Real vs Fake Burberry Bags and Coats

by Dwain

Burberry, a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication, is a coveted brand known for its impeccable craftsmanship and iconic designs. 

However, the market is flooded with counterfeit Burberry bags, making it imperative for consumers to be well-versed in distinguishing between the authentic and the fake. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into nine meticulous steps to identify a real Burberry bag and ensure you get what you pay for.

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Real vs Fake Burberry Bags

Examine the Stitching

Real vs Fake Burberry bag stitching

Craftsmanship is a hallmark of genuine Burberry bags. Authentic pieces boast straight, evenly spaced stitching without loose or frayed threads. 

Carefully inspect seams along the lining, handles, flaps, sides, and shoulder straps. Any deviation from impeccable stitching is a red flag, signaling the likelihood of a fake Burberry bag.

Look at the Label

Fake Burberry Bag Label

Inside a genuine Burberry bag, you’ll find a leather label or metal plaque with a centered and legible logo. Pay attention to details like matching metal colors and crisp engraving on the plaque. 

Mismatched metal colors or poorly executed engraving are common indicators of a counterfeit bag.

Font of the Burberry Logo

Fake Burberry bag logo

The distinctive Burberry logo has specific characteristics that can help identify fakes. 

The correct font includes subtle details like a tail on the “Rs,” a wider left stem on the “U,” and a larger lower bowl on the “B.” 

Familiarize yourself with these nuances to spot counterfeit Burberry bags solely based on logo discrepancies.

Folded Bag Tag

Real Burberry bag tag

The folded bag tag should feature the Burberry font correctly, both on the outside and inside. 

Verify that the product details on the inside, such as style, color, and barcode, match the information about the purse. 

Mismatched or inconsistent information on the tag is a clear sign of a fake Burberry bag.

Check Pattern and Knight Image

Real Burberry Check Pattern

Burberry’s Haymarket Check pattern is an iconic design featuring a faded equestrian knight insignia. 

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Ensure that your bag, if adorned with this pattern, includes the distinctive knight image. If the knight is missing, your bag may not be an authentic Burberry handbag.

Plaid Patterns and Mismatched Plaids

Real vs Fake Burberry Plaid

Burberry offers various plaids, each with specific colored stripes and backgrounds. Authentic Burberry bags have precise plaid patterns with straight lines. 

Mismatched plaid patterns or irregular designs, especially where the plaids meet, are telltale signs of a fake Burberry purse.

Care Booklet Logo

Every genuine Burberry bag comes with a care booklet, and the logo on it should be centered and clearly printed. 

Use the logo details mentioned above to authenticate the care booklet, ensuring its legitimacy.

Pay Attention to Hardware

Real vs Fake Burberry hardware

Authentic Burberry hardware is solid, heavy, and substantial, never flimsy. Engraved pieces should display the equestrian knight symbol clearly, without any blurriness or poor quality. 

Precision in hardware details is crucial for identifying a real Burberry bag.

Look for YKK Zippers

Fake Burberry Zippers

Burberry bags feature YKK zippers with the Riri logo. Genuine zippers are smooth to open and close, and they match the gold or silver color of other hardware and leather tag embossing. 

Verify the presence of the Riri logo on the zipper for additional assurance of authenticity.

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Real vs Fake Burberry Coats

Much like the assessment process for Burberry bags, evaluating a Burberry coat involves scrutinizing impeccable stitching, perfectly aligned patterns, weighty metals, and flawless fonts. 

These criteria serve as the foundation for determining authenticity, but there are specific features unique to Burberry coats that require additional attention.

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat Labels and Tags

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat label

To streamline your initial examination, concentrate on the following key points regarding authentic Burberry coats, which typically feature multiple tags sewn into inside seams. These tags may vary in location, contingent on factors such as style, age, and the manufacturing country.

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Genuine tags exhibit consistent wording, with uniform words and letters in terms of size and color, all centered on the label. Additionally, authentic tags showcase clear and crisp text, devoid of any smudging, bleeding, or blurring.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the meticulous sewing of tags into seams. Authentic tags are neatly attached with uniform stitches, underscoring the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship.

In the case of new coats, a hang tag is typically affixed using a cotton string. A noteworthy point is that if the hang tag is easily detachable or secured with plastic, it warrants further scrutiny and inspection for authenticity.

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat Buttons

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat buttons

Another key detail to examine is the buttons on Burberry coats. 

Genuine coats feature detailed, plastic buttons with the “Burberry” stamp across the top and bottom. More of the newer coats will have buttons that are neatly sewn on.

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat Materials and Colors

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat  material

Burberry adheres to a specific color palette for their trench coats. This includes colors like red, tan, gray, blue, and black. 

Some styles of jackets may use other vivid colors like green, pink, white, or yellow. 

Also, genuine Burberry coats are made from high-end woven fabrics that offer a durable and luxurious feel. Fakes on the other hand feel flimsy or cheap.

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat Stitching

Real vs Fake Burberry Coat  stitching

Counterfeiters struggle to match the quality and precision of Burberry’s stitching, especially on coats. 

Burberry coats typically have 11.5 stitches per 2.5 centimeters on the collar and four lines of stitching across the belt. 

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Some coats feature quilted diamond patterns, a challenging detail to replicate without expertise and top-of-the-line machinery.

Real vs Fake Burberry, Which Should You Choose?

When considering whether to invest in a fake or a genuine Burberry item, it’s worthwhile to weigh the distinct advantages associated with each option. 

Opting for a real Burberry piece ensures unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, with meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials. 

The longevity and durability of authentic items make them a wise long-term investment, showcasing resilience over time. 

Furthermore, the prestige and recognition associated with the Burberry brand contribute to a heightened sense of ownership. 

Choosing real Burberry items aligns with ethical consumption, supporting fair labor practices and respecting the brand’s intellectual property. 

Beyond the tangible benefits, authentic Burberry pieces can hold or even appreciate in value, providing potential investment value. 

In contrast, while fake Burberry items may offer a more immediate cost advantage, they often lack the enduring quality, ethical considerations, and investment potential associated with genuine pieces. 

Ultimately, the decision between a fake and a real Burberry item hinges on personal preferences, values, and the desire for a satisfying, enduring investment.


From subtle design nuances to quality craftsmanship, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to discern the real from the imitation. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently make informed choices, ensuring that their Burberry investments are not just stylish but also genuine reflections of the iconic brand’s heritage.

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