How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver? Global Delivery Time for Shein in 2023

by Tim Blue

SHEIN is a hub for numerous sellers to showcase their goods and have them sold through the brand website. The site usually takes three days to prepare your order and sometimes would take longer because of the different suppliers spread around China. 

SHEIN offers trending clothing, unique finds and accessories at dirt-cheap prices and has found its place in the global market as the place to go for affordable good quality clothing. 

How long does Shein take to deliver?

Shein takes between 1-3 weeks to deliver your order. Various factors can affect the delivery time frame such as the shipping method selected and the location of the buyer. But on average, it takes around 14 days for your order to be delivered. With Express Shipping, Shein Delivers as quickly as 8 Days and under a week in some cases. Shein Offers three types of shipping options – Economy, Standard & Express.

I’m based out of California and have noticed when I do my monthly shopping the delivery time is always off and wanted to find out why and how to get the exact delivery status and if I had to return a product how do I go about it. 

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In this article, I will be explaining how long SHEIN takes to deliver and how you can track your orders.

Global Shein Delivery Time

SHEIN shipping time excludes the processing time of 2-3 days, post which you can follow the chart below to estimate the time it will take. 

CountryStandard Shipping Time FrameCostExpress Shipping Time FrameCost
US7-11 Free3-713 USD
UK8-13Free4-1014 GDP
France 8-1312 EurosN/AN/A
Singapore 6-135 USDN/AN/A
Australia7-127 AUN/AN/A
Netherlands8-135 EUN/AN/A
Canada8-1612 USD5-1026 CAD
Brazil31-487 USDN/AN/A
Russia21-38270 RU8-18Check with courier service
Italy11-164.5 EUN/AN/A

What are Shein’s Shipping Methods?

Shein basically has three shipping methods; Economy, Standard and Express. All three shipping methods have different delivery times and there might be some unforeseen delays due to prevailing weather conditions or other natural calamities while delivering your order.

Shein Economy Shipping

This is the slowest and the cheapest way to ship with Shein. Orders can take up to a month to arrive and the first leg of the journey is usually carried out by China Post. The final shipping time will depend on where the order is being shipped and I’d recommend you use this mode of shipping only if you have time to spare before you require your new set of clothes.

Shein Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is slightly faster than Economy and packages will take between 2-3 weeks to arrive through this method. It’s good value for money and orders are generally delivered fast which is why it’s preferred in most countries. Also, some countries may not have Standard shipping available and you will only be able to choose Economy or Express shipping.

Shein Express Shipping

Express shipping is the fastest way to get your clothes from Shein. Orders generally take 1-2 weeks to arrive, but the drawback is that Express shipping costs a premium and is considered to be the most expensive shipping method available on Shein. However, Express shipping is something i’d recommend if you need your order ASAP and are willing to pay the extra shipping charges to get your order delivered faster.

Does Shein deliver to your door or mailbox?

Yes, Shein does deliver to your door or mailbox. In fact your package will be delivered to whatever address has been entered as the delivery address while placing your order. The time it takes to deliver your order will depend on the shipping mode selected and your physical location.

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How long does it take for Shein to ship to the U.S.?

The following table highlights the average time it takes for Sheni to deliver to your address within the U.S. 

StatesShein Standard Shipping TimeShein Express Shipping Time
Alabama 12 to 15 days 8 to 14 days 
Alaska 12 to 18 days Unspecified
Arizona 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Arkansas 12 to 13 days  9 to 12 days  
California 11 to 12 days 8 to 11 days 
Colorado 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Connecticut 11 to 14 days 9 to 11 days 
Delaware 12 to 14 days 10 to 12 days 
Florida 13 to 14 days 8 to 13 days 
Georgia 13 to 16 days 10 to 13 days 
Hawaii 11 to 14 days Unspecified
Idaho 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Illinois 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Indiana 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Iowa 11 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Kansas 12 to 14 days 10 to 12 days 
Kentucky 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Louisiana 13 to 14 days 8 to 13 days 
Maine 13 to 14 days 8 to 13 days 
Maryland 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Massachusetts 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Michigan 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Minnesota 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Mississippi 12 to 14 days  8 to 12 days 
Missouri 13 to 15 days 8 to 13 days 
Montana 13 to 15 days 8 to 13 days 
Nebraska 12 to 14 days 10 to 12 days 
Nevada 12 to 14 days 9 to 12 days 
New Hampshire  13 to 14 days 10 to 12 days 
New Jersey 11 to 13 days 8 to 11 days 
New Mexico 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
New York 11 to 13 days 8 to 11 days 
North Carolina  14 to 16 days 9 to 14 days 
North Dakota  14 to 16 days 10 to 14 days 
Ohio  11 to 14 days 8 to 11 days 
Oklahoma 12 to 14 days 10 to 12 days 
Oregon 12 to 14 days 9 to 12 days 
Pennsylvania 11 to 13 days 8 to 11 days 
Rhode Island 12 to 14 days 9 to 12 days 
South Carolina 13 to 16 days 8 to 14 days 
South Dakota 13 to 15 days 8 to 13 days 
Tennessee 12 to 15 days 8 to 12 days 
Texas 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Utah 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Vermont 13 to 14 days 8 to 13 days 
Virginia 12 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
Washington 13 to 14 days 8 to 12 days 
West Virginia 13 to 16 days 8 to 14 days 
Wisconsin 13 to 15 days 9 to 12 days 
Wyoming 14 to 16 days 9 to 13 days 

