13 Best AliExpress Alternatives 2022

by Tim Blue

Granted, AliExpress is one of the best and largest e-commerce stores that works as a great B2B and B2C buyers across the world. Despite the many amenities and buyer protection it offers, certain concerns remain: the shipping charges are too high, sellers are fake, and the delivery takes too long.

Best AliExpress AlternativeBased In
Deal Extreme (DX)China
Light In The BoxChina
CJ Drop ShippingEurope
Eleven StreetKorea
EC PlazaKorea 

Naturally, people have started looking for the best Aliexpress alternative there is. Keeping in mind that AliExpress has shoppers from all over the world, I have also compiled a list of the best AliExpress alternatives there are not only from China but those that originate from Europe and Korea as well.

Aliexpress Alternatives

Aliexpress Alternatives from China


Best AliExpress Alternatives dhgate

If you’re familiar with how AliExpress works, you’ll have no trouble navigating through DHgate. In fact, it is possibly one of the closest AliExpress alternatives there is. Purchase wise, You’ll find for most sellers the minimum order quantity is very low, some even as low as a single item.

From experience, I can tell that all the suppliers aren’t trustworthy, so staying wary every step of the way is good. Additionally, you might actually face some of the same issues with shipping that you face on AliExpress, but the prices you’ll find on this site are much better. DHgate offers a similar buyer protection to the one you can find on AliExpress. 


AliExpress Alternatives chinavasion

Started off as an electronics goods sale platform, it is still predominantly that with many additions in the lifestyle and consumer products. One of the best things that make it a stellar alternative s the fact that it does such a good job in eliminating any middle man or third party. As a result, Chinavasion offers much cheaper prices than you can find elsewhere.

If you’re a lone shopper or a small business owner, you’ll be happy to know that in addition to low prices you’ll also find the benefit of no minimum order quantities!


AliExpress Alternatives banggood

Buying from Banggood means getting the best bang for your buck. One of their most unique selling propositions is their unfathomably low prices and comparably fast shipping. 

Interestingly, this is still an upcoming website, slowly and steadily making a place in people’s bookmarks. Don’t be disheartened by the comparatively less range of products that they have, Here, in the products that are there, you can find products that cannot be found on AliExpress or even Alibaba. Products on the site are sourced from global markets such as the US, China, Hong Kong and so many more counties.

Deal Extreme

AliExpress Alternatives deal extreme

With DealExtreme (DX), there isn’t enough that is said. First off, as much as possible, Deal Extreme tries to ship their products free of cost, unless it’s a high value product or one that is heavy! Refunds are also different here – if your time to ask for a refund exceeds 60 days, it isn’t an issue. Instead of paying cash, they give you store credit with a slight transaction fee deducted. But that is the case mainly with paypal.

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Be sure to subscribe to the Deal Extreme newsletter (for free). In this, you’ll find their best deals. Various coupons, discounts and promotions can be found. In fact, if you make a bulk purchase, there is a persisting discount code that exists – “BULKRATE”. Check it out!

Light In The Box

AliExpress Alternatives light in the box

If you’re an international buyer out of China, be prepared to wait for about a month for your products to be shipped from Light In the Box because all the warehouses are located within China!

The appeal of the site is that you’d find a great range of fashion accessories and household products here that can’t be found elsewhere. In addition to that, there is a large range of payment options that you can peruse through. At least while making payments, you’ll be sure of one thing – you’ve gotten quite the deal because the prices here are comparatively lower!

Aliexpress Alternatives from From Europe


AliExpress Alternatives spocket

Interestingly, Sprocket focuses more on smaller sellers with products of higher quality. It is essentially a dropshipping platform that helps small businesses reach quality sellers on Spocket. The site has a great reach in the US and especially in Europe. 

In terms of being a valid AliExpress alternative, I can attest to the fact that products are better on Spocket because of their strict onboarding processes. They undertake smaller, niche artists and sellers, rather than the ones that can commonly be found on AliExpress.

Keep in mind that this is a B2B platform for sellers looking to dropship products. Spocket has a membership pricing plan that offers a variety of services. Through Spocket you can find many such sellers and further pursue your own individual buying needs.


