Where to Buy Burberry Reps/Clones | 7 DHgate Sellers You Should Check Out

by Dwain

Burberry’s classic trench coats and iconic check scarves have always been on my wish list, but the price tag? Not so much. That’s why I decided to take a look at some of the reps on DHgate.

While I know there can be a lot of gamble involved, I wanted to see if I could find some decent quality Burberry reps that wouldn’t break the bank.

In this article, I’m sharing my findings after diving into the vast selection of DHgate sellers. I’ll share 7 stores that caught my eye, what kind of Burberry items they stock, and some key things to look for when choosing a seller.

Plus, I’ll offer some honest advice about what to expect from replica clothing and how to navigate the DHgate buying process.

Let’s get started.

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Where to Buy Burberry Reps?

There are many sellers online that deal in Burberry reps, but only a handful of these sellers provide high quality clones for cheap. 

Now, I’ve gone over and interacted with different sellers online and have been able to shortlist the following sellers based on their experience, quality and range of products they have as well as what other buyers had to say about them.

Vintage Prada

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

If you’re looking for some of the best replica handbags in existence then check out the Vintage Prada store on DHgate.

This supplier deals in copies and clones of all major brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and they even have a decent selection of Burberry totes and handbags to choose from. 

They are based in China and their store has a 98.2% satisfaction rating even though they’ve only been around for 3 years.

Bag Women Fashion

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Bag Women Fashion is a more experienced seller with over 5 years of experience selling high quality handbags and replicas at throwaway prices.

 The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail on the replicas sold here are to die for and considering no bag costs over $100 makes them a top destination for cheap good quality knock offs. 

The store has a rating of 98.3% and here you can find copies of the Burberry mini pocket and the grainy leather mini bag.

Luxurious Bags Store

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Though the name of this store is Luxury bag store, don’t let that fool you. They have one of the largest collections of Burberry shoe reps on DHgate and the best part is that all their products are made from genuine leather and look identical to their original counterparts. 

The store has a rating of 98.4% and some of their popular items are the Regis chunky sneakers, vintage low-tops and the flat slides.

Luxury Clothing Store

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Luxury clothing store is a recommended DHgate seller that has a 98.1% satisfaction rating which is quite impressive even though they’ve been open only for the last 2 years. 

This manufacturer is based in Guangzhou, China and specializes in high quality clothes for men and women. Here you can get Burberry rep t-shirts for as low as $45 and genuine down jackets for under $100.


Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Goshoes02 is another recommended seller with loads to offer. They specialize mainly in high-end dupes and the 97.6% rating speaks volumes about the quality of their footwear. 

Based in Guangdong, Goshoes02 has sold over 24k pairs of shoes till date and some of their popular pieces are the check and leather ankle boots and the suede sneakers which don’t cost over $100 for the pair.


Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Another seller on DHgate that deals in premium replicas of Burberry shoes, sneakers and flip flops is Kingremit03. They’ve been around for over 5 years and they have hundreds of different shoes and styles to choose from. 

Here I came across the Burberry suede and mesh rep, vintage check, suede and leather sneakers, cotton blend sneakers and my personal favorites, the two-tone leather sneakers

With a satisfaction rating of 98.1%, Kingremit03 comes highly recommended as one of the best stores to shop for replica Burberry shoes.

Designer Handbag

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

I’ve covered Designer Handbag in the past for being one of the most reliable sellers on DHgate and they are also one of the leading stores to buy replica Burberry handbags and totes from. 

With a satisfaction rating of 97.8% and over 5 years in the industry, Designer Handbag is a place you must visit if you truly want to buy a designer replica handbag with all the bells and whistles. 

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You can get your hands on a nice copy of the Burberry Lola camera bag or the Frances tote for hardly $100 and they’re all made from genuine leather with some of the finest craftsmanship I’ve seen on replica handbags.

Here are Some Popular Burberry Reps I Found

Top Rated Burberry Clones

TB Grainy Leather Mini Bag

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

The first and probably the most famous Burberry handbag I came across is this TB grainy leather mini bag that’s made from high quality genuine leather and features the iconic TB (Burberry) branding on the front flap of the bag.

