkdjian;
Dior Sauvage clones
Fjn00210th Anniversary Aventus clones;
Dior Sauvage;
Louis Vuitton Clone Perfumes
Wtms06Creed Aventus clones;
Dior Sauvage clones
Newlife999Godolphin clones;
Maison Margiela;
Gucci perfume clones;
Jo Malone clones

Where to Buy Perfume Clones 

Well, there are many stores that deal with perfume clones and only a handful of them have positive ratings. 

In general most manufacturers use synthetic ingredients to replicate the scent of perfumes and colognes, but because they are synthetic and not made from the actual ingredients, these perfumes don’t smell like the original and some can even result in skin issues.

AliExpress used to have a bunch of stores dealing in high quality perfume clones, but over the years they have taken these products off their shelves and the only place where you can now get your hands on perfume clones is DHgate.

After going over hundreds of different sellers and their products, i’ve been able to shortlist just the following six vendors as some of the best clone perfume suppliers in China. 

They’re all super cheap and you can get clones of Creed, Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and even Mont Blanc and Burberry London for hardly $20 – $50.


Brandskincare is one of the oldest vendors on DHgate that’s currently leading the market with their high quality clone perfumes. 

I came across this vendor while looking for Le Labo perfumes and boy was I surprised when I found that they have all variants in stock. There is even an option to pick up a sample set of 4 30ml bottles for the same $30 and the set includes The Noir 29, Santal 33, Rose 31 and Another 13.

This store has a positive rating of 96.7% and has sold over 12k products till date which is saying a lot since they’ve been in business for over 6 years. 

Brandskincare is one of the few stores to offer clones of Byredo, Chanel Allure,  Louis Vuitton and Amouage. None of these clones cost more than $25 – $20 and they all come packaged in a replica bottle and the scent of these clones are an exact match of the original. 

Here’s an example of what you can find in the Brandskincare store;

Where to Buy Perfume Clones


The next store i’d recommend checking out is the Toptopstore on DHgate. Though they’ve only been around for roughly 3 years, this brand has managed to maintain an impressive 97.2% which goes to show that their products and the quality of service they offer is top notch.

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Whether you’re interested in Paco Rabanne or Chanel clones, this store has it all. 

I did find their perfumes to be a tad more expensive than Brandskincare, but the level of craftsmanship they put into making these clones and the fact that they smell identical to the original makes Toptopstore one of my favorite places to shop from.

They are among the few stores that deal in high quality reps of designer brands such as LV, Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford and even Tiffany. The perfumes here last for at least 3-4 hours and every order placed with their store receives free shipping worldwide.

After waiting a few days, here is what I received from the Toptopstore;


Shangquanwanglou2 is another popular seller I came across that has a wide variety of perfume clones to choose from. They’re based in Fujjian, China and have been operating on DHgate for the last two years. 

Since 2021, Shangquanwanglou2 has managed to sell a little over 1.5k and they’ve maintained a 95.4% store rating which is actually not easy to do when you’re a store dealing in perfumes and colognes.

All their products are 1:1 copies of the original and they come neatly packaged in a branded replica box. I found many designer perfumes here, but my personal favorite has to be their copy of the Creed Aventus.

There are loads of different variations of the Aventus up for grabs and none of them cost over $30. This is however an exception as I did find a Chanel and a Maison Francis Kurkdjian for around $70 a pop which is still cheaper than other sellers and much more affordable than the original.

Perfumes and colognes here are made from ingredients that match the originals and do not use synthetic ingredients. They’re all currently stocked in U.S based warehouses so it takes under 1 week for the order to arrive and the store accepts returns in case the bottle is leaking or has been damaged in transit.

Take a look at some of the amazing perfume clones I got from Shangquanwanglou2;


Originally a makeup store, Fjn002 has since moved onto selling factory direct perfume clones at reasonable prices. 

Brands like Chanel and Dior are readily available in their store and one of their most popular designer perfume clones is the Dior Sauvage that hardly costs $40.

I even found the limited edition 10th Anniversary Aventus for $39.91, a bottle that retails at $350 in the open market. Perfumes here are made using high quality ingredients and the packaging and design of the bottles are identical to the original.

Though they’ve been operating since 2020, Fjn002 has  sold over 1.5k products till date and have a store rating of 94.9%. 

They’re reliable and the team that’s handling their DHgate page is quite responsive and will resolve any question you may have about their products, both pre-sale and post-sale.

Here are a couple of designer perfume clones I picked up from their store;


Similar to Fjn002, the Wtms06 store is where high quality perfume clones are packaged and delivered straight from the factory. Prices are wholesale so each perfume / cologne won’t cost more than $50.

Here I came across some really cheap copies of the de-marley and Aventus for hardly $25. Variations of each perfume is available and because they accept wholesale bookings, prices of these 100ml bottles can go for as low as $22 – $25.

However, they do not have a wide variety of perfumes in their store and a majority of the products you’d come across will be makeup and beauty related. But the few perfumes they have are quite good and have been made with good quality ingredients and not synthetic fragrances.

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If you decide to stop off at this store, do check out their Dior Sauvage as it’s truly a fragrance to die for and Wtms06 has managed to get the scent and notes just right.

Here’s what I got from Wtm06;

Where to Buy Perfume Clones


Newlife999 is an experienced seller and is based in Hunan, China. Perfumes here are priced within reasonable rates and are shipped straight from the factory. 

