Why Sustainable Products Are Made From Bamboo

by Tim Blue

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If you’re looking for more eco-friendly products you’ve almost definitely come across stuff made from bamboo. There’s all kinds of things made from bamboo from containers, to even hair products. Though some of these products doesn’t look like it, there are a good class of bamboo glasses, clothing, textiles and even jewelry.

We have curated a number of awesome holders and cups that can be used for dining purposes.

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Origin of Bamboo

I want to talk about why bamboo is so sustainable. Bamboo is not actually a wood it’s a grass and it grows incredibly quickly – bamboo is ready to use after about three to five years. So compared to wood that already is a lot more efficient and sustainable, plus bamboo requires very little water to grow and it can be grown without any pesticides. It’s also naturally antifungal and antibacterial so it doesn’t really need to be treated with anything.

Now there are different varieties of bamboo and some bamboo can only be grown in certain parts of the world, but you can also grow bamboo much closer together so you need less space. Another benefit of growing bamboo is that it actually produces more oxygen than the same area of trees. So as a material bamboo can’t replace wood in every area but it can in a lot of different situations – it can be used as a building material, if you’ve seen any bamboo buildings they’re absolutely beautiful. It’s also used quite a bit in flooring, furniture, and household products. We’ve talked before about bamboo used in clothing and textiles although the process to turn the bamboo fibers into fabric requires a lot of chemicals and isn’t the most sustainable. There also generally is very little waste in bamboo harvesting and turning it into products.

So it really is a wonderful material because it’s not only incredibly sustainable, but it’s also really versatile. So Aliexpress has sellers that make eco-friendly jewelry out of bamboo and they have lots of different laser cut styles. Compared to traditional metal jewelry which has a really significant impact with the mining and all the energy used, this has a very small impact.

Bamboo Jewelry

These amazing pieces are all made by the lovely seller – she starts by sketching out different designs and then on the computer turns them into vector drawings and images which can be read by her laser cutter.

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Jewelry are cut out of sheets of bamboo, hand stands them, and assembles them.

Buying Bamboo Products Online

Above is just one example of how you can save the earth while shopping. Buying sustainable products is the way to go. Be environmental friendly guys!

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