All Working Days 

If you require additional information regarding your shipment check with the courier service handling your order. 

Shipping timing and Return Shipping and Policy

If your product from SHEIN is being shipped from their local warehouse it will not take more than a day or two for you to receive your product, so checking if the product is available with a local distributor can save a lot of time and in most cases, the local warehouse does have the stock of the most trending products. 

If you’re ordering something from SHEIN that has to be shipped from overseas, it will take a minimum of 2-3 weeks easily to ship one product. If you are ordering products worth more than $50 the shipping is free of cost. 

In the states my friends and I order from Shein frequently from different locations, I’ve enquired with them to see what they have to say about the time taken for delivery in different parts of the US. There isn’t much of a difference, they said if the product is being shipped from a local warehouse, they check if the product is available with the local warehouse before placing the order to save them the trouble. 

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The return policy of Shein is quite straightforward and simple. if the product you’ve purchased comes in the wrong size or has gotten damaged before reaching you, you can return the item. 

The return policy states that the product has to be returned within 30-75 days, you can do this by going to the SHEIN app or website. Go to your order list and click on the return option, you will be prompted to enter the reason you want to return the product. 

The product should have all the tags and labels it came along with to be accepted back. Once the product is inspected for the particular reason you’ve mentioned it will be excepted as returned. You will be refunded the amount spent on the product to the source you’ve paid it from. 

Some products are not eligible for the return policy, so before buying anything from the sites please check if it can be returned.

Delivery Timing During Covid-19

With the current Covid situation, SHEIN’s Delivery team has been trying their best to deliver products within time. But SHEIN is taking COVID seriously because if there is a breakout the entire distribution unit has to be shut down. Most of the staff have decided to stay home with only a fraction handling orders with strict precautions taken to avoid any mishaps. For this reason, most of the products that have to be imported are sold out and what can be provided from the local warehouses are short of staff and hands to get the delivery done on time. 

Shein has quoted that they will be back in full force with better delivery timing once the covid situation has subsided. 

What is Shein Express Shipping?

Shein express shipping is the fastest shipping method offered by Shein wherein your order will reach you in under 12 working days. Since the products are shipped directly from China, the seller would not take more than 2 working days to have the order processed and shipped. Also, there are some benefits you get while opting for express shipping.

For example, if you use express shipping in the states, you will have to pay US $12.90 as shipping charges. But if you have an order that’s valued at over $199 then your express shipping cost is free.

How to Track Your order from SHEIN

This is one of the best ways to estimate how long it will take for your order to reach your doorstep. 

This information at your fingertips, available online on their website where you’ve placed the order. Follow the below steps to view the tracking info. 

  • Open the SHEIN website and log in to “My Account” once you are on the page click on the option “My Orders”. You will find yourself looking at the history of all your orders placed and their current status.
How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver
  • Look for the product you need the tracking info of and click on the “View Details” option of that particular product.
where does shein ship from
  • If the selected product is “Shipped” you will find the “Track” option next to it, click on this option. 
Shein delivery time
  • You will find your products current delivery status and the tracking number.
  • Copy the tracking number and paste it on the search field found above the current page. 
does shein deliver to your door

You will be provided with detailed tracking information for your product.

How Can I Track My Order Outside the US

SHEIN supplies their products globally and their tracking service is efficient and they provide all the info for you to get the estimated time for delivery no matter which part of the globe you order from. 

To find out this information you need your tracking number of the particular product which can be found by following the above steps. 

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Once you’ve got your tracking order number, enter it in the search field provided above. The site will get the updated tracking info and calculate the estimated delivery time and display where the package is, with the exact location of where the product is. 

How Long Does It Take For SHEIN To Ship Your Order

Once you’ve placed an order with SHEIN, your order is then processed which usually takes 2-3 business days from the time you’ve to place the order to get the confirmation. 

The shipping time can be anywhere from 7-8 business days if you’ve chosen their standard shipping for your product, it takes 2-4 business days for express shipping.

