Best Chinese GoPro Alternatives 2022 | China Go Pros that are Way Better than the Original

by Tim Blue

When GoPro started off, they took the world by storm with their portable and rugged action cameras. Every celebrity had one, every Youtuber had one and everybody wanted one. They do make some of the best action cameras in the world. But there is one issue with GoPro.

They are super pricey. There are numerous Chinese GoPro alternatives out there that don’t have the recognition that Gopro has because of the lack of branding. Today we will unearth the best Chinese alternatives to Go Pro and you will find alternatives to the Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black and Hero Max.

You’ll find these alternatives at 1/3rd the cost with the same features!

What’s a good Go Pro Alternative from China?

For those who can’t afford a Go Pro and for those starting out, Chinese action cameras are perfect. Brands like Akaso, SJCam and Eken give the end user 80% of Go Pro’s features at 1/3rd the cost. Chinese action cameras are perfect for the beginner film maker and also somebody who is a professional and needs multiple cameras. I’ve used the Akaso camera for years and it’s one of the best I’ve seen, even comparing to a GO Pro. My suggestion is, whether you can afford a Go Pro or not, a Chinese Go Pro Alternative like Akaso or Eken is absolutely worth it.

Best Chinese GoPro Alternatives 2022

#1 – Akaso V50 Pro

First on the list is the Akaso V50 Pro camera. This is an action camera, with some pretty neat features. It can shoot in 4k Ultra HD at 30 frames per second. It can shoot images with the image quality being 20-megapixel. Another top feature is the Electronic Image Stabilization with a 6-axis gyroscope that detects the position and motion changes. This feature is super important to keep the focus stable when the camera tilts, moves, shakes. 

Another important feature is the ability to change the viewing angle, depending on the object you are shooting. If it’s nature shots then wide-angle lens can be used and if it’s a product shot, the straight angle lens can be used. 

You can connect the camera through Wifi that lets you transfer images quickly to other devices. You can also verify the photos and videos you have taken with the HDMI port that enables connection with your TV. 

Overall, this is a solid action camera.


  • Super price
  • Great battery life, better than Go Pro
  • Two batteries and two chargers are a big plus
  • Color Balance is top notch


  • The sound quality isn’t too great
  • Has some codec issues
  • Does freeze sometimes

Price – $113.22

#2 – SJCAM SJ4000 Air

SJcam SJ4000 Air Gopro alternative

SJCAM has been one of the frontrunners as the Chinese GoPro alternative. There have been many versions in the past such as the SJ CAM SJ8 series. This is the upgraded version with enhancements with the battery and the camera.

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It is priced quite cheaply at around $67. It uses the AllWinner V30 chipset. It has a 2.0-inch LCD screen for a clear view point while shooting.

The angle of the lens is about 170 degrees, which is pretty end to end and can cover very wide angles. It’s got a OV6489 image sensor. It can run on flash memory for extra storage.

Let’s talk about the video quality. You can easily shoot 4k videos at 30 fps with this. It can shoot high quality 1080p videos at 60fps.

It can also shoot photos and not only videos and can easily render 16-megapixel shots. Uses USB 2.0 and can be connected with Wifi.


  • Cheap and Great Price
  • Great for beginners and 10 minute shots


  • Battery life is
  • Not a replacement for the Go Pro
  • Not for professionals
  • Build quality isn’t too great.

Price – $67

#3 – Ghost X Action Camera

The Ghost X action camera has been quite popular amongst action camera enthusiasts. Its one of the most popular action cameras going around. It’s one of those unique action cameras with an aerodynamic design which makes it easy to shoot. It can stream live in 720p and has a 300 degree rotating lens. But what makes this device truly unique is the 5 hour battery life. This does not have a display and this is perfectly suited for live shooting like bike riding, surfing and other adventure activities. The Ghost X action camera has an amazing app where you can edit videos on the fly. 

This is one of the best action cameras going around. 


  • Build quality is top notch
  • Value for money
  • One of the few cameras with a rotatable lens at this price point
  • Super aerodynamic


  • Image Stabilization isnt the best
  • Water resistance is poor
  • Not good for helmets

Price – $98.59

#4 – YI 4k Action Camera

Xiaomi’s very own sub-brand is Yi. Yi is known for making camera devices such as security cameras and more. As this is their specialty, they make some pretty good action cameras. The Yi 4k Action Camera comes with a lite version too, but today we are covering the main one that competes directly with the GoPro. It has a 2.19-inch screen and can shoot amazing 4k videos. The different features of the Yi 4k Action camera is the best component. The sensors are from Sony, the chipset is from Ambarella and more. It has a 155-degree viewing angle and finally, it can last for 2 hours of continuous use. 

