14 Best Chinese IEMs 2023 – Chinese HIFI for cheap!

by Tim Blue

In-Ear monitors are the latest audiophile trend that has taken the world by storm. In-Ear Monitors are called IEMs and like most other products the Chinese IEM’s are the best in the world. 

If you want to read more about IEMs and what they are, scroll down below to check out our guide. In-ear monitors have become super popular among musicians and artists because of their ability to pick up different frequencies very clearly. IEMs have multiple drivers for various frequencies, trebles and bass.

Chinese IEMsPrice
Shure SE215$76 on Amazon 
MEE M6 Pro$39 on Aliexpress
MEE MX1 Pro$59.99 on Amazon
TRN V90$27.43 – $28 
Nice HCK DB3 $19.99 on Aliexpress
AudioSense T800$298 on Aliexpress
FIIO FH1s$69.99 on Aliexpress
TFZ T2$53.10 on Aliexpress
Tingker TK200$69 on Aliexpress
AK TRN ST1$9.99 on Aliexpress
LZ A6 Mini$63 on Aliexpress
KZ ZSX 5BA$37.69 on Aliexpress
KZ ZST $22 on Amazon

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The Story of Chinese IEMs and their Popularity

IEMs became popular after people started seeing their favourite music artists wear these In-Ear earphones during concerts. Many Reddit threads started cropping up about IEMs. Since then, they’ve become a rage amongst audiophiles. But why did Chinese IEMs become super popular?

It’s the price! Justin Bieber uses the UE11 IEM, which costs abotu $1299. The most popular Chinese brand Shure, sells IEMs for $79. Chinese IEMs have become the rage because of its price and quality.

So personally. What are my thoughts? If you believe me, Chinese IEMs are China manufacturing done right. They are reasonably priced and super high quality. China CAN make super reasonably priced products that are super quality and these IEMs are a perfect example.

For this article, I checked out a few IEMs. Don’t buy the $8 IEMs. They just look like IEMs. But the price range I would go for is the $100 range. Don’t even bother getting IEMs lesser than $50 from China. My favourite is Shure and TRN. Can’t go wrong with these!

Pictured below is my colleague testing out the TRNs.

Best Chinese IEM 2022

The best Chinese in-ear monitors have the best noise cancellation features and even the cheapest ones can be compared to the best chinese headphones & earphones. Here’s a list of the best Chinese in-ear monitors.

Shure SE215

chinese IEM

The Shure SE215 is one the most popular IEMs out there. According to Shure, it has sound isolating earphones with a single dynamic microdriver. Here are some specifications of the ShureSE215.

Sensitivity107db SPL/mW
Impedance17 Ω
Noise attentuationUp to 37db
  • The SE215 has detachable cables that lets you play music from any device that has Bluetooth 5.0
  • It gives 10 Hours of battery life 
  • It uses a Single dynamic driver for concentrated sound and very good bass
  • It can cut out ambient noise to up to 37DB and this is why it’s the go to IEM for a lot of stage performers and musicians
  • The cables can be detached for ease of use

MEE M6 Pro

chinese in-ear monitors

The MEE M6 Pro is one of the best budget Chinese IEMs out there. It costs around $39 on Aliexpress and packs quite a punch. 

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Sensitivity100±3 dB
Impedance16 Ω
  • It uses a ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm and aluminum voice coil that is an upgrade on traditional drivers. 
  • The M6 Pro is a second generation version with revised tuning for above 2Khz with an accurate midrange treble
  • It has memory foam eartips that comes in 7 different sizes for the perfect fit. It also aids in cutting out ambient noise
  • Some IEMs have issues with moisture, but the MEE M6 Pro is sweat resistant


best iems

Another MEE model is the MEE MX1 Pro. It’s slightly pricier than the M6 Pro, costing about $59.99. 

  • The MX1 Pro is completely customizable where the accessories can be changed or upgraded. So this works across all MX models
  • It has two cables – an audio only cable and a cable with microphones and a remote for smartphones and tablets
  • The MX1 Pro can be customized to your ear with 3D printing custom ear tips. 
  • It has a 1 year warranty and 4 extra tips 


IEM alternative

The TRN V90 is super popular because it’s one of the cheapest Chinese In-ear monitor. It costs around $28. At this price point, it’s a great alternative to the bigger IEMs.