It’s an exact replica of the original Grainy Leather mini bag and everything from the stitch work right down to the feel of the bag is on point. 

Now, this bag is originally available in just 6 styles, but the Vintage Prada store on DHgate offers up to 12 different variants as well as they provide premium packaging and each bag doesn’t cost more than $55.99.

The bag is spacious and because of the premium finish and intricate details on the bag, it is one of the best replicas available in the market today.

Burberry Check and Leather Mini Pocket Bag Rep

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

The next one that I came across is this copy of the check and leather mini pocket bag. Considered to be one of the most expensive Burberry bags, this high quality replica costs hardly $100 and has all the right branding and tags to make the bag look authentic.

However, unlike some of the others that are actual clones of their original counterparts, this copy looks brilliant from afar, but on closer inspection I did notice that there are some flaws in the stitch work and a few of the stitch lines were not evenly spaced.

The tote is made from genuine canvas leather and is a tad smaller than the original, but it’s just right for those who want something that can carry keys and other personal belongings. 

Each mini pocket rep comes with a dust bag and a box and the seller “Bag Women”, offers discounts on the bag if it is bought in bulk, meaning, you can get it for as low as $83. 

Check and Leather Tote Bag Clone

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Another popular Burberry replica that you can get your hands on is this check and leather tote bag for just around $115 on DHgate. 

There are different styles to choose from and I found this bag to be a true copy of the original with the right branding, tags and even stitches in place.

It’s the perfect handbag if you’re always on the move and it’s large enough to fit not just your house keys and wallet but also tablets, books and even a small laptop. 

One good thing about this clone is that it goes well with anything and it looks quite stylish. However, it’s a little on the pricey side and if you do happen to pick one up, you will not be able to tell the difference between this rep and the real deal.

Burberry Check, Suede and Leather Replica Sneakers

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

If sneakers are your thing then I got you covered. The check and suede velcro sneakers are a top selling pair of shoes in the entire Burberry catalog and there are quite a few sellers on DHgate that deal in high-grade copies of these shoes.

An original pair will set you back by around $750 – $800, but these high quality reps won’t cost more than $105 excluding shipping. They are made from genuine leather and come with soft rubber soles that are super comfortable to wear.

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Right now, there are over 15 different color styles to choose from and they all carry the Burberry branding as well as they come with the right tags and a branded box to give them an authentic look. 

Though they are replicas, the high quality finish and low price make them highly sought after and i’d recommend you get one for yourself if you’re on a tight budget and love the design.

Burberry Replica House Check and Leather Ankle Boots

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

Apart from sneakers and bags, Burberry is also famous for their collection of boots and luckily there are some Chinese manufacturers that produce some really good copies for cheap. 

These leather ankle boots are ideal for everyday use and like any other Burberry rep, they are made from genuine leather with TPR rubber for the sole. 

In terms of the design, these shoes are on point and the cross belt along the front and the suede check pattern on the back all line up with the original. 

You can opt for one of the seven styles that are available and for an extra $7, you can request to have the shoes packed and delivered in a branded box. 

Replica Nylon Check Hooded Puffer

Where to Buy Burberry Reps

You can also find copies of the Nylon check hooded puffer jacket for under $185 including shipping. These jackets are made from down and a high quality fabric that helps retain the core body temperature even in the cold.

The hoodie is detachable and there are a total of three pockets on the front of the puffer, large enough to store your mobile phone, wallet and house keys. 

For the design, the manufacturer has resorted to copying Burberry and right off the bat, there’s no difference between this low budget rep and the original hooded puffer that costs over $850. However, there might be a couple of flaws on the inside of the jacket

It’s super cozy, soft and comfortable to wear and the jacket comes with a zipper enclosure as well as velcro adjustable bands for the wrists so that you can get the fit right.

How to Recognize Burberry Reps

Luxury goods like Burberry can easily be replicated and the market in Asia is thriving because there is crazy demand for these copies. The only problem is that replicas can be copied only to a certain extent and will never look ditto to the original. 

There’s always going to be a few small changes that keep the manufacturer from getting sued or having to deal with a copyright violation and it’s these changes in the overall design that can help you tell the difference between a fake Burberry product and the real one.

