Top DHGate Apparel Sellers 2023 | Designer Dupes Clothes Seller on Dhgate

by Tim Blue

The best part about shopping online is the amazing deals you get on sites like Dhgate. But the truth of the matter is, there are so many players and so many sellers, we don’t know who’s genuine and who is not. For the untrained eye, it takes a lot of time to figure out the right sellers and their products. 

We have made life super easy for you by figuring out the top DH gate apparel sellers online. We’ll cover the best sellers and their top products as well! 

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Mens Up Store

Astro World Clothing

Yaya BB – For Women

Blueberry 12

Are Designer Clothes Worth it on Dhgate?

The clothing on Dhgate are awesome! I’ve personally purchased two wedding dresses for my friends from Dhgate at 1/3rd the cost of what we get in the United States. That’s just an example of what China can do.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the TikTok videos on China where the style quotient is off the charts. These guys know how to dress up and big branded clothing is all the rage.

Designer Clothes on Dhgate are amazing!

Are there Designer Clothing Dupes on Dhgate?

Most people buy Apparel from Dhgate that are reps of Balenciaga, Gucci tees, Burberry jackets and so on. The designer apparel dupes look legit and that’s why people are crazy about them. If you check out any Reddit reps group about apparel reps, the first major website they talk about is DHgate.

Top DHgate Clothing Sellers 2023

#1 – Mens Up Store

Although it’s called the ‘Mens Up Store’. This top apparel seller has a lot more to offer than just clothing for men. It has amazing and cheap dresses for women that are uber cool, stylish and sexy. So if you are looking for budget clothing for a night out or you want party wear, this is the store to come to. They have dresses starting from as cheap as $12. When it comes to men’s wear, the Mens Up Store has some modern day swag such as ‘Jackets’, ‘Harem Pants’ and stylish Urban Wear. If you want to look cool and trendy, then the Mens Up Store has some amazing offerings. They have a huge collection, so make sure to spend time in picking the right clothing for you. 

They have a 92.7% positive feedback and have been around for a year and doing exceedingly well. he store

Click here to visit the store

#2 – Astro World Clothing 

top dhgate apparel sellers

The Astro World Clothing Store has a rating of 87.3% and has been around for a year. They run limited sale offers on their page quite regularly and offer a wide range or products. Apart from casual wear and party wear, they have a good collection of sports wear too. If you are a fashionista and are looking for unique styles, then you can consider their ‘Front Zipper Pencil Dress’ which is a super unique dress that you won’t find anywhere. It’s easy to fit into and easy to wear. They do have a few clothing for men such as shirts, shorts and others. Their women’s range is much more spread out with a range of casual and party wear. 

Click here to visit the store

#3 – YayaBB

dhgate clothing sellers

YayaBB is a pretty new store that has climbed the ranks as a top Dhgate apparel seller. They mainly focus on casual wear for both men & women. They have a 98.4% rating with 1388+ transactions. They are slated to become one of the best dhgate clothing sellers primarily because of their collection and rating.

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They make some pretty awesome summer dresses too!

Click here to visit the store

#4 – Blueberry 12

The Blueberry 12 store is a pop-culture afficionado’s dream store. Before we get to that, let’s talk a bit about the store. They are a highly rated seller with 95.6% rating. They have 20,000+ transactions and happy customers and have been around since 2016. You’ll find out soon enough why they are rated so highly. They have some amazing pop-culture products such as a ‘NASA’ T-shirt, FRIENDS cap. They also have a super awesome 3D T-shirt that is LED lit. Apart from that they have jackets, tops, tees, dresses, pattern shorts, hoodies, bikinis and even corsets! They have a good collection of leather jackets that start at $19. 

Click here to visit the store

#5 – Just 4 Urwear 

This store has a rating of 95.3% which is pretty awesome. They have 6000+ happy customers and have been around since 2017. They are known for their big discounts every once in a while. They have a nice summer collection with flowery dresses and casual off shoulder tops. Unlike other stores, what makes this store stand out is the fact that they have halloween costumes. So looking to get some budget costumes for your kid, then you can shop their halloween collection. Apart from that they sell, tees, shorts, harem pants, leggings, crop tops and more. Also, don’t miss out on the unique windbreakers that are off the charts! 

Click here to visit the store

#6 –  Cinda02

Cinda02 is one of the oldest stores in DhGate compared to the others listed here. They’ve been around for 3+ years and have a rating of 95.3% positive rating. They have served over 17,600+ customers. Their numbers speaks for itself. So what do they have to offer? 

If you are looking for high-quality casual wear that you would spend a bomb in your local retail store, you can visit the Cinda02 store and get good casual wear at half the rate. Their collections are pretty amazing and they have hoodies, tops, sweaters, shorts, jeggings, summer wear and more. 

If you are looking for a solid alternative to your retail store to buy from regularly, the Cinda02 store will serve you well. 

Click here to visit the store

#7 – Vintage Clothing 

Although named ‘Vintage Clothing’, their clothing is as modern as modern can get. They have been around 2017 and have a positive rating of 94.4% which is pretty awesome. Their collections are either subtle and casual or they are bright and catchy. They have some amazing slim fit pants that look good and will put your Nike’s to shame. On the other end they have some eye catchy dresses with leopard prints and bright colours that will make your night life shine. If you are looking for some cute socks, make sure to check their cat pattern socks out. 