The shipping time is separate from the 3 days till will take to process your order from the time you’ve placed it on the website. 

SHEIN delivery does their best to deliver your product at the earliest, but usually takes a day or two extra if they come across an invalid address or held back for custom clearance issues.

You can avoid this by choosing express shipping.

Shein Shipping To The UK 

SHEIN has been shipping globally for some time now and has established international warehouses all across Asia, the US, Middle East and Europe.

SHEIN ensures its loyal customers the fastest possible processing time so the product can be shipped out accordingly. 

The order will be dispatched from the nearest shipping warehouse to you, but most of the stock comes from China so you might receive different packages for the same order as they will deliver as the stock comes in. 

You will receive your order from Yodel who is the courier partner for SHEIN in the UK, you will not be able to connect SHEIN directly for this as they don’t deal with custom affairs. 

Use your tracking info you find where your product is and contact that courier service to get the exact delivery time in this case Yodel.

Shein Shipping to the Middle East

All the standard shipping in the Middle East is handled by Aramex, Naqel and Fetchr. They usually take 5 to 10 working days, depending on which city the package is to be delivered to.

During Ramadan and Black Friday the delivery time can fluctuate between 3 to 7 days but Shein tries their best to commit to the fastest delivery possible. 

Run the tracking number on their site to find info on the courier service that’s handling your order for the exact ETA. 

Get A Shipping Insurance

Adding shipping insurance for your order is quite beneficial for you. If the courier service fails to meet your demands, you are refunded the product amount and can return the product without a question asked. 

This definitely eases the tension from worrying about your order when it comes all the from China. 

If you’re the type who checks on the delivery status every other day, this option should remove those worries. 

I hope this article has shed light on Shein’s delivery system. An easy tip when shipping from SHEIN – if you’re ordering a single item go with the standard delivery but if you’ve ordered multiple items choose to express this way you will get all your products at the same time

How many days does Shein take to deliver?​​

Shein takes about 6-8 days in standard shipping and 2-4 days in express shipping. It takes 1-3 days to process your order which is usually not included in the ship time from the day the order is placed. Shein’s delivery is, however, quick and they’ll make sure the package is delivered safe and sound. 

Why is Shein taking so long to ship?

Some items on Shein take longer to process than other items which is why the packages exceed standard processing time. If you want some items early then it’s advisable to cancel items that are taking longer than usual. You can claim for a refund on the cancelled items, if applicable. 

How long is Shein shipping to the US?

Shein takes about 3 weeks in standard shipping and 2 weeks in express shipping to deliver to the USA. However, order processing time is not included in the shipping time which usually takes about 1-3 days. 

Is Shein delivery time accurate?

Yes, Shein’s delivery time is quite accurate. It takes about 7-14 days to deliver orders depending on the location. However, Shein is usually quick and delivers before time. 

Why is my Shein package stuck in transit?

If your Shein package is stuck in transit that means it’s no longer moving towards it’s delivery destination. It’s kept in the courier depots. You can check and register complaints on Shein regarding the same. 

How do I know if my Shein order is delivered?

Here’s how you can track your order and find out if it’s delivered or not:

  • Log in on Shein and go to “My Account”
  • Then go to “My Orders”. You’ll see all the orders you’ve made from shein in the past. 
  • Select the order you want to track. If the order is shipped, select “Track” to check the current status of your Shein order.

Where does Shein ship from?

Shein’s international warehouse is based in China. They manufacture and ship their products from China even though there are numerous Shein warehouses situated around the world. All service related queries, transactions, product verification and delivery modes are handled out of their headquarters in China.

What are the shipping carriers used by Shein?

Shein uses China Post to ship their orders. But in the final leg of the delivery, services like USPS and Royal Mail will be used. However, if you do place an order using Shein Express Shipping, the package will be sent via FedEx for the whole journey.

Does Shein offer free shipping?

Shein does offer free shipping on orders over a specific amount and to certain destinations. For example, free delivery to the USA is applicable on orders over $50 whereas Germany,  France and Italy will have free delivery on orders over EUR 39. You can also check for discount codes for free shipping that Shein offers on a regular basis.

Can I modify my delivery address in Shein?

You can modify the delivery address only on orders that are in progress and have not been confirmed or shipped. For orders that are shipped, unfortunately you can’t change the delivery address.

How do I change the shipping method on Shein?

To change your shipping method you will have to cancel and replace the order using the new shipping method. This can only be done if the order has not been shipped from the warehouse.

Does Shein offer a guarantee or insurance on the shipping?

Shein lets you purchase insurance on your orders. This will be at an additional cost of $2.99 and the primary benefit of the insurance is that you can return your product without any questions asked.

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