Though they only have a 94.2% store rating, the fragrance of their clones is what keeps reeling people in. I tried out their Godolphin clone and it smelt amazing, it even had the fruity and cypress notes that I instantly recognized from when I used the original.

Perfumes here are not that expensive and a good quality clone will cost no more than $30 – $35. One of their popular products is the $31 Maison Margiela sample set with five 7ml testers of their signature perfumes; Beach Walk, Jazz Club, Lazy Sunday Morning, Sailing Day and By the Fireplace.

Luckily this store deals only in perfumes and colognes, so it’s easier to find copies of brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Chloe, Creed, Bvlgary and Marc Jacob for no more than $35. 

Check out these brilliant clones I got from Newlife999;

Where to Buy Perfume Clones

My Experience Buying Perfume Clones from DHgate

As an avid perfume lover, I was always on the lookout for unique and affordable fragrances to add to my collection. That’s when I stumbled upon the world of perfume clones. These cloned fragrances are inspired by more expensive designer scents, but offered at a significantly lower price point.

My search for where to buy perfume clones led me to the website DHgate, an online marketplace for goods from China. At first, I was skeptical about the quality of the clones, but I decided to take a chance and place an order. To my surprise, the perfumes I received were incredibly similar to their high-end counterparts.

My Experience Buying Perfume Clones from DHgate

The scents were long-lasting and the packaging was clean and professional. I was thrilled with my purchase and couldn’t believe how much money I had saved.

However, I must note that not every seller on DHgate offers the same quality of fragrance. It’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, shipping can take longer than expected since the products are coming from overseas.

Overall, my experience buying perfume clones from DHgate was a positive one. It allowed me to expand my fragrance collection without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in purchasing perfume clones, I highly recommend doing your research and giving DHgate a try.

Things to Consider when Buying Perfume Clones

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when buying perfume clones online. Everything revolves around the seller and you’d have to pay close attention to their store rating, buyer reviews and even get in touch with them from time to time.

Here’s the procedure I followed while searching for reliable suppliers for perfume clones on DHgate.

  • The first thing I did was check the store rating and see if the seller has a rating of 95% and above. These are normally trustworthy stores who deliver high quality clones for cheap. While checking their store rating, I also looked for DHgate badges to pick out high quality sellers, trustworthy sellers, top sellers and more.
  • Next, I checked how long they have been in business for and if they have online stores apart from their DHgate store. Sellers who are experienced and are not new in the industry can be trusted as they’ve been around a while and have become better at what they do. These sellers are also ones I could reach out to and expect a response from in not more than 24 hours.
  • Another thing I considered was the buyer reviews left on each product. While searching for sellers, I made it a habit to check out buyer reviews and see if past buyers had received what they ordered. Some buyers upload images of their received products and taking a look at their experience helped me figure out whether I could rely on the seller or not.
  • After this I made it a point to get in touch with the seller and see if they know their products. I asked them questions about the ingredients, notes present, packaging, customizations and even shipping. 
  • Finally, when I was satisfied with my findings I purchased samples of the perfumes directly from the seller to see if the quality and fragrance are in line with the original. Not all sellers will be willing to send samples and some might charge for them. But as a recommendation, do not purchase clone perfumes without having tested a sample first.

Are Perfume Clones Legal?

Perfume cloning, also known as “dupe” or “imitation” fragrances, refers to the practice of creating scents that are similar to popular and expensive perfumes, but are sold at a much lower price.

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The question of whether perfume clones are legal or not is a complex one, as it depends on several factors, including the intellectual property rights of the original fragrance, the regulations governing the perfume industry, and the marketing practices of the clone manufacturers.

From an intellectual property perspective, perfume clones may infringe on the trademark and copyright rights of the original fragrance creator. The scent of a perfume can be protected under intellectual property law as a trademark, which means that the creator has exclusive rights to use the scent in connection with their product.

This can include the use of certain fragrance notes, combinations, or even the overall scent profile. Similarly, the packaging, labeling, and advertising of the original fragrance may be protected by copyright law.

However, it is important to note that not all aspects of a perfume can be protected by intellectual property law. For example, the individual chemical compounds that make up a fragrance cannot be patented or trademarked, meaning that they are free for anyone to use in their own perfumes.

This has led to a thriving industry of fragrance houses and perfumers who create their own unique scents using a combination of these raw materials.

When it comes to the regulations governing the perfume industry, there are no specific laws that prohibit the creation or sale of perfume clones. However, there are several regulations that govern the labeling and marketing of fragrances, which clone manufacturers must adhere to.

For example, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) sets guidelines for the safe use of fragrances in cosmetics, and the European Union’s Cosmetic Products Regulation requires that all cosmetic products, including fragrances, be labeled with a list of ingredients.

One potential issue with perfume clones is that they may be marketed in a way that is misleading to consumers. For example, a clone manufacturer may use packaging, labeling, or advertising that makes it appear as though their product is an exact replica of the original fragrance, when in reality it is only a close approximation.

This could lead to consumer confusion or disappointment, particularly if the clone does not perform as well as the original fragrance.


There you have it, 6 of the best vendors on DHgate for perfume clones. They’re trustworthy stores that have been operating for a minimum of 2 years and have been rated pretty high in terms of availability, quality and service.

Since the perfume clone industry has taken a hit, not many sellers can be trusted as they would have cheap quality perfumes for sale. I’ll make sure to add more sellers as I come across them, but until then i hope this list helps you in your search on where to buy perfume clones.

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