Click here to visit the store

#8 – Dongguan_wholesale

The Dongguan_Wholesale store is one of the veterans in the business. They have been around since 2015, and have shipped over 27000+ products. Even after so many years, they have a positive rating of 97.6% which is one of the highest amongst apparel sellers. They offer some deep discounts if you buy in bulk. As their name suggests, wholesale prices is what they are known for. 

In terms of offerings they have a wide collection spans from casual t-shirts, to cocktail dresses to formal dresses. 

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Spending $30 for a super fashionable dress is not unreasonable at all. So if you are looking for something fancy, but within the budget, head to this store and shop till you drop! 

Click here to visit the store

#9 – Clothingdh

The ClothingDH store is known for their jeans. They have an amazing collection of jeans. So if you are looking for some cool jeans at a great price, then this is your store. They have a positive rating of 93.9% and 3000+ happy customers. Apart from jeans, they also sell some high quality casual wear. From tees, dresses to leggings, they have it all. They are also one of the few stores that deals with lingerie. So if you are looking for some inner wear, this is your go to store. 

Click here to visit the store

#10 – Good_Clothes

Good clothes as the name suggests is an apparel seller on DHgate. They have some unique products such as bra inserts and magic bra. Apart from that they have some amazing floral tops, floral dresses and long summer dresses. 

Click here to visit the store

#11 — Gucool design

dhgate designer clothes seller

The Gucool Design store has designer apparel for men & women. They are a Top Clothing brand on Dhgate with 97.7% positive feedback. They also have 25,000+ transactions.

They are known for their everyday wear and athleisure clothing. You can find designer jackets for as cheap as $20 in this store.

Their best selling product is in the universal jacket for men & women which costs around $20.

Click here to visit the store

#12 — HipHop Boy – DHgate Mens Clothing Seller

dhgate mens clothing seller

The HipHop Boy store is a fashion store on DHgate with 19,000+ transactions and a 96% positive feedback. They have clothing for men & women. Some of the popular apparel are skinny jeans, jackets, blazers, tees, summer shorts, casual summer wear and more.

This store is known for their latest styles!

Click here to visit the store

#13 — Balmain Jeans

The Balmain Jeans store is one of the best jeans stores on Dhgate. But it does have some unique clothing. It has daily wear for men & women. The store has a 95.5% positive feedback and 4800+ transactions.

The top selling items are hoodies, jackets, skirts and tees.

Click here to visit the store

#14 — Trendy_Clothes

Trendy_Clothes is not a top seller, but they do have a high positive rating of 96.8%. For a new store they have a massive collection and focus mainly on leggings, hoodies and casual wear for women that includes dresses. They also have a good collection of clothing for plus size women.

Plus sized joggers, Plus sized shorts, Plus sized two pieces are some of the clothing you’ll find here.

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Click here to visit the store

#15 — Best_Bikini

The Best Bikini store as the name suggest, sells all types of beachwear. They have a 96.9% positive feedback. They are one of the few dedicated store to sell innerwear on Dhgate. They also sell Maxi Dresses.

Click here to visit the store

#16 — liangjingjing_bikini

This store has some of the biggest apparel collections we’ve seen on Dhgate. Although it says it’s a bikini store, there’s a lot more to it. They sell tees, dresses and have close to 2000 options of clothing to choose from. With 2200+ and a 98% positive feedback, this is one of the finest for womens’ clothing on Dhgate. They sell Dhgate Nike clothes and Dhgate Gucci clothes too.

Click here to visit the store

Mi Fashion Buy

apparel dupes dhgate

Mi Fashion Buy is a high quality clothing store on DHgate with a 99.4% customer satisfaction rating and over 15K sales till date. They have hundreds of different styles to choose from and you can rest assured that this store has something for everyone. 

Their collection is pretty vast and I found t-shirts to pants, sweaters, shorts, skirts and even tracksuits at wholesale prices. They have clothes for both men and women and one of their highest selling item happens to be a oversized unisex silicon logo skater tee for $28

clothing replicas on dhgate

I’ve bought from this seller a couple of times and while they don’t offer free shipping, their charges are pretty reasonable and they deliver in a timely manner. So if you’re a businessman looking to source high quality clothes quickly, check out the Mi Fashion store today.

Check them out here

Cosmos FZ Store

designer apparel clothing

The Cosmos FZ store is your one-stop destination for casual wear such as t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, sweatshirts and more. Though their collection is not as vast as Mi Fashion Buy, you will be able to find some really high quality replicas of some famous brands such as Bape for  as low as $7.

They have a positive rating of 97% and have over 15K verified sales till date making them a trustworthy brand. Their clothes are made either from high quality polyester or a blend of cotton and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

gucci tshirt replicas dhgate

Whether it’s for a day at the beach or an early morning jog around the park, Cosmos FZ has you covered. Their products are so cheap and good that you will never stop at just one and one of the primary reasons to check out this store is because they are reputed and are regarded as one of the best sellers for excellence.

Check them out here

Best Dhgate Clothing Sellers

The sellers listed above are by far the best apparel sellers on Dhgate. You can blindly purchase any item from one of these stores and you are guaranteed to get the best.

Are DHgate Clothes Real?

Branded clothes on DHgate are not real, they are very likely they are fake and if they are cheapm it’s guaranteed, that they are fake. Branded Dhgate clothes are high quality as well, but they are not the original brands.

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