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by Tim Blue

Anker makes many cool products like chargers, headphones, cables, and more, but some of their favorite products for me have been their portable Bluetooth speakers. With so many speakers in their lineup, this list features their best speakers. 

Anker speakers are designed well, sound amazing, and are loaded with features. They are all very affordable as well, making them a good choice especially if you are a student. So if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, then read this article and choose the best Anker speaker for yourself. 

Anker Speakers Review

Best Anker SpeakerFeaturesPrice
Soundcore Motion+
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Hi-Res Certified and Qualcomm aptX support
Powerful 30W sound output
50-40,000Hz wide frequency range support 
Top-notch design and build quality
Soundcore Flare 2
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360° immersive sound
Dual drivers with passive radiators for thumpy bass
RGB lighting with LED light show feature
IPX7 rating and Party
Cast support
Soundcore Trance Go
Check it out on Aliexpress
Up to 98 dB loud sound
Powerful and deep bass
24-hour long battery life
IPX7 rated and PartyCast support
Soundcore 2 Portable
Check it out on Aliexpress
Dual stereo speaker for clear detailed sound
IP67 rated for dust and water protection
12W powerful sound
All-day 24 hour battery life
Soundcore Mini
Check it out on Aliexpress
Tiny lightweight and portable design
Bluetooth 4.0, Micro SD, and AUX support
Powerful 5W sound
Long battery life of 15 hours
Soundcore Wakey
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Dual stereo speakers
Alarm clock, FM Radio, and Bluetooth speaker
Wireless charging for smartphones
Clean minimalistic design
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Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker from Anker is one of the finest products I have come across. With positive reviews from both reviewers and customers, Motion+ is an excellent speaker with all the right qualities. 

The Soundcore Motion+ is packed with two ultra-high frequency tweeters, two neodymium woofers, and two passive radiators for an extra thump in the bass. With up to 30W max power draw, the Motion+ can easily go loud enough to fill a room with high-fidelity sound. 

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The Soundcore Motion+ features a wide frequency range of 50Hz-40,000Hz giving it the versatility to sound good regardless of the genre or content you are listening to. 

The Motion+ is Hi-Res certified and features Qualcomm aptX for lossless music reproduction over Bluetooth. All of these combine to reproduce sound with exceptional depth and clarity.

Overall, the Soundcore Motion+ is easily one of the best Anker Speakers and it may even be the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy in its price category. 

Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundcore Flare 2 is the successor to the hugely popular Sondcore FFlare Bluetooth speaker. Anker has improved the Flare 2 with better sound quality, better design ith better lighting on the speakers as well. 

The Soundcore Flare 2 features dual drivers that can draw up to 20 Watts of power. The speaker is capable of producing 360° immersive sound, so house parties will always be a hit. The new and improved LED light show feature can also amp up your house party visually. 

If you want to organize an outdoor party, maybe beside a pool, then the Souncore Flare 2 has you covered here as well, with an IPX7 rating and PartyCast technology which allows you to connect up to 100 Flare 2 speakers simultaneously and sync music playback. Now you have a real party in your hands. 

The Soundcore Flare 2 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker, especially if you care about organizing tons of parties. I don’t think there are any better portable Bluetooth party speakers out there, especially at that price point.

Soundcore Trance Go Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundcore Trance Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker that focuses more on the speaker part than the portability factor. It is a fairly large speaker but still, you can carry it around easily to parties and camping sites if needed. The size allows it to output sounds of up to 98 dB making it extremely loud. 

The Soundcore Trance features a large passive radiator to produce deep thumpy bass. And like Flare 2 the Trance Go is developed for outdoor parties. It features IPX7 rating and PartyCast technology allowing it to connect to 100+ other Trance Go speakers. Even the regular Soundcore Trance can’t do this. 

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The Soundcore Trance Go can play music for up to 24 hours on a single charge, and you can use it as a power bank for your phone as well, as it allows reverse charging. All of the above features make the Soundcore Trance Go, the ultimate outdoor party speaker, especially if you have more than one Trance Go easily allowing it to earn a spot on this best Anker speaker list. 

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Speaker is great if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can sound, has long battery life, and is affordable. The speaker features dual neodymium drivers that can produce up to 12 Watts of sound. The speaker also features an enhanced digital signal processor that amps up the bass and detail of the sound.

The Soundcore 2 speaker is IP67 rated for dust and water production. This makes it great for outdoor use as well. With high volume levels and distortion-free sound, the Soundcore 2 should be an excellent outdoor speaker. 

What makes them even better is their battery life with up to 24 hours of playback time from the rechargeable 5200maH battery. It is designed well and is lightweight so you can carry it around easily. All this makes the Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker one of the best Anker speakers. 

Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If portability is one of the most important factors for you but you want good sound quality as well, then the Soundcore Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker is made for you. As the name suggests, it is a mini Bluetooth speaker, but since it’s developed by Anker, it is an excellent mini Bluetooth speaker. 

The Soundcore Mini is surprisingly loud thanks to the 5W speaker and passive subwoofer. It sounds clear, crisp, and detailed despite the tiny size. With Bluetooth 4.0, Micro SD, and AUX support, you have multiple connectivity options. 

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The Soundcore Mini also gets the battery life right with up to 15 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. At just 25$ the Soundcore Mini is delightfully affordable and the 18-month warranty period is the icing on the cake. I would heartily recommend the Soundcore Mini to anyone looking for a powerful portable mini Bluetooth speaker. 

Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speaker

The Soundcore Wakey is a unique Bluetooth speaker from Anker as it can be classified as an alarm clock as well. I know that there are a few clock speakers in the market, but what makes the Souncore Wakey even more unique is that it is also a wireless charging dock for your smartphone. 

While the sound quality of the Soundcore Wakey might not be as good as the other speakers on this list, it is one of the most versatile speakers on this list. It features full-range stereo speakers that can reproduce sound well enough for the casual listener. It can also double down as  FM radio.

It is more of a sophisticated clock that can also play music rather than a speaker that can show time. Regardless, the speaker is of decent quality, you get good app support and a wireless charger too. All of this makes the Soundcore Wakey a unique and interesting choice of speaker that I recommend if you are in the market for something similar.

How to Choose the Best Speakers

With the sheer amount of options out there, choosing a speaker might be a tough decision, so here are some factors you need to keep in mind when buying new speakers,

Sound Quality – This should be a no-brainer as you are buying speakers to listen to music. You can guess if the sound quality of a speaker is good depending on its power(wattage), the number of speakers and passive radiators if any, and finally, based on existing reviews.  

Battery Life –Anker primarily makes portable Bluetooth speakers, and all of these include batteries that are rechargeable. You need to aim for the higher battery life speakers as that means uninterrupted music playback for long hours. 

Form Factor – The size and form factor of a portable speaker matters a lot because they will dictate if the speaker is portable or not. You can choose between a smaller low-powered speaker or a larger more powerful one depending on which you’ll be able to comfortably carry around. 

Build Quality – Some speakers come with IP ratings, which means these speakers are either dust or water-resistant making them great for outdoor usage. Always choose a speaker with an IP rating rather than one without it. 


In conclusion, Anker makes some excellent portable Bluetooth speakers and the above are some of the best. 

If you prioritize portability over everything else then the Soundcore Mini or the Soundcore 2 are great choices. If you want the ultimate sound quality then the Motion+ is the best on the list. Or if you find yourself organizing parties or going to pirates then Flare 2 and Trance Go are excellent choices.

Regardless of what you choose, you will be happy as these are the best Anker speakers and they are all awesome. 

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