AliExpress Alternatives big buy

BigBuy is a great alternative to AliExpress in terms of wholesale supply, not only because of the quality, but also because they have many more services to offer. You can also find quality dropshipping suppliers here.

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The company has its headquarters in Spain and warehouses all across the continent. You can find everything down from gadgets and toys to appliances and clothing. The website hosts a product catalogue in 24 languages, making it easier for you in any country to smoothly make a purchase. If you’re even planning to create your own label, you can do that with Big Buy.

CJ Drop Shipping

AliExpress Alternatives dropshipping

CJ dropshipping has a fascinating business model. Like AliExpress, it sells to wholesalers and retail buyers. The company is partly European, considering it has roots in the US as well. But you can find that it has a plethora of warehouses in France, Germany and Spain. On CJD, you can filter your product search by warehouse location, helping you cut down on a massive amount of shipping charges. Yes, on CJD, you might incur high shipping charges, but it is really quick!

Some of the advanced features that come with a membership include automatic order fulfilment where you don’t need to constantly keep track of what’s happening with your order.


AliExpress Alternatives zalando

Making this addition to the list is a bit odd, in the sense that it only deals with clothing and accessories. But even at that, Zalando has left no stone unturned. Check out the various product items it has listed in its catalogue. 

When it comes to shipping within the UK, the shipping is usually free as long as it is above 20 Pounds. If it is below that, the buyer is charged a fee of 3 pounds. In addition to that, you can make a return to them within 100 days of the purchase, provided you haven’t worn it.

Aliexpress Alternatives from From Korea


AliExpress Alternatives gmarket

G-market is a lot like AliExpress, except that in addition to being an e-commerce sales website it is also an auction website. Don’t get flustered by the processes you see everywhere on how to navigate through the page. Know that you can access the page in three languages, English Chinese and of course, Korean.

You might find that you don’t find the same search results in the Korean version and the English version, In fact, the Korean version might even show more options to you. SO don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows Korean to help you out.

Eleven Street

AliExpress Alternatives eleven street

This e-commerce website and app is an extended arm of the large company, SK Planet. It is located in several countries other than Korea itself — Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia. This is considered to be one of the largest and most efficient shopping websites of Korea, in other words, they also call it a mall.

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On the 11Street site, customers can easily change the payment mode and price catalogue to the currency of their preference, so payment becomes easy for them. Here you can find everything. Think electronics and think wedding dresses.

The best part about the site is that after several p[urchases, you can accumulate a bunch of points that will help you redeem them as offers on the next purchase!


AliExpress Alternatives coupang

In the simplest description, Coupang is the Amazon of South Korea, and for good reason. Coupang has a killer advantage of keeping its prices low because of the number of sellers that have made profiles on the site. In addition to that, it remains to be the fastest growing e-commerce site there is, giving strong competition to AliExpress as an alternative in Korea. 

There are only good things to say about Coupang, owing to its low prices, swift delivery, great service and a wide selection!

EC Plaza

AliExpress Alternatives ecplaza

When you’re navigating through EZ Plaza, you’ll realize that from the landing page onwards itself you can branch out your search into whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Notice that this platform has different categories such as metallurgy and security, protection that is unlike what is found elsewhere. You can directly communicate with the manufacturers as well.

I wouldn’t call it an exact alternative to AliExpress since the site also provides trade consulting and other sync EDI services, but it is a great platform for B2B transactions nonetheless.


The Taobao website is pretty similar to AliExpress. So if you’ve used AliExpress before you might find it easier to navigate. However, if you haven’t used AliExpress before, Taobao might seem a bit confusing because the website is designed for Chinese dropshippers. 

Taobao is especially popular for dropshipping clothing but you’ll find many other other avenues on Taobao to make money – it has a huge variety of products to choose from when it comes to dropshipping. 

You might face a bit of a language problem though. While you can translate the page to English, you will not be able to translate the text that appears on images on the website. And don’t expect much of customer support on this site. 

Taobao does have super low prices when compared to other dropshipping sites. However, it’s best to first contact the supplier and check if they ship to your country. 

When it comes to payment options, you’ll find that Taobao offers lesser credit card payment options compared to AliExpress and other dropshipping platform alternatives.  


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