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Price – $119.99

#5 – LeadEdge LE 7000

The Lead Edge LE 7000 is a another power-packed action camera with loads of features. It comes with a set of paraphernalia which aids in shooting high-action videos. The 20-megapixel sensor shoots high-quality 4k videos at 30fps. The EIS, 3 Axis Gyroscope enables shake-free videos even while moving. There is a remote control shipped with the camera that lets you click videos or shoot videos even from a distance with the help of a button. 

You can connect your camera to your phone through the app and check out the videos on your phone, from where you can share it. 

This camera is also equipped with a microphone feature, which is perfect for shooting interviews and more. 

Price – $29.99

#6 – ThiEye T5 Edge

The Thieye T5 Edge is a live-stream enabled action camera. So if you are looking to stream videos directly to platforms such as Youtube or Facebook, you can try the Thieye T5. This camera shoots high-quality 4k videos at 30 frames per second. It also has a feature called distortion correction that betters the image when using a wide-angle lens. Enabled with the EIS feature, you can shoot high-quality moving videos without too much blur or shakiness. 

It has something called the Aqua Mode which makes this device perfect for shooting underwater. Its IP68 resistant and you get crisp, clear videos even underwater. 

The buckle that comes with the camera enabled 360-degree shooting. 

Price – $91.76

#7 – Eken H9

The Eken H9 is supposed to be a direct competitor to the GoPro Hero 6. It can shoot 4k videos at 25 frames per second. 1080p quality at 60fps is guaranteed. The 12-megapixel camera truly shines through and gives you amazing images. The 2.0-inch display lets you playback videos to see if you’ve got your video right. It has a viewing angle of 170-degrees. It can connect to Wifi or HDMI to your TV where you can access your videos and photos. 

The camera comes with numerous paraphernalia such as wrist strap, suction cup, tripod, buoyancy rod, chest strap, headbands and more. 

Price – $32.29

#8 – Sansnail Action Camera

The Sansnail Action Camera is a budget action camera that shoots 4k videos and has a dual screen. The 2-inch touch screen shows the images and videos while shooting. The front LED display shows the important parameters such as battery life, mode of use, duration etc. It ships with a waterproof enclosure that ensures you can shoot underwater videos at a depth of 30 metres. It has a 170-degree ultra wide lens, which is perfect for taking a wide shot covering almost a radius of the ear to ear. It works with an app, where you can access the videos through Wifi and look at your photos and videos on your phone.

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Price – $31.50

#9 – Git Up Action Camera

The GitUp Action camera is an all-weather shooting companion that lets you shoot videos, irrespective of the sport. Most people use the GitUp action camera for sports such as Cycling, climbing, skateboarding and hiking. The video quality is not as much as the other options. It shoots 2k videos. The 16MP camera shoots some stunning images. It has an external mic to help you record the sounds when you are shooting. It also can be used underwater for up to 30 metres. It’s powered by some pretty powerful Panasonic Chipset. There is an instant quick recording feature that lets you start shooting in seconds and you don’t miss out on the action. 

Price – $93.25

#10 – Mount Dog

The interestingly named Mount Dog is the last camera on our list. This is an interesting product that has gained prominence over the years. Firstly, it shoots 4k videos at 30fps. You can shoot crisp photos with the 14-megapixel camera. The 2.0-inch touch screen will ensure that you can check the photos and videos after you have shot them, making this an amazing camera. It has a 170-degree viewing angle which is wide enough to take an entire landscape. 

Its powered by the Ambarella A9 chipset which is blazing quick and gives better quality pictures, much faster. The best feature is the ability to use the Mount Dog camera with a remote control or your smartphone. 

Price – $30.99

#11 — Vantop Moment 3

The Vantop Moment 3 is a budget Go Pro Chinese alternative. It’s an under $50 Go Pro alternative that’s got all the features that you can see on the Hero Black series.

It can shoot in 4k videos at 30FPS and 16-megapixel photos. The 170 degree wide angle makes it perfect to cover a vast space.

It comes with a remote wireless control accessory to help you remotely control the Vantop Camera.

Check it out here

If you are starting out with shooting action videos or sport video, you don’t need a Gopro. Even if you become a professional, there are numerous alternatives that are super reasonably priced. Listed above are the top 10 go pro alternatives.

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