How to Recognize Burberry Reps

For example, one thing that no seller gets right when replicating a Burberry is the stitch work. Replicas are flawed and will have sloppy lines and the diagonal stitching will not be aligned to the borders. 

The reason a real handbag or jacket costs so much is because of the level of craftsmanship put into making one and while you’re not paying for the material or design, you’re surely paying a premium for the high quality work that’s done.

Another thing counterfeiters tend to get wrong is the patterns on the replicas. Some have seams that are uneven and the pattern doesn’t align properly and others will have patterns where the colors are not consistent.

How to Recognize Burberry Reps

Apart from this, you can tell if the bag is fake by examining the fabric. Genuine Burberry products are made from high quality natural fibers and genuine leather. Cheap replicas use PU leather or a low-grade cotton and by simply feeling the product you will be able to tell the difference.

Reps do not generally have logos and branding, but expensive replicas like the ones mentioned above have the right logos and tags in place so it can get a bit difficult to tell if the product is real or not. The one thing you can do is to examine the text and font of the logo and what’s printed on the tag and see if there’s any uneven spacing or thin font that’s used. 

How to Recognize Burberry Reps

Finally, genuine Burberry apparel and bags are manufactured in Italy and should have it embossed. Fakes will not have this printed on the product and they might say Made in China. Reps on the other hand will have a version of Made in Italy embossed on the bag or shoe, but the font and thickness will not match the original.

Buying Burberry Reps from DHgate

I’ve always been a fan of Burberry, particularly their iconic plaid/checked style. However, their high price tags make it difficult to afford their products. That’s why I turned to DHgate to find high-quality Burberry replicas at a fraction of the cost.

While there are other sites like AliExpress that offer Burberry copies, I found the overall quality of their products to be subpar.

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DHgate, on the other hand, proved to be a reliable platform with sellers who provide excellent Burberry clones. What sets DHgate apart is the option to customize your purchase and even buy in bulk at discounted prices.

The quality of the Burberry replicas I found on DHgate surpassed my expectations. The attention to detail and craftsmanship exhibited by these replicas was truly remarkable.

Each piece, from the Burberry totes and handbags to the shoes and clothing, exuded a level of sophistication that effortlessly emulated the allure of the genuine Burberry items.

One aspect that truly impressed me was the authenticity of the replicas. While they may not be identical to the originals, the reputable sellers on DHgate ensured that their products closely resembled the Burberry designs.

From the stitch work to the fabric choice, the replicas embodied the essence of Burberry, allowing me to confidently wear these pieces without sacrificing my personal style.

The wide range of options available on DHgate allowed me to explore different Burberry styles and designs. Whether it was the timeless Check and Leather Tote Bag or the trendy Burberry Check, Suede, and Leather sneakers, I was able to curate a collection that reflected my unique fashion sensibilities.

What truly makes owning Burberry replicas from DHgate an enjoyable experience is the exceptional value for the price. I found myself with high-quality replicas that rivaled the originals, yet came at a fraction of the cost.

This allowed me to expand my Burberry collection without compromising my budget, turning my fashion dreams into a reality.

So my recommendation to you guys, if you’re someone who admires Burberry’s timeless elegance but finds the original prices out of reach, DHgate offers a remarkable opportunity to indulge in the coveted Burberry style.

With high-quality replicas that closely resemble the originals, DHgate provides an avenue to express your fashion sense without compromising on quality or breaking the bank

Is it safe to buy Burberry reps?

Yes, it is safe to buy Burberry reps if you can’t afford the real thing and this is because some Chinese manufacturers tend to use good quality materials, so you’re actually getting something that’s worth the money. 

Make sure to also check if the seller is legitimate by taking a look at their store’s rating and by going through reviews left by their past customers. 

Doing so will help you figure out which seller to buy from and you will be able to tell if the products are up to the mark in terms of quality and design.

Where can you get Burberry reps from?

Truth be told, there are many websites that have Burberry reps up for grabs, but none of these sites deliver high quality replicas like DHgate. You can find some sellers on AliExpress and Amazon that have fake Burberry handbags and shoes, but the overall quality and the finish of the product will not match the original piece.

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