These are similar to the alternatives you get for Airpods.

Impedance22 Ω
  • The TRN V90 uses an aerospace-grade, Aluminum chassis with one dynamic driver
  • It uses four balanced armature hybrid configurations
  • The cables can be swapped, but it requires a special 2-pin cable
  • The cables have a mic feature 
  • It comes with 3 eartips and one braided cable

Nice HCK DB3 

cheap IEMS

The NiceHCK is a true Chinese IEM brand. They are based out of Shenzhen. The NIceHCK DB3 is a Hybrid 3 Driver IEM.

It costs around $19.

Impedance16 Ω
  • This is an entry-level In-ear monitor.
  • It has a 2-pin detachable cable
  • It also has a translucent PC shell 
  • For a cheap price, you get a very powerful setup 
  • The 3 Driver units ensure handling of the varying frequencies with ease. 

AudioSense T800

audiosense chinese IEM
Impedance9.2 Ω

The Audiosense T800 is one of the expensive Chinese IEMs out there. It has an 8 Knowles Balanced Armature. These knowles are dedicated for high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency. 

  • It comes with a MMCX detachable cable
  • It’s available in 3 sizes
  • It’s made of bio-adaptive Resin material that’s tough 
  • It has a one year warranty



In the Chinese IEM space, there are companies that stand out and the FiiO is one such brand. The FiiO FH1s is a mid-range IEM. It’s not as cheap as the NiceHCK and not as expensive as the AudioSense T800. 

Impedance26 Ω
  • It uses a Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature which is close to the ear and reduces the high-frequency sound loss. The vastly improves the treble extension
  • It’s got a large 13.6mm dynamic driver that massively improves the bass
  • The FH1s is an upgrade on the popular FH1 
  • It’s made of celluloid material that is used in guitar strings. It’s got a naturally rhythmic sound


cheap chinese in-ear monitors

TFZ is a new IEM manufacturer from China. The TFZ T2 is one of the best selling IEMs on Aliexpress. 

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The T2 is the second generation IEM from TFZ and it has an improvement of 30% on the Magnetic Reflux compared to the first one. 

Impedance16 Ω
  • It has a 2-pin, 0.78mm detachable cable that is 1.2m in length
  • It works on a Double Magnetic Coil and has a two divided frequency design
  • The T2 packs a N52 High Strength Magnet

Tingker TK200

best chinese IEMs

The Tingker TK200 is an affordable Dynamic Hybrid earphone. It comes with a detachable cable and costs around $69. 

Impedance19 Ω
  • It works on an armature that can control a mid to high frequency sounds
  • It works on 10mm dynamic driver 
  • It comes with medical grade silicone earmuffs 
  • It comes in three comfortable sizes 
  • The unit comes with a cylindrical component that is an anti-fracture design to protect from falls


IEMs under $50

The TRN ST1 is the cheapest dual-driver hybrid, In-ear monitor. It’s the cheapest In-ear monitor on Aliexpress, costing just $10. For people who are starting off with In-ear monitors. 

Impedance18 Ω
  • The ST1 has an improved 0.75mm Type-C connector
  • It’s powered by a 1BA + 1DD hybrid driver unit that has a super sized 10mm diaphragm
  • It has a beautiful acrylic shell that comes in various sizes
  • The 30095 Custom Armature controls the frequencies beautifully especially the higher frequency

LZ A6 Mini

Hifi audio earbuds china

The LZ A6 Mini in-ear earphone is another Chinese IEM that is taking giant strides in the world of HIFI stereo. 

Impedance20 Ω


hybrid IEMs china
Impedance24 Ω

The KZ brand is one of the pioneers in the IEM space. They make mid-range IEMs that are easy on the pocket and pack some awesome features. 

  • It has a cable length of 1.25 metres
  • It uses the standard 2 pin connector 
  • The KZ ZSX runs on a 5BA + 1DD hybrid driver unit 
  • The low frequency pickup on the KZ ZSX is massively improved because of the new magnets
  • It has a MIC for phone calls and quick buttons for easy access

Yinyoo KZ ZST 

cheap IEM on amazon

The KZ ZST  is one of the better lookings IEMs out there. It’s super cheap and very affordable. It’s one of the best selling IEMs on Amazon. 

