Best Keyless Doorlocks from China 2023 | $10 Smart Locks That Ensures You Don’t Need Keys Ever Again!

by Tim Blue

I’ve lost keys about 4 times in my life and every time has been a nightmare. 

Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve wanted locks that didn’t require keys to open them. My prayers have been answered about 20 years later. It’s taken a while for these smart locks to make an entrance, but they are gaining in prominence these days!

Keyless door locks come in a variety of types and today we are going to cover the Best Keyless Door locks

They are also called smart door locks. Keyless door locks became super popular when Airbnb listings started cropping up worldwide. The owners needed a way to let the tenant open the door without having an actual key. 

So if you are looking for the best smart lock for Airbnb apartments, then check out the list below! 

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What to Look for When Buying a Chinese Smart Lock?

Since all keyless locks are not the same and the number of features differ depending on the cost of the lock, here are a couple of factors you should consider before buying a keyless smart lock. 

  • Lock Type – There are two primary styles of keyless locks; deadbolt and lever. Deadbolt smart locks are designed to replace an existing deadbolt lock you have on the door. A lever lock will have the lock and lever in one and would fit most doors.
  • Security Offered – The next thing to look at is the level of security and type of security the keyless lock offers. There are a few to choose from such as the ones mentioned in this article and the choice will ultimately depend on how you want to lock or unlock the door. The choices available are keypad locks, virtual keys, fingerprint or biometric and NFC tags.
  • Type of Connectivity – Smart locks or keyless locks these days come with multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While Wi-Fi lets you access the lock from anywhere as long as there’s a bridged connection between your lock and Wi-Fi. Whereas, Bluetooth locks will require you to be at least 10 m away from the lock in order to open or close the door.
  • Smart Home Compatibility – Look for a smart lock that is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit or Samsung’s SmartThings. Locks that can connect to any of these assistants can be accessed vocally, remotely and schedules can be created for specific hours of the day. What’s more, they can tie into your security system if you have one installed at home.
  • Certifications – The last thing to consider is the certifications and if the keyless lock is worth installing. Generally, smart locks will either have a nANSI or BHMA certification and they will carry grades from 1-3 with 1 being the most secure keyless lock and 3 being the least secure.

Best Smart Locks from China 2022

#1 — Golden Security – Keyless USB Rechargeable Door Lock

One of the most popular and considered the best keyless door lock is the one from Golden Security. It’s made of zinc alloy that makes it super strong and it has a fingerprint sensor in the middle that you can use to unlock. Here are its salient points

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  • You can store up to 10 fingerprints. This means the whole family and a few friends can have access to the house
  • It takes than lesser than a second to unlock 
  • It works for a year on a single charge 
  • There is a low battery reminder that reminds you with an alarm when the battery is low 
  • You can charge it with a USB charger
  • Clear instructions on adding a fingerprint and deleting a fingerprint 
  • Affordable and time saving 

#2 — Mini Bluetooth Dual Keyless Lock – Unlock with Fingerprint and Unlock with App 

smart chinese lock

One of my personal favourites is the IP65 rated Mini Bluetooth lock. It’s keyless, waterproof and has a host of features! Here they are.

  • It can store up to 15 fingerprints which more than considerable even for a big family 
  • It can unlock within one second 
  • It can be used for doors as well as movable objects like bags and suitcases
  • It can be unlocked through a fingerprint or the mobile app 
  • The app has a history of all the door unlocks 
  • You can use the app to authorize an unlock
  • The battery life can last about a year
  • It has a low power notification when the battery is low
  • Can be recharged using USB

This is the best solution when it comes to keyless door locks because you can let inside a friend who doesn’t have access to your home, even without a key.

#3 – Sherlock Smart Doorlock 

smart doorlock china

The Sherlock Smart Doorlock is a super popular keyless door lock. But it still needs to be carried. To operate the Sherlock Smart Doorlock, you need to be close to the door and press the button.

You will still need to carry around an object. But it’s far better than keys, as these can be easily stored in your wallet.

