Best Chinese Indoor TV Antenna 2021 | Starting from $5!

by Tim Blue

Have you heard of an Indoor TV antenna? Frankly, I hadn’t! I didn’t know what they were and how it would help. But once I got reading about indoor TV antennas, I understood their importance. And their importance cannot be overstated. The fact is, there are numerous products out there in the market and finding the right one for you could be a hard task. So we delve into the best indoor TV antennas in the market! 

Indoor Digital TV Antenna from China

Looking for the best Indoor TV Antenna on Aliexpress? We cover the different types of Indoor TV antennas below, across budgets.

#1 – Rondaful 120 Mile TV Antenna 

This particular indoor TV antenna is one of the best sellers out there. There are more than 3000+ happy customers with this product. It has a 120-mile reception radius. This product ships with a TV Antenna, Signal Amplifier and a Universal Connector. 

It has a voltage of 5V and works with USB. It’s compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p. 

Price – $4.99

#2 – The Rondaful Standing Antenna

The Rondaful Standing Antenna also has a range of 120 miles and is used to improve the digital and analog strength of the reception. If you are using a PC or a laptop and want some good reception, this is the best antenna for that requirement. 

It’s super easy to install and has a magnetic base mount. It has a USB power supply of 5V. You can directly connect to the TV or use an amplifier to connect to the TV. 

You should place this antenna near a window and once you’ve placed it, you need to rescan your TV and you will see all the channels that you want to see. 

Price – $5.66

#3- The Telescope Antenna from Dlenp. 

If you were a kid in the 80’s or 90’s, you must have seen the telescopic antenna. If you ever wanted better reception, all you had to do was open the antenna up and get better reception. The brand Dlenp have made the telescopic antenna to improve the reception of your signal that you already receive. 

It’s super easy to install, you need to install it behind your TV and whenever you signal is low, you’ll need to elongate the antenna. 

Price – $2.59

#4 – The Budget Antenna 

If you are not looking for something too expensive and want to spend only a couple of dollars, then your best bet is this budget antenna that costs only $2.45. It has a radius of 50 miles. It gives a call out to all the free channels, which means even though there are free channels around, your cable operator might not be giving you those channels. You can get those channels through this antenna. You can keep it on the table or place it on the window or stick it on the wall, although closer to a window is recommended. 

Price – $2.38

#5 – Wecast 

Wecast is more of a rugged amplifier that boosts sound quality, enhances the clarity of grainy images. It has a wide range of frequency, low noise factor, high output level and low signal distortion. 

It has an input of 220V and 2W power. The length of the power cable is 93cms. It can catch close to 20 channels with ease.


Price – $7.73

Benefits of an Indoor TV Antenna 

Save your money! 

Most spend a lot on cable. It’s an unnecessary expense. An Indoor Tv antenna is an amazing option for people who spend too much money on cable. So how does it work? How do I save money on indoor TV antenna you ask? There are a lot of channels out there that aren’t picked up by your cable operator and you can watch those channels for absolutely free as the producers of those channels release it for free. But when you are on cable, you don’t pick it up. The only way to pick those channels is by using an indoor TV antenna. 

Watch the channels you want to see

There are a LOT of channels out there. It’s said that an average viewer just watches 10% of the channels that is actually shown. Most cable operators restrict the channels or put them in packages and you end up buying all the subscriptions. That’s very wasteful. The only way to avoid this is to use an indoor TV antenna that lets you pick and choose the channels you want to see. This way your cable bill comes down considerably and you get to watch the channels that interest you. This is one of the biggest advantages of an indoor TV antenna. 

Find interesting channels 

One of the biggest reasons why people get an indoor TV antenna is not even the cost savings, but the channel options. There are some super-channel options where you can watch your favourite shows, sports and even reality channels. A lot of the channels that your cable operator displays is the one lobbied by that channel, that might not be a good fit for you. Many customers have marvelled at the options of free channels that are there and it might surprise you! So if you are looking for different and interesting content that you haven’t seen before, then an indoor TV antenna is a must for you. 

Super cheap

An indoor TV antenna is barely an investment. They are super cheap. Even the ones listed above are around a couple of dollars. For barely a couple of dollars, you get numerous channels. Even the most expensive of TV antennas just run up to tens of dollars. This is barely an expense to miss out on such opportunities. Considering the price, there are a lot of people who are looking to buy indoor TV antennas. These products are super popular all over the world with users from the United States, Russia, Portugal, Spain, India and other countries buying indoor TV antennas. 

Very easy to install 

It doesn’t require much to install an indoor TV antenna. All you have to do is buy an indoor TV antenna, place it near a window where you can get better reception and then connect the cable to your TV or display device which can be a laptop or a desktop. As it is super easy to install, anybody can buy an indoor TV antenna and install it at their homes! 

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