Impedance10 Ω
  • The silicone tips are a patented design that cancels the ambient noise 
  • This product has a one year warranty
  • Special two-pin plug 
  • Resin material for ultra protection
  • This is industrial quality at a cheap price point 



TRN’s new IEM is the VX. This model costs around $70. It’s a premium Hifi IEM. The TRN Store directly sells on Aliexpress and you get the best rates.

Impedance22 Ω

This Chinese In-ear monitor has a frequency range of 7000 Hz to 40,000 Hz. The 2-pin interface is connected to a 1.25 metre long cable that is quite rugged and can be replaced.

You can choose to get the one with the Mic. The Driver Unit is a 6BA + 1DD with a supersized 10mm diaphragm.


The two available colours are Dark Green and Knight Black and they look stunning. About the sound, you get remarkable 3D Holographic sound.

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Fun fact, the TRN VX’ inner structure took two years to design. The chamber is designed to minimize acoustic resonance and driver flex.

The driver’s sensitivity is improved and the BASS is clear and perfect. The various BA’s handle the lows, mids and highs with ease.

The gold plated pin gives the best connectivity.


The KZ AST 24 BA is one of the best IEMs by KZ, it has all the latest technology like a high frequency matrix combination which makes the highs and mids sound clear with rich detail. 

The sound cavity is 3D printed to minimize manufacture errors. 

The 2 pin pluggable design features 0.75 mm gold plated pin inserts on the buds, and can be connected with a 784 core silver plated cable with gold pins, these increase the sound quality greatly or a Bluetooth cable to make them wireless immediately, both sold separately.

They look sleek with their polished Zinc alloy surface and come with a well contoured ergonomic design that fit comfortably into the ear and can be worn for long hours. 

Product details

Impedance               30Ω

Earphone sensitivity 103dB/mw

Frequency range 10-40000Hz

Driver unit               12BA hybrid driver unit

Check it out here

TinHiFi T2 Plus

The TinHiFi T2 Chinese earbuds are a fantastic pair of wired earphones known for their excellent sound quality and reflective aluminum finish. They’re made by audio enthusiasts who want to bring listeners an authentic and accurate tonal response. 

While these earphones may be a bit pricier than others, they offer great value because they come with 10mm dynamic drivers which allow them to create clear and crisp highs as well as deep bass tones. 

As if this wasn’t already enough, when your wiring happens to wear out or break, you can simply replace it without having to replace the entire unit itself so it’s very easy to modify if necessary.

Sensitivity104±3bBdB @1K HzV 0.126
  • The T2 Plus comes standard with a gold-plated detachable MMCX connector and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • It uses an upgraded 4-core silver-plated enameled 22AWG copper cable.
  • The fast response of the driver also enhances the transient speeds 

Check it out on Amazon

How to choose the best IEMs for you?

Audio quality is crucial – Make sure the audio quality on the iem you’re considering meets your standards. Some poor-quality Chinese iems can sound muddy and unattractive, while others may have better overall performance but sound Studio-esque or artificial. It’s important to find an interface that feels natural to you and sounds good with your music.

Build quality – Another factor to consider is build quality (i.e., how well does the headphone feel when worn?). Poorly made headphones may not last long, especially if they’re subjected to regular wear and tear (such as being stretched/twisted). Look for headphones that are built from high-quality materials such as metal or plastic instead of cheaper options like rubber or cheapest plastics possible..

Price – Finally, be aware of price tags – some higher end Chinese brands cost a little more than their counterparts in other countries, but typically deliver stellar performance nonetheless!

Are iEMs from Aliexpress trustworthy?

Some iEMs are expensive on Aliexpress and you might be concerned about the quality. The IEMs solid on Aliexpress are very high quality and are genuine with good warranty. These are tested IEMs and are one of the best products one can buy.

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Best Chinese IEMs

In-Ear monitors are the latest audiophile trend that has taken the world by storm. In-Ear Monitors are called IEMs and like most other products the Chinese IEM’s are the best in the world. 

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