Click here to buy – $8

#4 — Raykube Electronic Door Lock – Smart Lock for Airbnb

handle bar door lock china

The Raykube Electronic Door lock is one of the most versatile smart door locks available in the market. There are four ways to unlock, let’s check out the complete features 

  • You can unlock the door using fingerprints, a smart card, a number passwords or an actual key 
  • This keyless door lock needs to be setup and connected to your door. This will require some set-up 
  • It has a voice speaker through which people outside can communicate with you. 
  • You can give access to up to 50 people with the smart card. 
  • Reverse locking switch ensures that the door cannot be unlocked from the outside even if given access if the master lock is on
  • You can lock and unlock the device for up to 20 times a day and you will get a battery life of about 10 months 
  • Simple reset button to delete all the users 
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Perfect solution for people who want a keyless door lock. The best part is each person of the house can use their own technique to open the door the way they want! 

Click here to check out the product – $68

#6 — Z1 USB rechargeable Smart Lock 

USB doorlocks

One of the simplest and best smart locks is the Z1 USB rechargeable smart lock. It’s simple to use and it works flawlessly. Here are the features 

  • It can work on doors, bicycles, cabinets, backpacks and more
  • It can store up to 10 fingerprints 
  • It has a 300 mAh rechargeable battery that will easily last for a year 
  • There is a red notification light that prompts you when the battery is low 
  • Made of aluminium alloy and has a stainless steel lock for extra protection 

Click here to check out the product – $20

#7 – RFID Based Locks

RFID doorlocks

If you aren’t familiar with RFID, then a simple example is Credit Cards. That strip in the card enables seamless transaction. Similar to that keyless doorlocks in hotels use the concept of RFID to open the doors.

In a similar manner, it’s very easy for you to set-up a RFID system in your own home. It’s pretty easy to setup and don’t require a key, you just need a card to access the RFID enabled lock.

Check it out here – $4

#8 — Catchface Cylinder Lock

cylinder door lock china

If you haven’t heard of the cylinder lock, then you’ve not heard about one of the coolest locks going around. The cylinder lock is shaped like a cylinder / door knob, but it has smart features enabled.

This lock comes enabled with various locking and unlocking options such as Password, IC Card, Keys and an App. It’s compatible with the Tlock app.

The cylinder’s height can be adjusted by 20mm. It can register the time of unlock and can also send temporary passcode access remotely. It’s perfect for Airbnb home owners.

Check it out here – $35

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What are smart door locks? How do they work? 

Smart door locks or Keyless door locks are a hassle free way to lock your belongings or even your home. Talking specifically about smart door locks. 

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You don’t need a physical key to open your door. You just need your fingerprint or in some cases if you have a numbered smart door lock then you’ll just need a password which is a 6 or 8 digit number. 

The advantage of smart door locks is you don’t have to carry physical keys and the entire household can register their fingerprints with ease. 

The battery life on average among keyless door locks is about a year. Which means you won’t have the trouble of charging your smart lock every once in a while. 

Are they the future? Absolutely! 

Can smart locks be hacked? 

Keyless door locks that are connected to your Wifi can be hacked because it’s through an internet connection. BUT, if you get a fingerprint based keyless door lock then you will be safe as it can’t be hacked through the internet. 

The only way to open it is trying to break open the lock. 

What are the different types of smart locks? 

There are numerous types of keyless door locks depending on your situation. Here are the best ones. 

#1 Fingerprint Door Locks 

Fingerprint locks are getting super popular these days because of their ease of use. Most fingerprint locks can store a minimum of 10 fingerprints and need to be charged only once a year. A great fit for hassle free unlocking! 

#2 Password Protected Numbered Locks 

This is a perfect lock for Airbnb rentals. If you will be letting in a lot of people into your property without having to meet them personally, you can just create a numbered password lock and then give that password to your tenants. You can also change the password as per your wish. 

#3 App Access Locks 

There are a few locks that can open a mobile app. Pretty nifty if you have a Wifi doorbell as well. It’s perfect for letting in friends and family.

#4 Access Key Locks 

There are locks that can be opened with an access card. This is similar to hotels. You can revoke access as per your wish and you can make multiple access cards too if you choose. Easier to store as well as they can be placed along with your credit or debit cards. Even if you lose them, a new card with a new access can be created! 

#5 All in one locks 

One of my personal favourites. There are locks that can be accessed with a numbered password or a key or an access card or a fingerprint scanner. Perfect choice for people who prefer certain types of locks. One of my favourites! 

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